The Air Jordan 6 Retro “White Infrared” will be returning right around the 2014 NBA All-Star Weekend.


The classic Air Jordan 6 Retro “White Infrared” features a similar color scheme as the OG version with a White leather base finished with Infrared and Black detailing. Check out these detailed images below and look for the Air Jordan 6 Retro “White Infrared” to officially launch on February 15th to select Jordan Brand accounts.

Be sure to keep it locked to Sneaker Bar for everything Air Jordans.

Air Jordan 6 Retro
February 15th, 2014

Air Jordan 6 Retro







Source: Sole Awesome

  • kelly

    these gonna be a problem for everything when trying to cop

  • franklin

    someone will get hurt thats how epic this release is

  • clif

    must cop for me

  • desmond

    such a classic shoe that i never had therefore these are a cop for me


    so happy, can’t wait

  • daniel

    I’m trying to cop as many 6s as i can

  • peterson

    going to be tough to cop but I’m all inn for them

    • I’m so cool yo

      tough? really? almost every white Jordan OG release is GR…fucking hypebeast.

      • Preacher man

        Hypebeast-A person who follows a trend to be cool or in style.

        Using the word hypebeast thinking you’re big shit makes you a hypebeast as well bitch.

        • AyMan!YouWannaBuiltSomeMuscle

          Everyone should know that, looks like you looked it up yourself…thinking you so smart…GTFOH

          • ISR

            @7b68a0e361413ebceb2a4b45e50edbdb:disqus – you Muthaf–er googled that shit, you straight up cut and paste from a site…… least say it in your own words lol….

          • Preacher man

            Yessir copy and paste figured I’d keep it simple for y’all simple minded folk.

          • Cool Jets

            All u niggaz sound real gay just keep your comments to your self if u been rocking js than u is but talking that big boy shit internet it make u seem like a troll just saying though

        • ddjallday

          According to that definition, almost everyone who wears nice sneakers a hype beast. I rock nice sneakers because I love watching and playing basketball and I love stunting on the judgemental fags we have here in the Bay Area. Around here they look at your kicks before your face.

      • hahaha

        Lmfaoo “I’m so cool yo” xD xD

      • Michael Jordan

        Yeah they are going to be hard to get because they’re going to be so hyped up…

      • Tomgunz84

        Stop using that fckin word if you gone say the shit say it right

    • FuckH8ers


  • Justin Jones

    definite cop…..honestly all 6s will be…..

  • NoDay$Off

    I never got a pair of these so I hope to cop

  • Shes_ASneakerhead

    they look cheap tho

  • Replico

    Just got the replicas while you suckas have to wait 4 months hahahahahah

    • fakers gonna fake

      lol it must be cool to be a fag like these days

      • Fuck Ford

        U just angry cuz yo broke ass has to wait

        • Frank

          That doesn’t even make sense.

          • Honestly

            Lol they both make no sense… 1. They are arguing. (Note complete sentence) 2. They’re arguing on the internet about shoes. (Really)
            3. They’re arguing over shoes that
            Nike could care less if these two specific idiots will buy them. (Honestly the fuckery and bafoonery of this generations boys is so exasperating #teamlesbian) -A female Sneakerhead

          • Truthfully

            1. Yeah, and those “sneakerhead” girls who buy jordan just to impress guys,even though they have no idea what there wearing.(notice complete sentences dumb bitch) 2.Others they try to act all big and bad like ratchets just because the have a damn shoe with a jumpman on it. 3.the internet is a place for debate, and since this is like a forum or comment section for opinoins.
            so yeah dont PMS over stupid stuff, and act like you can be intelligent on the internet by writing in complete sentences,because it makes you look like more of a bitch than you probs allready are.
            (P,S. dont pull a sexist claim on me and be like a feminist i really would say the same stuff to you even if you were a guy)
            -A Male Sneakerhead

          • Tomgunz84


        • fakers gonna fake

          who said i was broke….. in fact ive only bought one pair of j’s this year which where the fire red 5’s besides that no other shoes have been any interest to me so i have extra money since i have been alot lot more picky compared to 2011 and 2012 and im not angry because i have to wait, in fact the anticipation of wanting to rock a pair of shoes keeps things fresh in my mind and im cool with being patient

    • Smoke The Dope

      Only fuck niggas wear replicas. Step your game up!

