Hare Air Jordan 7 Bugs Bunny

The Air Jordan 7 Retro “Hare” release date is being reported to debut this Summer, mid May 2015. The last time the “Hare” colorway of the Air Jordan 7 released was in the countdown pack that included the Air Jordan 16.


We have seen several sample photos of what was being said to be the Air Jordan 7 Retro “Hare” 2015, but today we get a better look at the anticipated release as Jordan Brand has already confirmed their upcoming “Hare” Collection.

The shoe comes dressed in a White, True Red, Light Silver, and Tourmaline color scheme. Featuring a similar build as the original “Hare” edition that was last seen in 2008, and now they’re back as part of the “Remastered” collection. Other details to the shoe include “Nike Air” branding on the insole and comes packaged with a “Hare” retro card.

Air Jordan 7 Retro Hare 2015 Release Date

Check out the detailed official photos and a few on-feet images of the Air Jordan 7 Retro “Hare” below and look for the remastered edition of the “Hare” Air Jordan 7 to release on Saturday, May 16th, 2015 at select Jordan Brand retailers, including Nike.com. The price tag is set at $190 USD.

Let us know how many of you are planning on picking these up on the tomorrow, May 16th in the comments section. Is this the biggest release of 2015 thus far?

Air Jordan 7 Retro “Hare”
White/True Red-Light Silver-Tourmaline
May 16, 2015

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  • Joquin Keempin Walker

    Can’t wait

  • James_fuckin_Talbot

    YAAAAASSS bitch ..been on eBay for years tryna find a reasonable price. So glad these are finally releasing

    • j’s 4 days

      yasssbish yassss

  • bruh


  • jim brown

    Fucckk yeah

  • Yorker

    slap my butthole around like kevin spacey these are sweet

  • 112

    I just ate a 5th of vodka dare me to drive…….I bet when I cop these imma be drunk as fuck but these gonna sober me up real quick then its back to the club

  • amp1ified23

    it sucks that there arent going to be metal lace tips wit the new release 🙁

    • YO

      Stop complaining like a fucking fag, just dont buy the shit.


    Metal lace tips or not, still copping & keeping them DS for a few years. Glad I still have my CDP release still DS & 2 clean worn pairs

  • juice

    #1 I’ve wanted these for so long

  • Guest

    These and the Bin 23’s are the only 7’s I’ve ever wanted. These are gonna be mine!

  • kid

    yall niggas hella overreacting already LMAO

  • 510kidd

    These aren’t all that. Nice colorway. But sevens just aren’t a pants shoe. Unless there joggers

    • yo bitch ass

      you a fag get off this page

      • jordan huaman

        yo this man dont know about jordans is he stupid

    • hotboy4rmtx8322

      you aint got no taste at all sayin they aint all that get the fuck out this page these shoes are fly… too fly for u

    • jordan huaman

      yo you dumb ass hell

    • Corey Worthy

      that is true but not at the same time

  • Yahya Hussein

    Need those year of the rabbit joints to drop again

  • ShoeEtiquette

    Man just look how much higher MJ was over ehlo on the jumper, that shit just wasn’t fair for him to be trying to guard MJ lol.

  • Got milk

    Please release the bordeaux too. I will go insane lol

    • KC

      Air Jordan Bordeaux VII’s release date is on 7/4/15. You can pre-order on some websites

      • KC

        wait nah its the eighteenth. my bad

  • Chi town 773

    I need these..I need the yellow laces…

  • Sneakray

    Yea I gotta get a few pair of these. These beautiful!

  • S3cret_Weaponzz

    im campin out from now boyy

    • Corey Worthy

      that is stupid

      • S3cret_Weaponzz

        your obviously stupid if you think i actually am camping out that early

        • Corey Worthy

          so why would you say something you don’t mean so obviously you are stupid

          • im0uthere

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          • Corey Worthy

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          • Prince Akeem

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          • Corey Worthy

            Why are you talking to me it is between me and the other dude so get out of here you pussy

          • S3cret_Weaponzz

            its an exaggeration to show how much i like them

          • Corey Worthy


  • trey

    How much are these gunna cost ?

