Air Jordan 7 VII Retro Marvin The Martian

Air Jordan 7 Marvin The Martian


Air Jordan 7 Marvin The Martian

Air Jordan 7 Marvin The Martian

Source: spicychickenwop / retros_77

  • j mass


  • JustaGuy

    Need to see more pictures. Looks decent right now.

  • your dad

    no… just no

    • Daisy Fowler


    • Daisy Fowler

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  • ShoeEtiquette

    They uglier than the barcelona nights what the fuck going on at jb headquarters who in charge lol

  • coins

    I nu it bet people still call da barcelona nights marvin the martian doe but dis shoe up there reps marvin betta imo but I still need betta pics n order 2 decide if I like em or not

  • W_dubb



    These def represent Marvin the Martian much more, makes sense that its Bugs villian. Hare colorway given an evil makeover basically

  • Flight Club Ky

    No sir

  • Ty

    Should’ve either scraped the suede or leather & went all suede or all leather. That mix doesn’t do it for me

  • Official Sneaker Head

    i don’t know if it’s just me but these remind me of the raptors so much. But these are not bad. These cant even be “marvin the martian” I don’t remember him wearing purple lol. The first ones didn’t even fit him. The same way with the Taz 1s. Didn’t remind me of him at all.

    • Faith Skinner


  • michigan

    I need to see better pictures. The bottom pic makes them look ugly.

  • face

    These ar ugly they gonna sit just like the navy blue 5s still sitting

  • Flight Club Ky

    I agree JB just slapping names on shit expecting a mtf to bite. Not for my talent

  • Man Man Woods

    Like people really care about the name these days lol

  • willhoops

    They look fake or like gs shoes these pictures not doing any justice


    release date

  • beatsbymarcus78

    i dont like the color of the ridges on the midsole

  • DeezNuts

    The black Friday 7

  • Mistah P


  • TheseDoGotPotential

    They need to perfect that paint job though. Looks like shit

    • dizzle1119

      You ain’t even lyin’. First thing I noticed the second I saw the shoes. The “peaks” at the midsole look awful (like all VII’s of late)…and there’s something serious going down on the toe of one shoe, too.


    These shits ugly as fuck

  • KushKloud

    Only 7s I actually want that have released so far is the french blue 7s and the white/metallic gold/black 7s from the championship pack

  • dizzle1119

    Is Jordan Brand capable of manufacturing a Retro VII that DOESN’T have terrible paint work and/or glue stains? For $190 these VII’s are easy passes.

    • cat627h

      Those R da same reasons why I returned my Barcelona Days 7’s n I refused to purchase da Hare 7’s, it is unfair Nike n JB keep releasing products dat R not worth da price..

      • Not sure about unfair but depending on the variety in your step might be an opportunity to try other brands.

        • tiredoffofools

          Yess, too many people stuck on this bullshit. Thats why quality has gone down and quantity is goin up. May as well start sellin this shit at Walmart now. Just as generic as any other brand there, and about the same quality anymore.

    • JustaGuy

      I have never known anyone who dislikes the 7-10 line. May as well not like the 6s and 11s as well.

    • See my comment above about the perforated nylon. It’s not the same on both shoes. On the left shoe it’s much wider. I can only hope for some of the people hyped on these their pairs don’t show up like that but it’s the same design as the Nike Air Huarache Trainer and Nike Air Huarache LE, just covered by the toe box material on the Jordan’s and those nylon parts are NEVER exact. I have over 42 pairs and on some it’s so bad they look like two entirely different shoes SMH.

    • Christopher Williams

      The French Blues were on point and my Barcelona Days were way better quality than my Barcelona Nights. I have to disagree with 7s being my least favorite but agree with 8s, 9s, and 10s not being ish.

  • JustaGuy

    If there was none of that ugly green, this shoe would look much better. Maybe even no orange and have sort of a Bred 7. But if it didn’t have those colors I guess wouldn’t be Marvin Martian 7 anymore.

  • Diego Bro

    Depends what other shoe comes out that month, I might cop !

  • machinegun

    These are like black hare 7s. Same colirs just alternate scheme

    • RaySupreme

      Isn’t that what they’re supposed to be? Marvin was Buggs enemy! So why not make a dark version of the OG.

  • Mark

    These are awful…

    • guest

      Every seven this year has been awful. They gettin us with this cheap materials shit.

      • Mark

        I didn’t mind the french blues & I picked up the Hares. But everything else that has already dropped or is dropping in the future is a pass for me.

      • Guest

        They getting ya’ll with these cheap ass materials… I love J’s but not enough to get fucked over buying some half ass quality shit.

  • Big Papi

    Barcelonas were waaaaaaay better

  • RaySupreme

    I’m going to need these, the first pair didn’t really fit the scheme of Marvin. An I’m feeling the leather on these, sweet!

  • Jayme C

    I wish JB would throw down black leather on every silhouette. I like these. Fuck neubuck.

  • Zut

    Wow I actually want these

  • Zut

    Them peaks should have been green though, where is that color anywhere else on the shoe. At least make it bolder that’s really cheap looking

  • Guest

    swap the black laces with orange and i guess they’d work. but still gonna pass.

  • W_dubb

    besides the colorway itself, i dont like the shiny leather on these. nubuck looks a lot better on the 7s

  • vladimir grey

    these are fireeeeee!!!!!!! love em!

