Air Jordan 5 Retro

Jordan Brand seems to have plenty of upcoming surprising models still yet to release and here is some release info on the Air Jordan 5 Retro “Bel Air”. The “Bel Air” Air Jordan 5 Retro is inspired by the Fresh Prince of Bel Air TV show (which we have seen plenty of inspired customs) and Jordan Brand will be using a color-scheme of Cool Grey/Court Purple-Game Royal-Club Pink finished with a Fresh Prince logo. The Air Jordan 5 Retro “Bel Air” is set for an October 2013 release and will retail for $185 in limited numbers.


Stay tuned to Sneaker Bar for more updates, release info and the first look at the upcoming Air Jordan 5 Retro “Bel Air”.

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Air Jordan 5 Retro
Cool Grey/Court Purple-Game Royal-Club Pink
October 2013


Source: KATC

  • javon

    finally it only makes sense since Will Smith rocked the hell out of the 5s throughout the whole show

  • frank

    so sick and I bet these are going to be sick as hell

  • versace

    ya the price sucks but the kicks are going to be fresh

  • WOW

    so these are all the upcoming holiday releases than WOW

  • xavier

    auto cop but need to see what they be looking like tho damn


    out of all these upcoming models i have to at least cop one of them but the wait is killing me


    JB Killing it

  • KickingHype

    Eh SBD, are you guys going to ive credit to where you got this info from?

    Just wondering.

    ; )

    • Anthony Knowledge

      read the source below the picture dumbass, and i plan on copping these and all the upcoming release from JB this Holiday

  • RockawayBully

    Damn $185 Nike killing us with these prices

  • Chase

    wonder what they gonna look like

  • Pieman Guapo

    i bet these are the same shoe as the all over elaphant print 5s……. i mean it only makes sense

    • Erick Wright

      What you’re talking about are called 3lab5, those have no relation with these. They’re even making a retro 3 3lab5.
      Plus they even showed the color scheme.
      Now wtf is w/ $185

      • Pieman Guapo

        i know im just saying , its not confimed about being titles 3lab5 . and those are a premium shoe so the price would be above retail like these are . i might be wrong but im just saying

        • Erick Wright

          I can understand the premium material for the shoe retailing higher. But really regardless of what the elephant print one is titled, it still a completely different shoe. The only thing unknown about that shoe is its title “supposably & a rumor of what it will retail for which was $250 then changed to $225.

          Bel Air has a confirmed $185 and has a completely different color scheme. I highly doubt the elephant 3lab5 will be called Bel Air!??

          • fUCKTHATYOLOswagShit

            Elephant print 5s looking FUGLY…….. what’s next, all cheetah print 5s? Leave that shit at home for females

          • Erick Wright

            exactly why i was telling this dude that those have no relation to the Bel Air

  • NoDay$Off

    I wonder why tf they raising these prices like that tho

  • Anthony Manrique

    Been watching The fresh prince for years !
    This is a definite auto-cop for me, even if the price did rise 25 dollars !

    • ChefSole

      Don’t even know how the shoe looking and willing to pay even more. Smh #I’mahypebeast.

      • Anthony Manrique

        Yea cause I got money to spend, and I already know there going to look awesome !

        I’m not a hypebeast, I grow up watching this show, and just because I’m willing to pay 185 on a shoe I want doesn’t mean Im a a hypebeast


        • Erick Wright

          Lmfao, you hash tagged him back, haha

          • Jay b

            Haven’t seen any pictures yet and everybody already saying “robocop” haha, don’t even know what the fuck they look like that’s what he means by a hypebeast, if they said there releasing a retro 11 purple green what the fuck ever in 2019 with just a pic of the 11 motherfuckers would be like awwwww I’m copping for sure lmao

          • Erick Wright

            It’s as simple as having an idea that the shoe will look rather nice, because the fresh prince was such a great show & those colors seem to be prefect for the retro 5 that Will give off that 90s vibe.

            Now those colors on an 11……. That shit sounds fugly.
            11s really aren’t as great compared to many shoes, hell I’ll take my bred 4s over my bred 11s if I had to choose

          • AUTOCOP


          • haha

            Yeah and she also said “YEAH!!! when I gave her a orgasm

          • ChefSole

            Thanks for catching wat I’m tryna say these niccas out here willing to do anything for kicks and everyone seems to think that there’s no such thing as a ugly shoe especially jordans it just sad and srry

          • sk8board P

            You’re dickriding too, Anthony just wants a pair of kicks that remind him of his childhood, the fuck do you care, maybe he’s a collector and doesn’t wanna spoil them nigga

        • Yeezus

          ChefSole needs to go back in the kitchen and get his weight up

          • ChefSole

            Yeezus needs to stop stop ridding other niccas dicks

    • Anthony Manrique

      Fuck all ya’ll haters !

  • J Rock

    I already know these are going to be dope.

  • Grey purple and pink. Grey Suede Upper, Purple Midsole, and Pink Fins and eyelets. just a hunch, i think this pair might come with 2 sets of laces, Grey standard, and alternate Purple

    • glenn

      that would be dope

      • Yea, just what popped in my head when i read it. I’d definitely have to add a pair to my collection

  • HOV


  • Will Smith

    Got my pair already and ya’ll gonna like them naw ya’ll gonna love them

  • Cool Jets

    probably b a jordan brand south beach edition theme jus watch with purple

    • Sneakerhead42

      Gotta agree wit u bro.

  • sneakerjunkie212

    I dont know about this……I gota see this one in color……but im luvin those grapez every time I put tthem on………(oooh yea u can check me out on google plus rell myers add me up to see how I did them playoff 8’s)

  • Felicia Tommy Pritchett

    Copped for sure!

  • Mr. Trey

    wow cant waitt to c these looks like a really nice colorway prob gonna be sickk

  • B Fitzs

    What material are the bel-air 5s made of