  • 5Wardtx713

    I like these joints! Especially in the the all whites.
    And that’s a foul on Ehlo….never touch a jump shooter☺

  • OG

    they gonna come with the og box?

  • damian

    Yes these are a must cop jordan of all time for next year already took the day off work

  • Abdulhameed Gellani

    Where can I cop them joints ? Please help I need them

    • Corey Worthy

      any store like footlocker or finish line

  • brian

    i might have to miss a few hours of school for these

  • Corey Worthy

    I am going to cop these and I may have to miss some school just for these

  • Alex89

    Anyone know if theres going to be a raffle for them Jordan 7 hair

  • Prince Jones

    I’m loving these and they remastered! Haven’t had these on my feet since I was 3, back when they first. Thanks Mj. Just do me 2 favors, bring back the raptors remastered 2002 joints and please release OG heat every year NAMASTE.

  • Prince Akeem

    So are the yotr 7’s releasing this year cuz I’d rather have those over the hares, but if I pass on the hares and the yotr 7’s don’t’ release, I’m gonna be pissed.

    • Corey Worthy

      Are you stupid the hare 7s are better than the yotr 7s your in complete retard

      • Prince Akeem

        What I can’t have my own opinion…..lol, you fucking nazi.

        • Corey Worthy

          dont call me no nazi you gay pussy boy im saying that you are stupid because you said that the yotr wherr better than the hare 7s that is the crazy thing you fagot

          • Prince Akeem

            Why do I have to have the same shoe preference as you ? lol. I like the yotr better, so what ? They are pretty much the same damn shoe. lol. Calm the fuck down.

          • Corey Worthy

            Ok dang i cant give my opinion i think the yotr sre not better

          • Prince Akeem

            Don’t act all innocent now, you can have your opinions but calling people names because their opinion doesn’t match yours is childish…..grow up kid.

          • Corey Worthy

            Actually im 13 years old so shut up about me growing up

          • Prince Akeem

            lol….yes, it all makes sense now.

          • Corey Worthy

            What makes sense

          • Ed


          • Corey Worthy

            Dont agree to his low life self

          • Plies

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          • CAM

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          • Corey Worthy

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      • leirda

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        • bpoty eater and shoes

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        • Corey Worthy

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    • Kray11

      Yea bro try getting these 1st . These right here heat homie.

    • Bobby Brown Crackin

      This whole exchange up here is how niggas get shot over these dumb shoes. Good thing this posturing is happening on the internet and not my local mall.

  • SneakGeak

    Where can you purchase these after they release?

    • Juuug Man

      You can purchase em thorugh me i have already plotted on three niggas who i know will be coppin so ima rob them on release day and sell em for 200 a pqir if you’re interested drop your kik below i will not do business over the phone i also have a few pairs of bred 4s im tryna get off (i stole tjose as well) so if interested just drop youre kik below

      • Seriously?

        What the hell?? You can’t be serious. What a shame.

  • jordannb

    How much will they be for size 5y?

    • Javon Norward


  • Corey Worthy

    Best jordans in 2015 right know

  • j_collector

    the first shoes that JB will get my money for this year

  • Ryan

    these are seriously a monster release

  • Grayish

    been collecting for 35 years now and these are by far the rarest, hardest shoes to get in DS condition. Praise the Lord that these are coming back. Amen Jesus Jordan Brand

    • Kray11

      How old is you then bro don’t mind me asking . I know u ain’t come out the womb with Js on lol . I’m 32 my self I started my J collection after his 1st retirement I was 14 at the time , I skipped a few classes here and there to get them bright and early on school days lbs . I miss them days that these shoes were just sitting on shelves now it’s fucking ridiculous .

    • Seriously?

      You’re just trying to build hype so they can sell out and you can flip yours higher. These weren’t hard to come by at all.

  • maxwell



    Buy one for me. Buy one for my collection. Buy one to sell for my wallet. and Buy one to play ball in for the courts.

    • mars




    • PatriotluvsxxorXX

      you only buy one shoe at a time?

