Air Jordan 7 Retto GS Hot Lava

Air Jordan 7 GS Hot Lava


Air Jordan 7 GS Hot Lava Black White

Air Jordan 7 GS Hot Lava Black White

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    GS sizing always get the best shoes


    whats fucking sad is that these are probably the best Air Jordan 7 cw and they have to be fucking GS sizing.

    • Sneakerhead

      No because on the citrus lows the sizing is 3-9.5. Also on the hot lava 5’s the sizing was 3 – 9.5

      • red

        So will they come out in 9.5 sizes

        • sneakerhead23


          • Tasheba

            Will they come out in infants

  • 1 KING

    Not bad, not bad.

  • ChiRaqGoofies

    DESE ARE SUM YUNG THUG SHITz #Gangstalious #homothug #NoOffense


    So I’m guessing because alot of parents & people with small feet complaining about prices we finally get the paper with the 23 like men sizing & a Jumpman sticker too ?

    I mean shit, $140 plus tax should always come packaged with a sticker & some extra laces to swap them with

  • Mariah Emery

    Is this available in men’s shoe? I read online that it would just be available for kids sizing.


    I still don’t see this translucent icy sole that’s described in the article. All I see is a solid grey sole. SBD look into this, someone didn’t have their coffee today

  • atlcharm

    who will retail these online?

  • Rosay Richemond

    I hope they have them in size 10 men size

    • Maya

      They were only for grade school which goes from 3y or 3.5y to 9y or 9.5y

  • itsOcampo

    Will they sell this on a store, website, or both?

    Please tell me the website where they will sell these pair –


    Please tell me the store where they sell these pair –

    • itsOcampo

      and 1 more question will these shoes be available for boys and girls?

  • Dominique Hodge

    They dope