Air Jordan 6

Jordan Brand will be dropping several Air Jordan 6 models in 2014 including the Air Jordan 6 Retro “Infrared 23”. The “Infrared 23” Air Jordan 6 Retro is set to release the first quarter of 2014 which will feature an Infrared 23 upper (Jordan Brand’s new shade of Infrared) finished with Black accents. Stay tuned to Sneaker Bar for more updates and release info on the upcoming Air Jordan 6 Retro “Infrared 23” model.


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Air Jordan 6 Retro

*Note* Stay tuned to Sneaker Bar for the official images of the upcoming Air Jordan 6 Retro “Infrared 23”.


Source: KATC

  • jenkins

    so much for $160

  • justin

    is it me or does it seem every year the releases keep getting higher and higher

    • RockawayBully

      We sharing a brain on this one lol

  • versace

    so fuck fresh can’t wait to fucking cop

    • Fuck

      Fuck fucking yeah man these are fucking awesome Fuck yeah

  • sneakerhead

    this release is going to be sick as fuck first the 4s now the 6s lets just hope its suede and not nubuck

    • dRE

      suede sucks, gets ruined by water or anything easy…… better hope you don’t live in a rainy city or spill some water on them

    • WelDun1

      What are you talking about!? The nubuck on the Oreos is Ridiculous! Most comfortable J I own now!

  • Toro 5s

    hope they one day bring back the 5s

  • wayne

    DOPE but damn 170 JB killing us


    auto cop

  • samuel

    looks like i’ll be copping early

  • J Rock

    I might have to cop early because of the hype

  • NoDay$Off

    I’m definitely gettin these

  • RockawayBully

    Damn going up to $170 now damn getting harder n harder to collect shoes now a days but people still will buy,but at what point will Nike stop at ? That could be bad for them too if they keep raising prices Eventually many not all but some will stop buying at that first retail price,or even wait till at outlets or buy other brands n that is when Nike might stop increases,just wishing here but I prolly email Nike or call to harass them bout the price increase might not work but screw it doesn’t hurt or cost money to try,might as well n if enough people do it they might listen, * wink wink

  • Chase Mavrick

    stupid hypebeast , these are wack , black infas are always the best

  • coonskinhat

    HIDEOUS!!!!! Black ones are classic these are fruit loops gay..

  • coonskinhat

    Stupid ass niggers and their red suede..

  • Mr. Trey

    These r SICKK gonna neeeed to get these cant believe they’re releasing

  • Juicy j

    170 is outragous

  • sneakerjunkie212

    Wow here we go new year release higher prices. Wats next10 bucks increase every year. Like I remember they usto be soo much cheaper ….

  • FATT$