With the upcoming retro release of the Air Jordan 7 “Dark Charcoal”, many are getting them confused with the difference between the “Raptors” and “Charcoal” Air Jordan 7. The Air Jordan 7 “Charcoal” first released in 1992 and later was retro’d in 2002 to receive the name, “Dark Charcoal” and in ’09 with the 60+ Pack. That particular pair from the 60+ Pack used two tones of Grey (one dark and one light) with Purple and Red accents which earn the name “Raptors”, with similar Toronto Raptors teams colors.


Now after 10 years, the OG Air Jordan 7 colorway from 1992 is being retro’d this summer ’12 for the second time and will be known as the “Dark Charcoal” not “Raptors”. Let us know your thoughts and now after getting a better understanding, are the Air Jordan 7 Retro “Dark Charcoal” a “Must Cop”?

Air Jordan 7 Retro
Black / True Red / Dark Charcoal – Club Purple
Sept. 1st, 2012

Source: Sole Up

  • Elton

    Thanks for clearing that up but Im still copping 2 pair of these bad boys

  • Dromo

    JB should have released the “Raptors” not “Dark Charcoal” but as confusing as it is, I will still cop 2 pairs

  • Troy

    I found myself for some reason while reading this post calling these the “Dark Chocolate” lol don’t know why but I did! Shit Ill call em “Dirt” for all I care I’m getting my damn pair

  • LAX

    The 1992 pair was just like these the 60+ DMP Pack was a light grey to em (in person) some pics get messed up but trust me I got em! So these are the retro to the 92 pair not the 09! Which is fine with me I’m stilling copping 2 pair

  • David

    Must Cop

  • Ant

    I need these I want these I’ll get these

  • Johnson

    Too Smooth for a release

  • Bud

    I think the reason why JB is releasing this pair and not the Raptors is cuz of the recent (well far recent) pair of the Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux! So I respect that

  • France

    Getting mines……2 of em