Air Jordan 5

The Air Jordan 5 Retro was the go-to model for Will Smith during the credits to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Jordan Brand decided to use the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as inspiration to their upcoming Air Jordan 5 Retro “Bel-Air”.


After weeks of preview images we finally have the first detailed look at the upcoming Air Jordan 5 Retro “Bel-Air” model. Featuring a Grey base with vibrant color accents as well as a unique pattern on the inner liner inspired by the colorful fashion Will rocked in his episodes. Check out the images below of the upcoming “Bel-Air” Air Jordan 5 below and let us know if these are looking like a Cop or Pass on October 5th, 2013?

The Air Jordan 5 Retro “Bel-Air” will release in a full size run and will drop to all Jordan Brand accounts.

Air Jordan 5 Retro
Cool Grey/Court Purple-Game Royal-Club Pink
October 5th, 2013

air-jordan-5-retro-fresh-prince-bel-air 2
air-jordan-5-retro-fresh-prince-bel-air 3
air-jordan-5-retro-fresh-prince-bel-air 4
air-jordan-5-retro-fresh-prince-bel-air 5
air-jordan-5-retro-fresh-prince-bel-air 6

  • heaton

    I can finally say these have officially grown on me

  • royce

    Im copping no matter what been saying these were fresh since day 1


    sick as fuck

  • brandon

    I would have like to see that pattern hit the base but these still cool and i will most likely cop

  • marcus

    wonder if will smith will be spotted rocking these

  • DOM

    i stay with my word on saying these are ugly

  • jerome

    a must cop for me

  • colin wallace

    wonder what the retail price is gonna be

  • wayne

    damn these look nice better than what i thought

  • sneakerhead

    I like them

  • Kicks 101

    now we just need a release date

  • Brother With A Flash Light

    Dope AF..Shit Is Fucking Over That South Beach Colorway..Thats What These Feel Like Tho

    • anton

      But better

  • Sneakerhead42

    Need these in my life…NOW

  • NoDay$Off

    Definite cop for me

  • vladimir grey

    Dope! Give me a release day please!

  • Chuck 23

    On the jordan app they say they are going to release in October

    • desmond

      lets hope so

    • bobby

      it was right october 5th cuz

  • RockawayBully

    I wonder if will smith is involved in this in any way,n wonder if they will be a special box with it as well ?

    • JockSmithers

      Only a buttpirate like you would worry about crap like that

  • wow hhhhh

    I need two pairs forsure!

  • NoDay$Off

    These so fuckin fresh to me I had to comment again. I gotta have these!!!!!!

  • Nerv


  • RK10

    I’m not a hypebeast, but I just have one question, would you rather cop these or the Retro 5 Fears? They most likely won’t come out the same time but they both have people who like them and people who hate them.

    • Anonymous

      The Fears, because they aren’t running on pure nostalgia that 1/2 the people wearing the Bel Airs won’t be able to actually relate to, because about 1/2 the people with them probably wouldn’t have even been old enough to have seen the show.

      • OP

        lol the show comes on like 10 channels if you have cable.

        • RockawayBully


      • Sneakerhead42

        ABC FAMILY weeknights, starting at 12:00 a.m. bra

        • Q Z

          I know right .. im 26 so Ive seen it, but it airs every night on ABC Family around 130 here back to back episodes got the DVR set lol

          • RockawayBully

            U saw the Repeats of course right ? Cause if ur 26 now then u were 1 when the show came out and about 6 when the show ended.most kids that age weren’t watching that show.

  • Chuckie Finster

    These images are what made me like these but still don’t think ill cop

  • Reosha Reid

    Omg yes

  • cudddly

    look like girl shoes, gross imo

  • Pipe’enDem80

    Gross today, grails tomorrow!

    Don’t believe me, ask all the sneakerheads who skipped the Toro/Raging Bull 5’s several years ago.

