Jordan Brand will debut a brand new colorway of their Air Jordan 5 “Backout” model this Holiday 2013. The Air Jordan 5 “Aqua” was first seen in Vegas at the Nike Elite event that features a similar color-scheme as the Air Jordan 5 “Backout”, but with a Black suede base. Stay tuned to Sneaker Bar for more news on the upcoming “Aqua” Air Jordan 5. What are your thoughts on this upcoming model?


*The pictures shown are photoshop, and not the official images*

Source: SA/TCC

  • aaron


  • Joseph

    these are so sick, shit I might pass on them grapes now

  • Kicks 101

    DOPE, another fresh pair to look forward to

  • anton

    sneaker heads are going to be going wild this year so much heat dropping

  • Kevin

    I like them a lot better than the grapes

    • Teenange Sneakerhead

      Okay your getting ahead of yourself bro

      • kevin

        actually Im not, I’d rather have a black pair of kicks over white

        • cool


        • Mr.smartman12345

          Y’all both dum asf y’all mad cuz u lazy bitches can clean your shoes

    • Mr.smartman12345

      Fuck u u little son of a bitch

  • dale jones

    count me in, im copping

  • brady

    WTF, where did these come out of? I like them tho

  • David

    JB listen calm the fuck down you be killing my bank

  • tylerhill24

    Ugly, easy pass

    • nigga shut yo BITCH ASS UP hating cuz u aint aint got no bred lmao

      • tylerhill24

        I’d like to fuck you up! and again THESE ARE GARBAGE

  • IOnlyTouchHeat

    Mine mine mine thank you JB

  • Take my money, take it all ! lol

    • daniel

      lol thats how I feel like bro

  • Johnny Mitchell ll

    The fives are one of the best models and this color way shows why

  • Gaboystr8

    Nice but I’ll start planning for these when official images come out. Seems too good to be true.

  • GOD DAMN. my life is over.

  • ♥♥♥

  • Michael C

    im liking these black grape 5s

  • sex . these will be on my watchlist

  • CCK

    It’s says there photoshoped. SneakerBar just threw out a release date for the Jordan 4 “Lighting” i think that’s what they are doing here. TCC sells fakes anyway…Believe what you want.

    • Big Willy

      Actually mother fucker everyone put out the RD for the Lightning including foot locker it’s self, and the closet collector sells no fakes if you knew your facts you know that he actually knows that man we all know as Michael Jordan. For those that don’t know Sole Fly which is who TCC is associated is the brother in law of MJ. God i wanna smack the fuck out of niggas that don’t know they shit!!!!!!

      • CCK

        OK, don’t feel like arguing with you. So go ahead,smack me call, me a hypebeast, and i know nothing about shoes.Thanks

  • casey smith

    These are hard!!!!!!!!

  • Justin Jones

    these would be nice to have

  • Already a lot of fives coming through. I’ll save this color way for the eights. Dope shoe though

  • Luis

    Can you marry shoes?

  • Joey

    JB now your just doing to much its a cool colorway but then it again its killing classic shoes like this one. Start releasing 15-23 now!!!!!!!

  • Stop doing this to me JB I can’t handle all of this!

  • i am hippo sam

    ewww tf, ill jus stick wit da grapes

  • Kslay23

    These tuff

  • 56

    dam no there is like no suprises for holiday season. dam jb tell us about the summer first!

    • 56


  • ChaboyHush

    finally year of 5s, goin broke gotta cop dese grapes laneys and fire reds

  • Amour

    These ugly , I only like the white ones

  • i only like these more than the grapes because of the suede.. and the black brings the purple out more

  • are these dropping?

  • who knows the release date?

  • they photoshopped and u crazy if u think them is weak tho i dont like every pair of js but these are dope.

  • kilroy

    these joints crack

  • Omg This is a Must cop 🙂

  • spongebob

    oh tay ill leave a message these shoes are fly a.f ima get them!

  • grly

    ima get the citrus 5s