The Air Jordan 5 “Bel-Air” continues to dominate the sneaker community and here are some new images to share. The Air Jordan 5 “Bel-Air” features a Cool Grey base with Black tongues, Purple midsoles and variety of 90s colors as accents. Check out these new images of the upcoming “Bel-Air” Air Jordan 5 and look for this new model to debut on October 5th, 2013.


Air Jordan 5 Retro
Cool Grey/Court Purple-Game Royal-Club Pink
October 5th, 2013

Air Jordan 5

air-jordan-5-retro-bel-air 3

air-jordan-5-retro-bel-air 4

air-jordan-5-retro-bel-air 5

air-jordan-5-retro-bel-air 6

Source: Sole Wings

  • jayson

    these are just amazing

  • ryan hunter

    not mad at jordan brand for making these

  • Fresh

    did will smith have a part in this shoe?

    • Anonymous

      Nope, they’re just profiting off him without him getting any cut.

      • Chase Mavrick

        Like that nigga dont got enough money ?! be happy hes not geting a cut or else they would be like $600 !

        • Anonymous

          They ARE selling them because of him & what he wore, so he should get paid.

          • Hass

            will wore jordans so why should jordan pay will for wearing jordans… now if they said okay these are the will smith 5s then pay him but till then he shouldn’t get paid any way he already got more cash than all of us why give the guy more.

          • Paul Gasol

            Because Will didnt make money off Jordans name but this is clearly jordan making a profit off Will’s

          • Hass

            and jordan is not making money off WIll they can call these w.e they want and they would still sell call them the gay pride 5s ppl will still sell them out call them the kaleidoscope 5s they will still sell out. the bell air name was added by some sneaker head who got the first picture its not a collaboration or and at that bell air is not will smith will smith played a character on a show called fresh prince of bell air yes but he himself is not not bell air so if anything jordan is making money off a fictional character that will smith happened to play and idk how you go about paying royalties to a imaginary character so it dose not matter any how lol. lets just be happy they are dropping these.

  • colin

    these are so nice man damn

  • xavier

    My boy just got his pair and the quality is amazing

  • action jackson

    so dope can’t wait to cop these just hope they aren’t extremely limited

  • daniel parker

    those inner linings tho

  • Kicks 101

    Will be copping

  • NoDay$Off

    Cop Cop Cop!!!!!! Can’t wait till Oct. 5th

  • IBePeepin

    Now I Fuck with these because atleast they have a story about em… JB needs to stay on this path, instead of straight Hypebeast CWs like them 3lab shits

  • Hass

    they should give us an extra set o laces the same print as the inner liner now that would be sick as fuck

  • Sneakerhead42

    The fear 5s better….