    • haaaaanggggggggg

      Hypebeast mentality

    • RockawayBully

      It is the yr of the 5 so won’t be surprised if that happen,but the way Nike doing things they might release it next yr with a red shoe theme meaning drop a Bunch of different Jordan’s foams Lebron’s Etc in the all red colorway

  • Pipe’enDem80

    Just give us the news on the Raging Bull QS this year. The sources out of Asia have already started leaking info. You’re a sneakerblog, I check your site severaI times day. I provide you site with ENOUGH hits a day! Now put in work and get us that Info on the Toro 5’s and those 2014 Cool Grey 4’s

    • IBePeepin

      Somebody tell this nigga to go to sleep lol

  • Super Kidd

    Are these gonna be a QS or HOH release?

    • P

      READ they say full size run n releasing at all Jordan brand accounts so prob not just hoh or anything like tht


    if the price is 160 or 170 it’ll be an easy cop

  • FATT$

    They remind me of Nerfs

  • justin

    these gonna be a must cop can’t wait

  • Chase

    one of the better 5s releasing

  • vincent

    October already looking good, really good

  • Myer

    Hell Yeah!!!!!! Hypebeast alert

  • kemp

    wonder what the retail gonna be

  • Cesar

    What can you rock these with tho ?

    • Hass

      black jeans and color logo shirt probably uk like a hundred or BBC shirt

    • Q Z

      Whatever you want .. nothing has to match these days …
      Honestly all u need to do is wear one of the colors in the shoe. Purple top, grey top, pink top, white tee n black jeans

    • prince

      bro you rock these you can wear literally anything. nowadays it’s all about the kicks on your feet more than what your rocking above with them

      • ChefSole

        Hype beast mentality let my ass catch u with some fat ass grandpa jeans and a faded ass old coogi or fubu shirt I’m laugh ur ass out no matter what shoes u rocking

    • alexander

      you already know you gotta cop an old school fresh prince logo tee to match these

  • Josh

    I got a feeling these are going to cost 250 like the 3LAB5

  • Q Z

    I dont think theyll be $250 like those ugly elephant print ones but Im sure with the name Bel-Air slapped on it they gonna run you $200 ….
    With that said I see myself having a hard time paying that but we’ll see cuz i do like them


    Praise THE LORD!!!!!

  • SNEAKERismygame

    how much?? i want to cop so badly

  • Mr. Trey

    Omg wow these r actually FIRE

  • NoDay$Off


  • J Rock

    The inner lining is the dopest part of the shoe.

    • RockawayBully

      Def my fav part às well

  • Madioo

    Def cop . No doubt about it

  • Joshua White

    Probably gonna come in little size I bet

  • mike

    185 not bad at all and they gonna drop as to all online locations, yeassssss baby

    • RockawayBully

      It is bad with tax that’s close to $200 n if u get online then u got shipping so over $200 so how is this not bad for the shoe game SMH.

      • yuupppp will give u free shipping and foot locker to, u just have to pay shipping if u go thru

        • RockawayBully

          True,finishline need to give free shipping fucking cheapskates lol,but I still think that this shoe is not worth the price jump from $160 to $185 I still wanna copp but wish it was at $160 n not $185,i Wonder if they will be some type of special Packaging with thiś shoe ? Cause the price jump better be for a reason

  • george

    full size run is a cool ass move on JB behalf

  • hot sauce23

    when they bringing the dub-zeros back out.

    • P

      Ha who cares

  • ColeWorldNoBlanket

    When the first images came out everybody was saying they ugly, now everybody in love with them.

  • sneakerjunkie212

    rrrggg hhh……I dont know I have to see these in person

  • uncle Phil

    I love how wacky this is

  • Justin Jones

    finally a release date will def cop especially since theyre not limited!!!

    • armani

      how do you know there not limited

      • Justin Jones

        It clearly says they will drop in a full size run to ALL jordan brand accounts….like cant u read!!??

  • H-Boogy

    like the shoe, but if I cop I’m have to be the target of some fucked up jokes fuckin round wit da hommiez wit these on


      Who gives a fuck what they think as long as you like them that’s all that should matter.

  • KB

    Idc what nobody say these joints are hot…there Diff!