      • FuckH8ers

        What’s wrong with replicas I don’t wear them but the only diffrence is the material and price y u gotta b hatin on niggas that wear replicas it only matters if they look good not to show off to people dumbfuck

        • Smoke The Dope

          I ain’t hatin on nobody stfu

          • FuckH8ers

            U think you go hard just cuz you know about shoes dumbbitch

          • Smoke The Dope

            Lmao y’all white niggas be acting like y’all hard on the Internet see me in person you gon be shook. Fuck ass nigga

          • FuckH8ers

            Nigga I ain’t white yo ass prolly white. You lucky we don’t meet in person cuz you would get wrecked

          • Smoke The Dope

            Lmao ight lil nigga

          • FuckH8ers

            Plus I ain’t never seen a black nigga type lmao

          • Smoke The Dope

            And I ain’t never heard no nigga say dumbfuck. Fuck off my comment u lame ass nigga

          • FuckH8ers


    • jumpman23

      bitch yo cheap ass

  • Fuck Ford

    These look like cheap fake replicas

  • Fuck Ford

    They look like they can rip easily

  • Fuck Ford

    Fuck preacher man fuckin hype hype beast

  • Fuck Ford

    Only the Oreo 6s r nice I stamp

  • Smoke The Dope

    The Carmine’s come out Jan 25th. I’m coppin both

    • bang bang

      what are you talking about they come out in may dumbass

      • Smoke The Dope


        • nyballer

          this guy been smoking to much dope

          • Smoke The Dope

            Stop believing in bullshit kid. The original release date was Jan 25 then nike changed it to February.

          • FuckH8ers

            No the fuck it doesn’t that’s what the government wants you to think because they can’t make money off of it

  • slap ah hoe

    the carmines aint droppiing anymore d.a !

  • tattdPrince


  • MiggaMan


  • Chocodile

    when are the black / red’s being released?

    • Dik Dangler

      Hell yea. the only joints i wanting for this year. besides carmines. I wanna see a pic of the green glow 6’s.

      • Tomgunz84

        Green glow 6’s ? Df’ where you hear that from that they coming out with them?

  • Coolio

    These r not even that nice y u hypin it

    • Yo lame ass

      Get yo broke ass off the website

  • Zachg

    They ruined a classic sneaker these really do look cheap af

    • loser

      yo mama should have aborted you fag….

    • Tomgunz84

      I agree iont like the icy sole nor the lighter infrared

  • horizon Watson

    Will they be limited?

    • Deadassss

      Every shoes is limited nigga fym

    • Deadassss

      Actually nvm, I know what you mean by that. It’s too early to know that bruh, wait 1 or 2 weeks

    • Tomgunz84

      Naw they a GR

  • Ceejae Vee

    Infrared gota go the reps prolly look better than these. if the reps were as comfortable as these id b rep’n all day

  • Sneakray

    I don’t know what looks wrong wit these. But go head snooze ya lose.


    Can’t wait for these


    are these the 2014 release pictures or the 2010 release pictures? either way i’m still copping

  • Tomgunz84

    Has anybody thought about the infrared 23’s ? I know the new infrared color is more a pink but i was thinking if they are an all infrared wouldn’t the shoe look basically pink? And before mf’s comment talking some stupid shit look at the infrared 10s the bottom looks more red than pink but in person its vice versa even the white infrareds

    • Bewbs

      The infrared 23’s look WAY less pink than these

      • Tomgunz84

        Thanks i wanna see em person maybe cuss this is it’s first release the infrared isn’t light like the pair in this article i remember the last time these retro’d the infrared was darker

  • Steven park

    anybody can you tell me which online store release this jordan !! such as eastbay , finishline

    • jretro

      foot locker, footaction, kicksusa, finishline

  • Joe

    Just got them. Epic

    • Obie

      Just got them, won the raffle love og colorways