    • FOUR

      All three of you are dumn he’s saying he’s BUYing ONE for every Activitie

  • InMy02’s

    Cyber beef lmao just let’s you know what the streets like over these shoes smh

  • PatriotluvsxxorXX

    gonna get deez joints fasho

  • Kray11

    Damn instead of the jumpman on both sides it should have had bugs lol on one side and then the jumpman on the other side . Non the less ima definitely cop these .

  • Flamboyant

    Hey I originally had these in ’94-’95, about time Jordan/ Nike did something right!lol

  • Mj savage

    Boy these shits is fire they kept it OG no remastered crap on it, must cop

  • FATT$


  • peyton

    gonna love these joints

  • Kurt

    i surely hope I’m able to get a pair

  • ShoeEtiquette

    Love the hares, want the hares, but ima have to see what these so called marvin the martian/barcelona night 7 materials look like in person cus thats exactly what we gonna get on the hares and since jb asking $190 they better come correct or they can keep them hares i dont give a fuck how rare they are.

    • Sneaker ray killa #2

      Calm down inspector gadget. This is not a crime we’re trying to solve. May you spell H.Y.P.E. For us please?

      • ShoeEtiquette

        Naw nigga i dont gotta spell shit for ya bruh use ya brains youngin if god gave you one, i dont get hype behind shoes, bitches, money or none of that shit thats a small thing to a real man in life i was just stating how i feel bout your beloved hare, they dont mean shit to me at the end of the day like niggas with big mouths that always got something to say bout what another man say you know “lil sneaker ray # 2 talking hoe shit again all on another nigga nuts” Man which one of yall boys done forgot to power down yall computer got yall lil son on here playing typing crazy shit come on get him off the keyboard and put him down for his nap. Look here ray im the wrong one my brother keep it 100% and keep it movin its better for ya i promise

        • Clifford Samuels

          LMAO you put that nigga in a coffin my G

          • ShoeEtiquette

            I really aint wanna go at his whole human being like that but sometimes you just gotta spank kids when they get out of line, i really should apologize to lil ray-ray cus im just trying to cope with these grown man issues in life but these anger management classes just seem to not be working out for me very well lol

          • Clifford Samuels

            Lol i feel you, some people on these sites really know how to grind your gears, but at the end of the day, you just have to realize that its the internet lol, so it don’t mean nothing to you in the real

  • Guest

    These are next on my hit list. I know i’m gonna get some hate but I hope they put the tumbled leather on these joints like the french blue 7s

    • Terrell Smith

      I’m with u bro im loving my tumble leather French blues , if the hare are the same I’m in em hands down no ifs ands or buts

  • Sneeker

    Hell Yes!

  • Sneakray

    These are self explanatory: hope everyone is broke on release day so I could snag easily!!

    • Sneaker ray killa

      Hope your stupid.
      (whoa, I was right!)-

      • Sneakray

        Hope you don’t get caught slipping!! Fuck boi!!

  • 510kidd

    My one exception with 7s will be these bad boys

  • Daleyza Aolanis ❤️

    When do this comeout bc i d definitely got cop this they fire

    • WowYourDumb

      May 16 can you not read? You obviously can’t write. You have no grammar. I don’t think you need to put money into shoes, you need to put it into your education.

      • Corey Worthy

        Dont talk to a girl like that bro you pussy

        • He’s Right Though

          Manners go out the window with hype beasts.

    • Really

      Stop beasting over kicks you didn’t even know existed last year and learn to read and write.

  • ☆Dizzy Story☆

    who tryna cop these with ya boy ?

  • HarezAreBackk227

    NIKE AIR!!! IT’S A GO!!

    • Shut Up Beast

      You’re the type of beast that will put a piece of tape over two words to make yourself feel better when you look into a pair of SNEAKERS. Don’t try to come back either cause you know it, it’s not even like it’s a 3 or 4 or 5 or 6, I wish all beasts would just die already, the universe would be better without them, celebrities included.

      • A

        Enough said..

      • HarezAreBackk227

        Shut the fuck up. No one uses the term “hype beast” anymore because it’s pointless. Plus your making yourself look dumb since that’s what your probably going to end up doing that.

