The rumors are true, the Air Jordan 6 “Carmine” will indeed return in Spring 2014, along with the Air Jordan 6 “White Infrared” and Air Jordan 6 “Black Infrared”. The Air Jordan 6 “Carmine” is one of the more popular models and will hit select Jordan Brands next year to celebrate the 23rd Anniversary of the Air Jordan 6s. Stay tuned to Sneaker Bar for more updates and release info on all the upcoming Air Jordan Retro Releases.


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*Note* These are not the 2014 model and no word yet on if this pair will be the model to receive the “Nike Air” treatment.

Source: sneakermates


    these are so dope can’t wait for the return

  • kevin

    so happy

  • wayne

    really dope, hope this is the model that will feature the nike air

  • cahse

    hell yea my favorite model returns gotta auto cop

  • Yeezus

    simply amazing

  • crawford

    def using the Twitter Bot to cop these

    • nyballa

      ur retarded

  • jasmin

    not selling my soul to cop these but will do what it takes to add them to the collection

  • versace

    will cop early don’t mind paying 320 for them

    • NoDay$Off

      Must be nice

  • WOW


  • Perkins

    call me crazy but i think 2014 will be better than 2013 in releases

    • 2chainz


    • Sneaker_cooking

      They said the last thing last year and the year before that and guess what they’ll be saying that in the future.

  • Joshua Gomez

    Thank you god! 2014 hurry up

    • NoDay$Off

      I swear!!!

    • Cool Jets

      dnt get yo hopes up on 1 shoe cause that 1 shoe u grail on highly dissapoint yo azz

  • O_O

    well this release is going to be dangerous….

    • Cool Jets

      no shit fuck bag

      • Pieman Guapo

        lol chill you takin shots on everybody

        • Cool Jets

          ha naw i aint tryna internet thug jus getting a lil emotional lol

  • Chefsole

    The Godfather of the 6’s return, evidently there is no reason for me to hope that no hype surrounds this release because there’s hype around the most stupid releases. I just hope no one dies for these let that be my wish.

    • RockawayBully

      Nicely said same here hope no one gets killed hurt or robbed over shoes so horrible,but I wonder if they going to put red soles or the blue tint treatment ?

      • NoDay$Off

        I thinkll it’ll be an icy sole

        • RockawayBully

          Yr of the 6 in 2014 wouldn’t be shocked if they drop a all red 6

      • Cool Jets

        icy blue tint gone b on all of em so b redi.. its a no brainer reduce yellow soles

        • RockawayBully

          Yeah I figure that just was hoping for something like was on the bred 11’s sole or maybe something lighter that red would look good on the shoe but still going to copp if I can even if it has blue tint never had a chance to get these when they last drop so def going to try but u know how it is now a days doesn’t matter if u have the money now super hard to get kicks but good luck to every one trying get these

          • Cool Jets

            u gotta point but anyways we got over 20 more releases we dnt need to catch a nervous breakdown alredi it aint even september yet

          • RockawayBully

            Smh lol not really just making sneaker convo,guess some people take it the wrong way in the words of Rodney king can’t we all just get along lol

  • KingSole

    Their probably gonna be released online only like they did with the 88s since they might have the “Nike Air” on the back.

    • rag77089

      They won’t have Nike air that’s a pic of the ogs

    • MostDef88

      No 6’s will have the Nike Air treatment for the their 23rd anniversary. More likely in 2016 for the 25th anniversary like the 88’s of 2013.

  • Joshua White

    2012-2013 live azz release dates I knw 2014 gonna b stupid crazy with the dates

  • Justin Jones

    im not getting any shoes this holiday season to make sure i can grab all the 6s in 2014

  • Monjure Walker

    These and the midnight blues and infrared’s are my favorite cw of the 6’s. Lord knows I will be copping these.

  • vladimir grey

    yesssss!!!!!! cant wait!!!!

  • YunGRome_

    Maroon 6s are coming out in 2014


    does anyone else have a boner????

  • Richard Varney


  • Cool Jets

    be redi to camp have yo strap cause its gone be hell.. plus like them sox bring them out as well

  • OG Pornstar

    ill work at footlocker for a day to get these…

    • Cool Jets

      you cant get shoes at footlocker no more if you an employee

      • william

        yes you can

      • jamerson

        yes you can..

        • Cool Jets

          jamerson shut the fuck up lol

  • dalt

    am i the only one who wants sport blue 6s to retro too?

    • Cool Jets

      i want them joints but no az like i want these

  • Tell

    Best 6s can’t wait imma be first in line

  • Aj

    Good thing i got connections

  • Novah

    Where would I go to get these ?


    i love this the criterary of the measurments are right on point with the vast exposterary of the color the red and white is very invegerating,