  • DLN

    dog these shoes straight fresh to death like for real .TURN UP

    • harrell kid

      yo these shits is nice as hell i gotta cop these

  • loveyoulol

    They are coming out the month of my birthday…. they are going to be like a birthday gift to myself 🙂

    • lance

      sorry we don’t care

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  • disqus_wpc6Ad7HMj

    These would have been nice without the pink accents. I don’t understand why anyone thinks it’s okay to rock pink in shoes if you’re a man. This generation is full of faggetry

    • Spliff

      Nigga ill take your bitch wearing my pink foams . Fuck you mean?

      • disqus_wpc6Ad7HMj

        Nigga I’m 6’3 270 get real punk boxed for 8 years and didn’t grow up in the burbs bitch ass kid easy to talk shit on the net.

        • Spliff

          Idgaf if your 270 or ain’t come from da burbs ill still wash you. Fuck nigga!

    • Jj_The_ReaLest

      Pink aint faggetry yall say that shit because its bright but rocking pink make you seem more of a man for you to wear a “girl color” and rock it how you would rock any other color

      • LooseCannon

        #Preach lol

  • Cindy

    Gota Get Em Wen They Drop Me N My Lil Mans

  • MikeMizzle87

    People buy any pair of Jordan’s hypebeasting for nothing. Stop wait and buying them frm reseller

  • Vintvgx

    i cant differentiate who’s black and white on this site. All the white guys talking like us now. What happen to us being niggers? Hop off are sneakers, we dont want you in them.

    • WhiteBoy

      Tinker Hatfield designed all of the shoes and was white, so what the fuck are you talkin about?

    • tillidieimmaball

      I firmly believe that these here sneakers have an appealing look, design, and colors, and I believe to be purchasing them in the near future. I can not wait until the formal release as I will definitely be setting up a tent facility and waiting for a long period of time for them.

  • Jj_The_ReaLest

    These are a what the mvp cw (lebron 10) ima cop because of the colorway but the mame made me want it more and idgaf bout be called hypebeast

  • Trill


  • Trill

    Are they tacky?

  • Sydney

    how much will they cost if you have size 4 feet

    • todo lo epico puntos

      Size 4…das so cute..

  • Guest

    Some of ya’ll take this shit too personal. If you fuckyn like the sneaker then by all means “cop! If you don’t like it then don’t ! Simple as that .

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  • Jocelyn Mamon

    I really like the sneakers <3 but to me I don't really like that much colors but it's fine the way it is tho 🙂

  • Kyle

    I’ll put my girl in these I wouldn’t rock em though.

  • Jonsey16

    Def cop

  • Bryanna

    How much for a size 6 in boys ?

  • shauncc304

    I like these hoes if u dont…fuck u because their just shoes….dont comment if u don’t like

  • NoDay$Off

    Im ready for these. Im finna have eerybody wishin they aint sleep on em

  • Mont

    hyfr october 5th im waitin on mine

  • Joy

    I might have sex with these once i cop them than after do the carlton dance with joy

  • cece

    how much in GS?

  • MYA


  • 2short

    Nice! already pre ordered mine!

    • i want those shoes!!!

      how do u do that ?!?!?!?

      • hadachy

        i can get em early.. hit me up on ebay. screen name hadachy

    • sookie

      from where?

  • NoDay$Off

    Man Oct. 5th need to hurry up and come

  • Raaaashia

    these , laney 5’s , Taxi 12’s , Teyana Taylor Harlem Glc’s ,Pb & J kd 5’s and Bred 1’s i need em all ! #LifeOfAYoungFemaleSneakerhead

    • istallion7

      Marry me?

  • original chinaa

    Are they gonna come out a size 5 or 5.5 ?

    • RockawayBully

      Says full size run in article so yes they will come in that sz which is GS so you’ll be ok but adult sizes will go in mins probably.

  • Joker1013

    How much for kids size ?

  • 〰Trill➰

    How much would a size 5 be

    • Raaaashia

      No More Than Like $140….