  • Look at the red perforated nylon material on both shoes that make up the tongue just as it starts by the end of the toe box. Anyone else notice they’re not the same? One is much wider, on the left shoe…dear god. Since EVERY huarache has this issue you can bet your bag of cherries that unless this is an early sample the pair you cop will most likely have this issue as well. The overall color is also not doing anything for me personally and that paint job. Horrific quality from what some ill informed individuals consider the last bastion of sneaker culture.

    • Yo bitch ass

      Shut the fuck up..

      • Touch a nerve? Clearly. Ignorance is bliss but hey…keep living the dream.

        • Lodidodida

          Head all the way up your own ass and STILL can’t stfu

  • Greetings earthling…..

    Maybe it’s just me….but that iridescent color on the midsole is kinda making me want these. If it went the spectrum from green to purple it would give more of the alien outer space feel. Have to see these in person first though.

  • aknative

    Get rid of the silver, shouldve kept the nubuck or suede from Barcelona Nights (just switch the nubuck and leather around). Like the color blocking on these but i just dont like the all leather upper, could use some suede or nubuck on the upper! The all leather works on white upper 7’s not black upper 7’s

  • Young Den

    I like these and I bet these will look harder next year when nobody is checking for them

  • ATL Hawks 2015 NBA Champions

    Remember friends there is a difference between quality of the material and the craftsmanship at which the shoe was put together which includes the painting

  • wolfxxx

    Paint job looking like something my 11 year old brother can do. Year of the 7s has not been looking well so far.

    • Lodidodida

      Maybe because it was actually done by an 11 year old…

  • milliondolar kid

    Need to bring back aj7 raptors

    • AirAttack92


    • Vernon McClain

      Man I missed them couple years ago. Those my fave and the aqua 8s

  • Big Papi

    Tongues shouldn’t be a solid color

  • W_dubb


  • Javon Norward

    Barcelona was way better than these trash ass shoes.

  • Flight Club Ky


  • fjthegov

    My Barcelona’s are dope no doubt but these are fire too. Thanks JB for hitting the reset after all the complaining the first time around.

    • W_dubb

      it sounds like you just told yourself that your barcelonas are dope. lmaooooo

  • fjthegov

    Missed it on the tounge though!

  • willhoops

    It got the same toungue as the yotr 7s it looks like

  • Kicks Giggles


  • Guest

    JB needs to fire their whole design team and start from scratch…. just like these shoes.

  • Guest

    That green is really killing it for me. The material doesn’t look very good either.

  • Diego Bro

    Can’t wait tbh , glad no one likes em . Makes it easier for me too cop 💯

  • W_dubb

    on feet, off feet, they stink

  • wtfisthis


  • Big Papi

    If they would’ve made them a bred colorway it would b so dopee

    • Paul Chenault


  • Torian

    They look good on feet. But in the picture the look like garbage. Either way I know ima cop for my birthday


    Should of been a normal GS release. Pretty sure if they was it would make sense to most that the colorway is trash

  • -_-

    so theres two “marvin the martian”s?

    • FettyWap’sEye

      Exactly im trying to figure that out to…

    • Shaq Diesel

      No the first ones are actually labeled Barcelona Nights

  • T Bon

    kinda Christmasy.

  • Tru


  • JD

    I think they are 🔥I’ve been waitin to cop the marvins to go with my hares

  • MeatballJones

    That is what I was thinking

  • exel leon

    Instant crease

  • Super Picky

    The only thing that references Marvin is the insole….and you can’t even see when wearing. They should have at least put his face some where on the outside of the shoe. Back tab, or stiched on side like ” for the love of the game’s”

    • RoboCop

      I think the Hare and this shouldve had the respective characters take the place of the jumpman…like have them doing the pose but at least put them on the show…or like you said, put Marvin’s flight pattern on the tongue or somewhere more recognizable. With jeans these are gonna look all black with a tiny bit of color. To be honest I prefer Barcelona Days at least that stands out…but I missed those and Marvin is my favorite character so I’m getting them anyway. Might get these AND the Superfly 4s

  • RH

    EWWW these Shits Are Horrible

  • RH

    Not Even They Fucking Ugly

  • Retro clemson

    mehhh, i get all the complaints. but I woulda just rather seen nubuck as the underneath leather, with the current leather only as the over lay pieces. or at least the same black leather as the remastered Oreo 4’s had. i can’t decide on these or the bronze statue 9’s.

    • The kidd

      Me too bro ✊😫

  • Big Papi

    If they didn’t have the green these would be F*CKING FIRE

  • Christopher Williams

    I’m copping just because I doubt these will re release in the near future. Might be a future Gem might not but it would be dope 10 years from now to be like I have the Marvin The Martian Air Jordan 7’s. Just wish they would of freaked the tongue like the Barcelona Nights.

  • jessy

    Are they coming out in grade school ?

  • JUX

    These are OD Fire…idk if I should drop the $280 now or wait for the release since nobody like these…my chances might be good but I need these

    • Nite

      i would wait

    • PatriotluvsxxorXX

      wait. these will sit for awhile

    • BMichaels

      These things look terrible in person and they will probably sit.

  • Jayme C

    I’m a sucker for black leather sneaks, these look really nice. On the fence if I’m gonna purchase, the green throws it off but I understand it’s there because of the looney toon connection. Really wish they would do a pair of 5s in all black leather and not have it be a dorenbecher release. Hope to see some on feet pics

  • flossbee

    These shoes remind me of the opening credits from the first couple of seasons of Martin.
    Dammit Gina!!!

  • Sheila Hillman

    I’m not felling these like the other ones

  • Barack Obama

    Whos tryna buy some?


      I got them at foot locker the 15


    How many pairs were made answer would be GREATLY APPRECIATED