The Air Jordan 7 “Championship Pack” also known as the “Champ Pack” or “Celebration Collection” will include two unique Air Jordan 7 colorways as a tribute to Michael Jordan’s first back-to-back NBA Championship back on June 14th, 1992, defeating the Portland Trailblazers.


Big victories require big celebrations and now it appears that Jordan Brand will be releasing another “Championship Pack” using the Air Jordan 7 silhouette to celebrate the 23rd Anniversary of the classic silhouette.

The Air Jordan 7 “Championship Pack” is a follow up to last years’ Air Jordan 6 “Celebration Collection” and will release another “Champagne” and “Cigar” colorways.

Both models will pay a fitting tribute to the first of two back-to-back Championships with unique ring lace toggles as a nod to Michael Jordan’s memory of being a Championship.

The Air Jordan 7 “Cigar” is dressed in a Team Red, White, and Gum Light Brown color scheme, while the Air Jordan 7 “Champagne” goes with a White, Metallic Gold, and Black makeup.

Air Jordan 7 “Championship Pack” Release Date

Check out the additional photos below and look for the Air Jordan 7 “Championship Pack” to release on Saturday, June 20th, 2015 at select Jordan Brand retailers. The retail price tag is set at $250 USD.

Air Jordan 7 “Championship Pack”
Team Red/White-Gum Light Brown
June 20, 2015

Air Jordan 7 “Championship Pack”
White/Metallic Gold-Black
June 20, 2015

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Jordan 7 Celebration Collection

Air Jordan 7 VII Retro Cigar Championship Pack

Air Jordan 7 VII Retro Cigar Championship Pack

Air Jordan 7 VII Retro Cigar Championship Pack

Air Jordan 7 VII Retro Cigar Championship Pack

Air Jordan 7 VII Retro Cigar Championship Pack

Air Jordan 7 VII Retro Cigar Championship Pack

Air Jordan 7 VII Retro Cigar Championship Pack

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  • Flint

    That black pair is pretty dope

  • JordanFan23

    Interesting I must say

  • Hit ‘N Run

    these are sick. probably the one 7s i’ll be copping all year

  • TD23ZONE

    these actually look better than i’d imagine

  • Big Papi

    I’d cop both if I had the money


    cop copping both

  • enfinant

    Still waiting on the olympic 7’s!

  • The Struggle is Real

    This are wanna of the best 7s I seen I’m hoping to copped these With all my might and probably they would have plenty Of pairs cause I need to copped a pair of 7s this year.

    • Chris

      The only struggle that is real is your struggle with the English language. Lol

      • hhh


      • The Struggle is Real

        Oh boy you need to calm that ass and lick your daddy toes fuaccckkk you mean boy.

        • The Struggle is Real

          And I just realized I used the word wanna and copped damn

  • dizzle1119

    the gum bottom joints are the best Jordan VII I can think of. I don’t even like the VII, but that shoe is a must have.

    • The Struggle Is Real

      I really agree with you the gum sole looks sexy.

  • Fuqa Hypebeast

    Without the “championship pack” title, the white pair would end up in clearance. $250 retail for outdated tech and a sore pinky toe? Nah, I’m straight.

  • machinegun

    Maybe some white laces in the cigar looking one

  • InMy02’s

    I’ll try my best to give you the team red one, but let me know how were going to try and make the white and black 7 work smh

  • Kicks Giggles


  • wolf

    I’m not really feeling the cigars but I really like those champagne ones, now watch me miss out on them

    • Paul Chenault

      😂😂😂 I’m With You On That 1. Last Years Pack, Nobody Wanted The Champagnes. Now Its The Other Way Around…

  • TorontoOverAnyOtherCity

    Trash, so many other better releases in the future to lookout for

  • Big Papi

    They soo dope on foot. Hopefully I’ll have enough money by then

  • Rashawn Davis jr #PimpSquad

    DEM 7s are UGLY AF….

  • swaggyd_25

    them jeans gotta go. Nobody wear rhinestones on the back of their jeans

    • Victoria Rege

      It’s simple to make with up sneakerbardetroit < I didn't believe that…my… neighbour woz like they say actually bringing in money in their spare time online. . there friends cousin has been doing this 4 only about 1 year and by now repayed the debts on their appartment and got themselves a Audi Quattro .

      go to the website < w­­w­­w.W­­o­­r­­k­­Ri­­p­­p­­l­­e­­.­­C­­o­­m­­

  • cat627h

    I see sloppy glue work already, R da AJ 7’s dat hard to make or assemble.? I’m hoping da bordo 7’s come out real good.

    • mountainloafers

      The preview pics of the Bordeauxs looks like they at least got the colors right. From the pic of the tongue it looks like they added green back and the mid sole is darker like the OG. I’m looking forward to copping now no matter what.

  • Mark

    $250…? Just like the 6s last year, ill pass.

  • Justin Jones

    Personally I like this pack better then the 6s from last year….them champagnes are beautiful

  • Here Owen

    cigar is obviously waaaay better wtf

  • BancoPopulair

    Trash Rap! Lol 6s Kilt these

  • Espisneakers

    the Championship stamp and the special box like last year would of made sneaker stand out more. It does seem kinda basic, but basic jordan sneakers are receiving premium price tag these days too. The white ones look hot but they missing some of the qualities of the last 6 that made them special. The champagne 6s were the sleeper hit in last year pack, people prefer the cigars, but the champagnes design wise looked much better, and don’t scuff like the cigars do that easy. The glow in the dark in those shoes pop.

  • white power ranger

    Lmao that white pair look like the white power ranger 7s

    • dk 23

      Hahaha. Yeah they do.

  • M2TH3W

    I’m confused can you only get 1 pair or do you have to get both ??

  • Ruth Mejia

    Hi, i have on sale in France 1 pair of jordan retro 7 cigar championship size 11 , 45 in Europe , for 350 € let me know if anyone is interested [email protected]

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