Air Jordan 6

Jordan Brand will be releasing a couple special edition Air Jordan 6 Retro models this year to celebrate their 23rd Anniversary of the classic silhouette.


Following our first look at the Air Jordan 6 Retro “Championship Cigar”, we now have some brand new photos to share. Featuring a Raw Umber, Team Red, Metallic Gold, and Challenge Red accents built with premium materials finished with a Championship Ring lace-lock (which is probably the best feature of this model). No exact releases date has been announced, but keep it locked to Sneaker Bar for further updates as it develops on this Air Jordan 6 Retro release.

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Air Jordan 6 Retro
Raw Umber/Team Red-Metallic Gold-Challenge Red
Summer 2014

Air Jordan 6




Source: icysole

  • mayer

    man these are so sick

  • joseph

    whenever these drop imma have to instantly cop

  • bob

    Will be so hard to get

  • sneakerhead

    really sick a lot better than i imagine them to look

  • allen

    when they drop these will be limited like the DB 3 Retro just to compare

    • J Rock

      How do you know?

      • TRUTH

        there a special edition pair of 6s therefore jordan brand gonna make them really limited twitter link only they won’t be a GS drop

        • J Rock

          The GMP 6s and 7s were special edition but weren’t limited…

          • Catsdieslow

            H Town

  • Thank You JB

    OMG Lord these are nice


    Team Jordan killing it

  • BOSS

    i’d pay 500 for these right now, anyone have connects?

    • ROOKIE

      yep, it’s called wait until they drop. Why would you want an early release anyways? for everyone to think they’re fake? especially when we only have a few photos.

      • BOSS

        bro honestly i don’t care, I’m not one to show off my kicks and brag i just really want these for my own pleasure

        • ROOKIE

          Ok, do whatever you want

          • NoDayWithoutShoeGame

   is where he gets them from.

          • ROOKIE


          • Mario

   always have early heat, legit too.

          • Tomgunz84

            Sole-up isn’t legit

  • Nice they showed a contrast with the camera flash on this one, Can really see the red’s. The lacelock is still killer tho

    • Trent

      AMEN, love these bro


    These make me love them even more

    • Catsdieslow


  • J Rock

    I can’t wait!


    the tongue and sole are the best parts of the Jordan 6

  • Sorry 4 Being Gay

    Is it me or do I feel closer to everyone that always comments on here on a daily basics, i mean i know i’ll probably never meet ya’ll but i see ya’ll comment all the time and i feel that!

    • IBePeepin

      Lol Yeah there is a core group of niggas on this bit… Gotta give credit to SBD they get shit out quick and often

      • Catsdieslow

        Of course

    • Catsdieslow

      I feel you man

  • NoDay$Off

    Cant fuckin wait

    • Catsdieslow


  • nicholas

    they dope but idk if ima cop..

  • NoDayWithoutShoeGame

    I need these now. A big fan of this model and the color way makes them even better. A release date please?

    • Catsdieslow


  • Cool Jets

    I fucks with these the long way but know these gone be hard to get or limited

    • Catsdieslow


  • chicago 81

    dam these nice…being from the chi. make these a must cop……

  • Pieman Guapo

    ehh idc for the lacelock but the red got my pockets itchin

    • yep

      Wat yo pockets got crabs or sum lol

      • Pieman Guapo


        • KO ATATF

          hey pieman lol

  • FATT$


    • Catsdieslow

      To death bruh

  • hl

    All that pink makes em ugly should replace with black

    • Catsdieslow

      Or Nah

  • I_Hate_U_SmileyFace

    These are wack, i’m going to pick these up and resell them for a stupid profit to some stupid fuck.

    • Dumb fuck

      You a stupid ass bitch

      • I_Hate_U_SmileyFace

        lol, calm down jerk face, there not that bad I just like getting a rise out of simple minded people like you. Now put your helmet back on, grab your drool cup, and get back to finger painting.

        • dumb fuck

          yo mama swallow

          • Catsdieslow

            Leave him alone he a pimp

          • Tomgunz84


    • Tomgunz84

      Smh at that comment

    • buck

      Your mother blows cock by the pound. Literally if that thang isn’t 16 plus ounces she throws it back like a fish. Kind of a suck and release method. Hell of an angler that one is.

  • Saint Jerm

    Love the whole concept and colorway. Saving for these.

  • Sneakray

    So far these are a hit or miss. I need to see more pics before I say yes or no.

  • Someone’s dad

    Dope must cop for daddy

    • Catsdieslow

      Daddy hungry

  • Pete Figueroa

    Ugly shit not cop hell no pp.

    • Catsdieslow

      Hell nah

  • Catsdieslow

    They aight

  • Anthony Manrique

    I have a feeling there going to make a whole collection out of this concept. So I think NIKE is going to use the 7s, 8s, 11s, 12,s and 14s!

    • Tomgunz84

      How do you figure that?

      • folks

        Because them r all the shoes he won rings in nd ig he smoked a cigar err time he won a ring

        • Tomgunz84

          Can’t just go off of that tho bro….For example after all the 11’s dropped (Space jams’, Cool Grey’s, Concords, and Breds) We sneakerheads just knew that the columbia’s were coming out next then BAM the gamma blues were born -_-

          • ddjallday

            you can actually…what does the pattern of xi releases have to do with mj’s championships? i don’t see a reason why jb wouldnt pull that off, they’ve already done a vi, why not continue?

          • Tomgunz84

            It has everything to do wit it you must not be getting what i’m sayin ; but we can’t just assume they gone make others just cuss them the shoes he got rings in like i said with the XI’s dropping when us sneakers thought that there were nomore colors to drop other than the columbias what happened?……GAMMAS happened…….So i’m sayin we can’t just go off of that logic alone

          • ddjallday

            who knows bro, we might be waiting until 2019 to see them columbias…as for the championship shoe line continuing, hell yeah i think its gonna happen, the most important things in mjs career, as for one all star game performance, sad to say that might not be at the top of their priority list

          • Tomgunz84

            Yeah i can agree with that

      • Anthony Manrique

        Its just a guess, Im not trying to say its true or anything. It’s just an observation that came to mind

        • Tomgunz84

          Yeah i kinda figured that it was

    • ddjallday

      hell yeah, it’s definitely possible…

  • Sneaker Enthusiast

    These are phenomenal and are guaranteed to be super hyped and most likely extremely limited.

  • Tomgunz84

    These ain’t no Ralph tho…….

    • LarUUn

      Tommy muruska it’s nick and your not Ralph either

  • Sneaker Enthusiast

    Who else notices these have a lacelock on the front of the shoe and the ring near the Tounge

    • Gypsy Tears

      Everybody with eyes

  • Nasty nasty

    I’m gone fuck my girl with these on…