Air Jordan 5

The Air Jordan 5 Retro “Oreo” is another brand new colorway that Jordan Brand plans on dropping this year. The Air Jordan 5 Retro “Oreo” features a Black base with White accents, speckled Oreo-like shark teeth sitting atop an Icy outsole. The Air Jordan 5 Retro “Oreo” will hit select Jordan Brand accounts on Black Friday, November 29th, 2013. Will you plan to Cop or Pass on this release?


Air Jordan 5 Retro
November 29th, 2013

air-jordan-5-retro-oreo 2

Air Jordan 5 Oreo

air-jordan-5-retro-oreo 4

air-jordan-5-retro-oreo 5

air-jordan-5-retro-oreo 6

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  • melvin

    black friday makes sense for these. all black sneaker while jordan celebrates the 23rd anniversary

  • jamal

    damn i might have to camp for these boys, black friday is always exciting

  • kyle

    i always go out and cop the latest black friday releases and these will be no different

  • colin

    like how they kept the retail price at 160

  • dallas

    ohhhhh yeahhhh copping for sure

  • wayne

    to me these are ugly therefore im passing

  • sneakerhead

    they cool but it’s all about them bel-air and 3lab5 for me

  • zach thomas

    probably will cop unsure still

  • J Rock

    decisions will be made based off of other releases

  • Drew

    Why is jb holding out on the aqua 8 release date .. just tell us already

  • wow hhhhh

    Like them since day 1

  • A

    These dont compare to the Oreo 6’s

    • sneakerjunkie212

      They sure dont lol. Im so. Happy to still have my original pair of 6s

    • NoDay$Off

      Yea you definitely right about tht

  • Cesar

    These are suede right ?

    • iliekcheese


    • Jeaf

      No, its synthetic suede. Cheap ass china shit.. spend only a little more $ and get quality sneakers like Gucci.

      • Cesar

        I feel you bro.

  • FATT$

    These are a bit too bland for me.

  • Big$89

    Wish they had the 23 stitching but still think theyre dope.


    im passing bro not feeling them

  • Sneakerhead42


  • Tommy Pritchett

    They ight…remind me of the aj2’s from 2010

  • bvon12beast

    stop tryna fuck with oreo 6s jb, they a sick colorway dont fuck it up wit this cheap shit

    • iliekcheese

      There’s been oreo 4’s too, 6’s aren’t the only oreos, and they shouldn’t.

  • Yuppp

    No 23 stiching means I’m coping, happy.

    • Paynus

      What the fuck is wrong with you

      • C4G4


  • Anonymous

    Still ugly as shit.


    pass to plain and already got too much heat releasing in Nov. with the Laney’s and the Lightning 4’s

  • OnlyInNY

    There’s something I like about them

  • sneakerhead4343

    Dey growing on me

  • SneakerHead

    Big Pass

  • J Rock

    These grew on me alot but dont know if im willing to spend money on them

    • Loser ass nigga

      Get yo bitch ass off this page..

      • you lame as fuck

        yes sir mr.Internet tough guy

  • juanthesneakerboii

    mad sick

  • jap

    1.Hype beast are gonna kill this shoe for a fact 2.air jordan aint makin suede like they used to all da newer kicks suede looks all faded, not worth coppin

  • jap

    Im coppin bel-air 5’s laney 5’s steel 10’s taxi 12’s year of the snake 11’s if the drop and the laney 11’s then i gotta save up for the powder blue 10’s and infrared 6’s that release 2/1/14 and 2/2/14

  • Joshua White

    That’s on Black Friday whn thy release

  • Sneakray

    Man… These gone be so icy on my feet man. Just don’t know man. Psh, man. Man man

  • C4G4

    On My Birthday Too!! I Gotta Grab!!!

  • 270to713

    JB killin me with this damn nubuck shit, just like the black Aqua 5 why not put leather on em ima pass

    • git good skrub

      nigga you trippin dese are damn fresh, and they aint nubuck ya fuckin retard

    • C4G4

      Their Suede,, The Pics Are Just Blurry

    • dis nigga is a hypbeast

      why does this guy look like 2 chainz?

  • buck

    Black and white js are a must for me thats mainly what I wear. May purchase 2 pair.

  • manolorae

    Gotta get 3 pair!!

  • Mmelton2

    Easy Pass. Black Friday releases should be OG releases.

  • Jeaf

    Ashy af

    • we up in here muthafucka!!!!!!

      it because of the blurryness of the pic you blind-as-a-bat muthafucka

      • Jehliel Celestine

        Man it’s suede. Or I think it’s suede. it’s going to pick up a lot of dirt. They will be looking ashy just like my raptors

  • OGjohn

    Why th fuck are yaw leaving salty ass comments on a fucking shoe you dont want no body asked you for what u think . But if sombody left a comment like that on a shoe you liked youd be like nigga you trippin take that ooh ungrateful talk to the website where people care what you think. FRESH AS FUCK IS WHAT THEM IS

    • keep calm and stfu

      then why is there a comment section if we shouldnt comment

  • Dion Martinez


  • ddjallday

    damn wtf??? thees come out on a friday instead of a Saturday…

    • joey

      Its a Black Friday release Helloooooooo!!!!!

      • ddjallday

        that shit is gonna be ridiculously hectic…

  • leokidd1

    i already know im copping these