Air Jordan 4 Retro

According to multiple sources, the Air Jordan 4 Retro “Doernbecher” is also rumored to re-release after the Air Jordan 3 Retro “Doernbecher”. The “Doernbecher” Air Jordan 4 Retro is rumored to drop later this Fall 2013, which means Jordan Brand will be re-releasing not one but two Air Jordan Doernbecher models.


Stay tuned to Sneaker Bar for more updates and release info on both Air Jordan Retro “Doernbecher” releases. Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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air-jordan-4-retro-doernbecher 2
air-jordan-4-retro-doernbecher 3
Air Jordan 4 Retro

  • jayson

    Holy Grail

  • MIA

    my dick was hard all day from the DB 3s being rumored to release now these!!!!!!!! Put me in porno cuz im ready to go all night

    • Jehliel Celestine

      C’mon man. Wtf? You dick is on hard? The thirst is real.

    • KillTheHype


    • Cool Jets

      u fucking faggot

  • sameul

    my eyes just lit up WOW

  • Hell Yeah

    what is JB doing to us both these shoes in the same year for their 10th anniversary

  • Kemp

    will do anything for these and the 3s

  • no words


  • xavier

    they releasing both the better models of the collection glad they didn’t go with the 6s or anything

  • Quincy

    someone pinch me cuz i feel like im dreaming

  • IAM23King

    how many people plan on copping both of these and doing whatever it takes to get their size?

  • corey williams

    def need these in the collection

  • Kicks 101

    excited isn’t even the word just hope they keep the regular retail price

  • Dj Carterman

    No brainer. Must kop

  • J Rock


  • Italian Chief

    Where are going to be available? Wich retail shop?

    • Hott Nikkelz

      If they drop these it’ll only be Nike stores and

  • sneakerjunkie212

    not even an eye opener for me ugly color and logos make no sense superman logo and blue afro man on the side….naw

    • Cool Jets

      dude the shoe was designed from a kid in the hospital with a disease.. the shoe wasnt made for u look to like it it was to get money for charity in limited quantities

      • Jerry Lester

        the superman logo does make sense, since Isaiah Scott (designer) was called superman by his mom while going through all of his treatments because he was strong. And that “blue afro man” is actually himself.

        • Anthony Manrique

          Please apply cold water to the burn !

    • Floyd

      you obviously have no facts nor knowledge on the game just stay the fuck out this convo and simply say what every hypebeasts says “Must Cop”

    • shhutthefuckup


    • Sneakerhead42

      Man, u don’t no what u talkin bout!! Shut up!

  • zsneakerheadz

    Copping 3 pairs.

  • lj wilson

    don’t like the 4s but dem 3s must copp!

  • SoleSolecTive90

    Guess I better start preparing to sell alot of Scripts/bots. I thought I was gonna have a little vacation after all the releases in August, but these are gonna have every collector, reseller, and sneakerhead blowing up my cell and email. Oh well, the money I’ll make from these will be some what similar to the 88’s and Royals.

  • Mr.Amazing

    Well if they said 1 and that changed why no change it again to 3 and drop the 6s

  • shhutthefuckup

    n I almost blessed another puss ass reseller (500)..dats wuts up JB.. still some LAMES w too much power tho.. N DONT EVEN KNOW IT drop da 11 Doernbechers stop bullshittn witcha self sick I smoke too much let me design dem hoes..

  • sneakerjunkie212

    Wow all 5 of yall….dam I see yall cum at the kid like ticks n fleas…..huh kill a dude for an opinion ..lmfao…yall talkn charity n half of yall tryin to sell them back to sum dum ass for double or more…

  • sneakerjunkie212

    If they for charity thats cool…….but to yall dummies who can read or see……I said personally for me I wouldnt do it …i dont like the color, all my kicks I wear. N I got about 200+ of those…….. which is number yal dudes cantouch or count cus yall damn sure cant read or comprehend well……. yall iq’s is like a baby shoe size…little!

    • Finesse Season

      you doing all that over a shoe dam what you do for a living

  • Bulls Jordon

    Where they coming out ?
    Online or stores ? Only or both lmk guys ig @ Astoriakicks
    Fb bulls jordan