        • Oh The Beast Mad

          Oh yeah, I’m the one that’s gonna do it Mr. “NIKE AIR!!! IT’S A GO!!” -_- c’mon now, you already revealed your true identity, don’t shy away from it now beast. It’s okay, about 95% of the people buying Jordan’s nowadays are beasts so you’ll be with family. Just get your hashtags ready for the IG flex like all you fuck beasts like to do in order to feel accomplished.

  • InMy02’s

    Good job to whoever in JB said if we gone give em 7’s lets give em these..

  • MoyoHambo

    This colorway is nasty, it’s A++

  • willhoops

    Nike Air nobody saw that coming

  • What a classic

    I hope Nike made a fuckkkkkk ton of these

    • Greg


      • Cameron Fisher

        What’s wrong with making a bunch of these?

        • eh

          resellers have more shoes to buy and tax us with

  • JUTT

    No metal lace tips smh.

    • Benji

      how do you know? can’t even see them.

      • RetroKid823


        • Greg

          Yea I know what he assuming go, these are different laces all together, hopefully they have them

          • Sauce

            METAL LACES TIPS ALL DAY BOY PICTURE ON PAGE 3 first pic up close that shit boy LOL

          • TheKing

            They don’t have them. I’ve seen them and they have plastic tips with a red jumpman.

  • PatriotluvsxxorXX

    Already pre ordered these from my guy. Best release of the year by far boyz

  • Kingisht

    I must say the Nike Air on the inside is a nice touch. doesn’t really matter because I’m getting them no matter what the insole says, but still, a nice touch.

    • Julio Guerra

      Yea I was gonna say it doesn’t matter what the hell the inside say it’s not like I can wear the shoe inside out and show people the Nike check it could say adidas for all i care , a few wears it’s gonna rub off .

      • Kingisht


  • RetroKid823
  • Lodidodida

    If I get these I may not even sport these for a while, still holding out hope for a release of the true charcoals, the 2010s didn’t do justice.

    • Guest


      • Lodidodida

        Naw actually it was ’09 I’m not talking about the raptors

        • wolf

          forgot to mention it was the 60+ pack with the magic 7s, youngins you know

  • mikenasty318

    With grey joggers…

    • PatriotluvsxxorXX

      what are joggers?

    • JohnDoe6503

      A type of skinny pants.

    • SQUIG

      Or maybe we can just wear some fresh jeans. Fkn joggers…

    • wolf

      more like skinny sweatpants, but there also is regular pant joggers

    • To each his own, but imo, joggers with J’s looks off, like some high school shit. I guess I’m just getting old… lol.

  • WhatsFly23

    My favorite Air Jordan 7 gotta get um

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  • exel leon

    They nice but theres something about them not right

  • These look a little more vibrant than the CDP joints I have. Long story short: I’m copping.

  • zzz

    bottom has vegetable colors…


    vegetable edition?

  • Flamboyant

    Veggie colors r what makes this shoe classic-real shoe collectors appreciate gud quality when seen,not complaining..:-( A must hve!

  • Delilah

    Where can I buy these or order these when they get released????
    Plz answer ASAP!!

    • yooo

      Um the store

    • Laca23Air

      You can get em at nike.com, footlocker.com, sneakerhead.com, eastbay.com, and finishline.com ect…

  • Slimbo

    Can’t wait

  • swaggyd_25

    must cop i will get these

  • Mark

    These are an absolute MUST HAVE. & Pic #6, look near the toe box. there is a damn scuff on them!!! I’d be pissed as hell!

    • Bio Dome

      Bro I’ll never forget the time I cop the BC 3s from Foot Locker store and part of the elephant print was missing. Swear to God on that one. Was so pist last size and shoe too.

      • Mark

        Man, that sucks! I’d be pissed as hell! I’d call up Nike and tell them they need to fix that

        • Bio Dome

          After Foot Locker told me there was nothing they can do, I called Nike and of course got nothing as well. They said when they send out their products to stores its not in their hands anymore unless you bought them directly on Nike.com. SMH – I’ll never forget that.

          • Mark

            That’s some BS.. I can’t believe they would do you like that!!! How is it not their problem when it’s still a Nike product?!? Idk what I’d do if they did that to me..