  • fresh_prince_jayy

    how much for a size 9

  • Momma

    Everybody gone be coppin all these hype beasts!

  • T Lo

    these are hard I hope all the hypebeast around my way don’t buy em all up before I get my pair

  • adrian

    How much in gs size help me out ?

    • Tomgunz84


  • king_james


  • Ilovesneakers

    these going in the time capsule as popular in demand

  • Josh

    Cop !!!!! And they come out the day after my birthday

    • Shoegame allday

      Me too

  • deestacksz

    How many of you copping da bel air six rings lol supposedly drop on the same day

  • yooo

    is everybody tongue gonna be the same on th inside ?

    • phillyphresh

      holy balls
      somebody spelled tongue right

    • SneakerManSam


  • LOL

    im copping these as a late birthday present for myself

  • dajueanay brown

    are they women or men shoes?

  • crystal Z

    r these gonna b n kid sizes 11 pre school

  • Akr

    Would a 7 in women’s size be available?

  • Casanova J

    trinadad james gotta pair they gone be in men and women

  • katy

    im getting these mitherfuckers

  • SneakerManSam

    man i am running out of cash. i coped every pair of v’s that droped this year. I need those lighting 4’s laney 5 and taxis 12’s so it look like ima have to skip the oreos to cop the bel air’s. U guys cant even front those are sick. Called up my connect, cant wait for them to drop. Good will hunting!

  • LooseCannon

    Love these! Cant wait to get his and hers for me and my man! Already got the hook up!

    • yayo

      Where can I get it from?

      • You a lame

        Deez nuts

  • Maryjaneex3

    What store will they be available at, i live in bronx ny

  • lily white

    most definetly copping these !

  • Pablo Hustle

    copping fasho

  • blah

    the price is actually 175!!! i confirmed from nike

    • artiemontana

      But Plus tax Most likely Gonna Come Up to $185.

      • C4G4

        Never A $10 Tax They Are $185

    • Jeremy

      On their site it says 185 and in their twitter their 185 so thats the actual price not 175

  • Kiaaa

    I Need These In A Size 6.5 And @405fa83edf86f248782789f09898bfaf:disqus Do You Know If The Nike Store Are Going To Have These ? & 175 ?

  • todo lo epico puntos

    Can’t wait to resell dese!!!

    • getlostfagget

      waw go fuck yourself

    • Dickhead

      Get a fucking real job!!! Re sale? That’s y the real sneaker head can’t get a pair because guys like you!! Btw!! I got me a pair a week already ha, ha,

  • 270to713

    Im most def copping these like the new JB colorways

  • josh

    Do you know what stores will have them in michigan

  • sneaks

    How much would they be in a size 7?

  • buck

    If you weren’t alive when they were airing the fresh prince on tv (not re-runs) you should stay away from this release. Go ahead and just cop them kobes that release the same day dont worry I’ll save you a spot in line

  • Shatriya

    $175 ? Y’all Sure ? I Think They $125 For Kids ..

    • Lyric’s my Cousin:)

      Oh thank god, imma kid and I’m getting bout 400 bucks so it should be kinda cheap in hundreds for my size

  • Bang Bang

    Will they drop in Omaha, and which stores if they do?

  • Lyric’s my Cousin:)

    Which Shoe Stores they dropping in , in Maryland? Footlocker.. Finishline.. DTLR?

  • johnny

    What size they start at

  • ashantj

    say. they come out in men sizes 8 & up

  • ndjwkjzjdj

    what stores will you be able to get them in Virginia

  • keesie

    What mall will you be able to get them in Columbia

  • Dø Íÿt Łÿké Męlåñiě

    Omggg These Is Fyeee I Cant Wait Till Tomorrow

  • Arie_kiara

    Hypebeast we know about ya!

  • C4G4

    These Are OK But Hypebeast Are Going Crazy For These Hoes,, I Rather Get “The Peoples Champ KD’s” “The Pit Viper Kobe’s” Or “The AJ1 95′ Concords” Im Getting The Concords!!