FBCC pays tribute to Michael Jordan’s first ring by creating his latest Air Jordan 6 “1st Ring” Custom. This Air Jordan 6 Custom features a White base with Cork detailing and Red accents and the Lary O’brien trophy with the date 06/12/1991 embroided on the heel, which was the day the Chicago bulls defeated the Lakers in game 5 to give his airness his “1st Ring.” Check out the custom below and let us know what you think, DOPE or NOPE?


For inquires hit up his instagram page @fbccnyc or email him at [email protected]

Air Jordan 6

air-jordan-6-1st-ring-custom 3

air-jordan-6-1st-ring-custom 4

  • stuart

    these are sick actually

  • cristopher

    really dope

  • C J

    he killed them

  • Kicks 101


  • thomas

    man these are really nice great detailing

  • trent

    he has the cork customs on lock

  • Anonymous

    Ugly as shiiiit. This guy has no creativity.

    • exposeniggas

      You’re a fucking pussy always hating on everything, you cant even do half of the work this guy did…. you better stay on anonymous if you dont wanna get knocked the fuck out

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, because it takes so much talent to glue some damn cork all over a shoe. And who the fuck would really fight over a shoe from some damn website? You sound lame as hell, and seems like you can’t just accept someone else’s opinion.

  • Chezshoppa #FBCC

    This cat below that say these “ugly as shit” is a 10th degree hater! As is all MUFUCKAS who hate on great work. My biz partner put in the work an came out with a quality product to support his vision. Dope, quality, and a breath of fresh air to the custom kicks community! So while we just took 100 orders on this shoe that you can’t afford after just a 1 day post. What did you do today? S/O to SB Detroit. #FBCC THE NEXT LEVEL OF CUSTOM!

    • Anonymous

      Ha, you mad that your “biz partner” can’t do shit with a shoe other than add some fucking cork to it? Fresh breath air to the custom community, what a damn joke! Like people haven’t been doing fuckin’ ugly cork customs since the shoe was first shown. Best idea would be to get your damn money back & peel that shit off your shoes that you ruined! And how the fuck does me not liking a piece of shit shoe mean I can’t afford it? Fucking dumbass assuming shit you don’t know anything about.

      • Mr 11421

        U are 1 bitter bitch faggot… do u jyst talk to talk or u sometimes open ur mouth to put dicks in it too? Only cork… u are a retard.. his ig page shoes cork snake, versace, carbon fiber, stingray, denim… so u must just be mad sense ur making up shit…. get ur period pad checked. ..I think ur bleeding dog

        • Anonymous

          You sound a bit pissed that someone doesn’t like some ugly ass shoes!


      Fuckin dumbass over here postin with hashtags, looks trashy af

    • Justin

      sell one more!! these just made all the blood rush to my head….. nd now i hafta have my chick come over here…..

  • NoDay$Off

    Fresh asl

  • Just To Reply to #FBCC

    These are ugly as fuck. I hate that people think they that they can stitch any type of fabric to a shoe and think it’s a work of art or it’s the next greatest thing. The whole FBCC team is a fucking joke and they are arrogant as if they are the best out here. And Chezshoppa hop off your biz partner dick and let him comment. No creativity. Medicore custom. And all of my sneakers are designer so I can afford your whole life including this shoe. You took 100 orders…really….fucking clown.

    • Mr 11421

      U mad for what? Quit being a bitch u sound bitter hoe

  • Mr 11421

    Anonymous you sound like a little girl who had her feelings hurt and heart broken. So im trynna figure out are you an ex girlfriend or just a bitch on her rag? Its funny when no talented haters say anyone can do it yet.. no one has.. so I hope u become the anyone eho does it!!! Cuz by ur comments u just sound like a bitter bitch. FBCC killed these kicks period. And used the cork them the right way by honoring his airness. The craftsmanship is perfect and attention to detail is dope… eiter acknowledge the talent or stfu

    • NewEra

      Honoring his airness, this guy sounds like a dickrider for FBCC lol fuckin ugly ass cheap shit

  • TrillSneaks

    AnyBody Who Wouldnt Cop These Must Not Like Shoes…

  • bjmfigdf

    Release em !!

  • Chezshoppa

    Men lie women lie numbers don’t! Put ya ig up and show some of these designer kicks. Tuff talk fa somebody who go by anonymous. MORCHEZ FRAZIER MOFUCKA! Google me.! Enough of the ho talk on a blog site. Put up or shut up. Put ya ig up show what you got poopin other than ya mouth. Since I’m pretty sure you a 40 year old virgin hiding behind ya Mac book. Lol!

  • Chezshoppa

    And opinions like assholes homey. My problem is no creativity. Whether u think the shoe is ugly or not MUFUCKAS can’t deny the creativity. Period. It’s a hating bitch like you on every site that shit farther than I just don’t like the shoe.

  • jamel wright

    i got dese