          • sneakerjunkie212

            Then that just would have been a pair I wouldn’t have gotten. ….that almost happen to me at house of hoops over the red 10s

          • Brianjumpman23

            I have 47 pairs of Jordan retros consisting of the 3’s, 4’s, 5’s, 6’s, 7’s, 11’s, 12’s, and 13’s which are the only shoes I have ever worn starting with my first pair the Jordan 5 white black fire red I got back in 1990 when I was in middle school and I have never had a quality control issue with any of my shoes u all must have some bad luck

    • Guest

      won the raffle at my champs for the blk/grape 5’s. went in and they opened the box right in front of me, basically a knife gash 3-4in in the sued toe box. they said that’s how they came. only pair in sz14, couldn’t exchange or ship back. so I said fck it and left without them.


    Nothing remastered on these. Sadly the scuffs on these make it worse. Quality wise the CDP pair of mine is better then these.

    • Cameron Fisher

      Oh, that’s right, because you have a 2015 pair to compare right?

      • OG_KiCKS_NJ

        Expected someone to comment. Actually I did have a pair to compare side by side, the spot nearby me has had them for the past few weeks

        • Prince Akeem

          We don’t believe you, you need more people.

    • Brianjumpman23

      No there not u fuckin idiot the 2015 are way better quality and I have the CDP pair an have seen the 2015 pair to compare

      • OG_KiCKS_NJ

        Well see that’s the difference, this is my opinion. You have yours.
        As for comparison I was doing the GS version of my CDP pack & a pair at a friends shop who gets early pairs & early shipments from Nike themselves.
        Same thing with Bordos. Quality is amazing on the new pair, only because its new paint on them compared to me UNDS’ing the last release & them chipping up right away

  • 3847LawrenceAv

    Damn these are looking nice funny thing is that’s my size too can’t wai for these to release

    • 3847LawrenceAv


    • Kicks Giggles

      why is that funny

      • 3847LawrenceAv

        Well not really funny should’ve said ironic

  • Whitmowin87

    Are they general release or limited?

  • Sneaker mike

    Must cop . Is it a huge release

  • wolf

    Is that a cut by the toe area in the recent pics, mines better not have that

  • Big Friz

    I hope they make enough for everyone

  • princeretro9

    These these I’ve been waiting since last year for I absolutely love these … I’m calling it best pair with red in color way for 2015

  • David Ledesma


  • W_dubb


  • Def. cop!! lol @ the random set-up in the background

  • Rashawn Davis jr #PimpSquad


  • Kickz414

    Yes sir -e- bob copping these hope my tounges have lots of that green in em

  • Lodidodida

    Kinda like the Bobcats better actually

  • J_Collector

    Copped i hope stores don’t try to raffle these

    • swaggyd_25

      most def they will

    • Kelvin Lopez

      footlocker said they were gonna raffle them

  • mj_23

    Definite cop but did they change one of the tongue colors to red n black

  • T Bon

    NÚMERO UNO copp of the year.!!!!!! …. I BEEN a waiting on these & for me May 16th can’t get here fast enough.!!!!!

  • Kelvin Lopez

    can’t wait for these anyone know what time I must cop for these

    • swaggyd_25

      10:00 online est

  • steve

    Hope they not made cheap like those marvin the martians were.

    • ATL Hawks 2015 NBA Champions

      I like the quality on the Marvin’s still going strong for me

      • mars

        I skipped out on the marvins because I got the GMP’s and the Raptors (mainly black color ways), but I really think I made a mistake.. Anywho, I can’t wait to put these on my feet. The hares are my all time favorite color way for the 7’s and 1’s

    • h78

      If the quality is like the Barcelona’s then yes you are correct this will be some cheap ass crap…

  • fuck nike insole

    Stop saying the Nike brand bullshit … Two wears and that Nike insole is gone . It could say air dumbfuck for all I care .

    • shawn jones

      i just put scotch tape over the symbol

  • Jasmin

    where can i order online for women sizes?

    • Allblackcloth

      Footlocker the day of release.

  • sandravanelasihaamanda

    do we need a ticket were anyshoe store doe?

