Air Jordan 3 Retro 5LAB3

Jordan Brand will release the Air Jordan 5 Retro 3LAB5 “Elephant Print” later this year and it looks like they will also release the Air Jordan 3 Retro 5LAB3 in 2014. As of right now no images have leaked, but we do have some details on colors and price below. Stay tuned to Sneaker Bar for more updates and release info on the upcoming Air Jordan 3 Retro 5LAB3. Leave your thoughts below in the comment section?


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Air Jordan 3 Retro 5LAB3
Riflective Silver/Black-White

  • heaton

    hope they don’t look as bad as the 5s

  • dennis miller

    no elephant print which is good

  • jerome

    damn will be copping for sure

  • freddy

    these are so sick but damn that price is kinda high


    wonder when they will drop?

  • Foot Locker Employee

    heard they dropping within the first couple months of 2014

  • Drew

    great news

  • canadian sneakerhead

    225? that’s insane. i can only imagine what the canadian retail’s going to be

  • NoDay$Off

    Fuck these. These prices ain’t worth it

  • J Rock

    Curious to see how these will look

  • Brandon Mayes

    225?!?!?!?1 man these mf’ers are smoking SHERM

  • 23

    they got to look good for a price like that then at least

  • IBePeepin

    For 225$ they can go suck an elephant dick! Got me fucked up lol

    • Jordan head

      Y’all sad as shit bunch of broke mfrs if u a real sneaker pay that bread and get me I payed 500 for mine on some early release ahit

  • mac

    225 USD??? Riflective??lol!

  • Mr. Trey

    I hate the 5s but I think I’ll love the 3 prob because its a smaller shoe and it wouldn’t look like too much is going on. But $225 SMH I can’t believe it. J’s should always be under 200 if they’re not a pack

  • Solbro8

    $225….. Finally JB and Nike are starting to realise their Market potential (I’m a business owner). Hopefully they keep raising the prices to keep them out of the hand of these broke, ghetto, no job having hood types.

    • ClutchGod

      you sound ignorant….just stop hating on other people

  • jhon

    them shits are going to be so asssss

  • almightykay

    Ya some broke niggas can’t pay 225 ctfu get ya bread up then ya can wear jordans local jokers