Did you know that an actual Air Jordan 3 Low existed? Recently resurfacing was an extremely rare Air Jordan 3 Low that was designed by Mark Smith.


What makes this low-top Air Jordan 3 so unique is the fact that it sits atop a Nike Dunk sole. The entire upper has a lasered design, which even covers the shoes tongue and heels.

Check out the additional images, as well as a quick on-feet video from @ballintwn and let us know what you guys think of this Air Jordan 3 Low Prototype.

Could the Air Jordan 3 be the next low-top release from Jordan Brand in the near future? If so, here’s an idea of what they’ll look like.

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Air Jordan 3 Low Laser Mark Smith

Air Jordan 3 Low Laser Mark Smith

  • Marcus Graham

    Hell nah LMFAO.

  • Lewis Redding

    meh. props for the effort and thinking out of the box. The AJIII is already low enough though, this color is too rustic. it looks like, and would probably make for, a great skate shoe just like the AJII low