    • Teek_98

      Ask your local retail store

  • Kwb

    If I’m not mistaken , these are only coming out for men sizes .. Correct ?!

    • andrew


  • eli

    Kwb no thats not correct its coming out for kids as well it is on the schedule of releases on kids footlocker

  • eli

    And definantly a COP cant wait!!!!!

  • doobie23

    What time will they be selling them pacific time??? Or do i need a ticket. Anyone know?

    • Prince Akeem

      lol….sometimes I wonder.

  • doobie23

    Wait so they only sell kid sizes at footlocker online? My bad excuse the noob

    • Don’t know where you got that idea from … FTL online will have Men’s sizes too

      • doobie23

        Noob bro. Mybad thanks tho

  • Rashawn Davis jr #PimpSquad


    • OG_KiCKS_NJ

      If you only copping only for the Nike Air branding on the insoles then I suggest you wont even bother.
      I used to tape them up but honestly, i rather just use replacement insoles or just wear them. I’m too tired of doing all that. They get worn regardless

    • swaggyd_25

      just put tape over the nike air logo

  • CinCityBo

    SBD y’all do know that Nike posted the authentic pics and these aren’t real the red way too dark SMDH

  • CinCityBo

    Oh y’all posted the real 1’s on page 2 stop posting fakes if you aren’t go acknowledge they rep’s

  • cat627h

    These need to be on point quality wise, dis gona make or break alot of people, hopefully dey are really “remastered”…for sure these 7’s are gona let me kno if ima keep buyin J’s or not..

    • Sneakerguidekeepit#💯

      U might be disappointed I actually had them in hand and to me it’s not worth 190 in my opinion still gonna cop

  • cala815

    are they coming out in infant? i really want to get these for my son first shoe

    • swaggyd_25

      all jordans come out in every size.

      • No hype here

        Not true

    • No hype here

      Yes they are

    • Ty

      worry about where your son is going to first graduate

  • I J S

    Guy at finish line showed me a pair of the hare 7’s and a pair of the low bred 11’s and the quality on the 7’s was strate booty.

    • Guest

      yea my plug said the Hares a far from remastered quality. The french blue joints had better quality. Oh well they’re gonna sell out regardless.

  • Todd Smith

    I have the 2008 cdp,and I can see that these “remastered” hares look different.The colors are off.And the grey is too dark.especially @ 190!!

  • Guest

    Should have used the same tumbled leather as the french blue 7s. smh
    I bet JB said fuck it we gonna drop as many half ass quality pairs as possible on this release date and watch these fiends go ape shit for them…..

  • Zay100k

    1 question is there a raffle

  • Guest

    Just copped my raffle tickets yestersay

  • kwb

    are they coming out for PS sizes too ?!

    • OG_KiCKS_NJ

      Full size run, maybe even NB sizes too

  • 1 KING

    Imma hold on to that $200. Fun passing on kicks that everyone will have anyway.

  • PatriotluvsxxorXX

    I’m wearing my Hare 7’s right now. My guy hooked it up! Errrbody been looking at my shoes wondering how

  • Will

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Damn! LOL!!!!!!!!

  • Them is cold. Idk bout boycottin nike. Fuck tha police tho.

  • Christopher Williams

    That tongue looks different on every new picture they have displayed.

    • JustaGuy

      That’s how it is with 7s. Unless you mean the set of pictures on the first page, cuz then that would be false because you can see the colors are the same. If I got that color combo on my tongue for the Hares that would be great. I know I wouldn’t though and probably get a ton of orange and green, which just looks ugly IMO.

  • 1 KING

    I can’t wait until tomorrow is over with, and you all have secured your pair so we can get off these and move to the next pair.

    • OG_KiCKS_NJ

      Yes please, I second that. Glad I work all day tomorrow so don’t gotta see all these kids walking around the mall wearing them already

  • Ahmon Brown

    If their is 20 people already in line for the hare 7 should I still attempt to try and get my size which is 11?? ?

  • Faisal Ajam

    I went to pick up my pair and it was all bent up. JB quality is garbage. SMH, $200 for something that’s constructed worse than Kyries.

  • i0bsession

    just got mine in the mail today I love them….they are extremely comfortable