The return of the “Olympic” Pack are due to drop this Summer 2012 and today, we have a better look at the Air Jordan 6 / 7 “Gold Medal” Pack. The Air Jordan 6 “Gold Medal” feature a White upper with Red-Metallic Gold-Sail accents while the Air Jordan 7 “Gold Medal” feature a Black upper with Metallic Gold-Sail accents. Look for the “Gold Medal” Pack to release on August 18th, 2012 retailed for $350. Always rock with Sneaker Bar for daily updates and news.


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Air Jordan 6/7 “Gold Medal” Pack

  • Air Jordan 6 “Gold Medal”

Retro White/Gym Red-Metallic Gold-Sail

  • Air Jordan 7 “Gold Medal”

Retro Black/Metallic Gold-Sail

August 18th, 2012


Source: ISS

  • Paul

    These are Crack in the Kitchen

  • Dean

    I need em both but after I get em Im selling the White pair. Will take offers now!



    • Mike

      Outbid!! $2.00

    • Verovaltierra


    • Joe

      I talked to this guy at footlocker whos selling his pair to somebody for $600. I guess people pay top dollar for ugly ass shoes..ex. air yeezy 2 lmao

    • Damian

      how much 4 da white pair?

  • Drizzy

    A Must Cop

  • Mr. Jordan

    My name is Michael Jordan and I just want to say thank you dumb ass for paying these over price sneakers and making me a Billionaire. Keep the spending happening. FOOLS LOL

    • Stickie

      Your sooo Cool

    • Kemp

      Give me some money than nigga!

    • Lito

      Thank you Mr. Jordan for making my sneaker collection worth more than your cAr dawgg!!! and im gunna rock the shit out of the 7s labor day weekend hoppin’ out the ghost gold chains danglin’!!!!

      • Manypeople

        I might have to hurt someone for theses shoe u bitch

      • Manypeople

        Boy u can’t rock theses shoe cuz u probly have some fat ass feet nigga n u will stretch theses shoes out


      jejejeje awesome

    • princess21

      how u wanna bet the same dick hole who wrote this post had a pair of jordans in his collection and probably gotta cop this too.

    • Tommie Gunz

      “Mr.Jordan” Stfu If The Ppl On Here Wanna Buy Shoes Shit Who Are You To Comment & W/O JB Jordan Would Still Be Rich Dumbass FOOL

    • Buckwild941

      Spoken from the mouth of a broke man

  • Bruins


  • Strawberry

    Copping these over the AJ 6 “Olympic”

  • Unitez

    damn! i wonder if people are gonna camp out for these a week before the release date..

    • Romie310

      prolly 4 days in advance

  • Gnna cop these, crimson foamposite pros and olymic 6 0r 7

  • J rock

    MUST COP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m ganna cop these

  • Nizzynay

    i really only want the 7’s

  • easy cop

  • dem thangs tha truth boy!

  • Buckwild941

    Gold medal pack super clean wished the olympic 6 7 were a pack too they deserve to be a pack it would suck to get one and not be able to get the other cuz of the sudden rise in sneaker hustlers

  • I dont want them… I gotta have them

  • jordan23

    Are they gonna split up the pack to where you can buy just a pair or no?

    • Bravo

      You could get the black sevens by them self but them pretty white 6’s you gonna have to buy off a side hustle or some

  • swagg

    already no im getting that gold pack .

  • kyle

    guys help me out should i pay 600 for these

    • sammy

      nooo lol

  • peter

    do they only have these in adult sizes

  • lenyy

    they come together its a pack .. but are they going to be sold in gs size ?

  • my hommie at footlocker said he dont know if they gone be getting due to the crazy possible outcome

  • Bravo

    I heard its only a house of Hoops exclusive is that true ?

    • sneakerhead

      no champs is getting them too

  • kitty

    i would be sooooooo mad if i dnt fine any in my size -___-

  • Wild_Thang

    A Must Cop

  • DaGrt1′

    Imma call these da New Orleans Saints Xclusive


    they assss

  • ive done my reasearch, about it being sold retail split yes and no only the 7 will retail in all sizes td gs mens so forth for $175 not six. the pack is a general release not limited like the 2006 vi/xi release so there will be restocks in some stores

  • unknown69

    r u allowed to pre order them??