Here is some release info on what Jordan Brand has in-store for us in 2014. They plan on releasing two pairs of the Air Jordan 10, two OG colors and two new colorways. There will also be two new Air Jordan 3 models releasing and you can expect one pair of the upcoming Air Jordan 6s to feature OG “Nike Air” branding.


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  • joshua

    man I can’t wait

  • Yes

    I hope its the Maroon 6’s

    • Brandon Mayes

      you aint the only one

      • Clif

        count me in ya’ll im down

    • Anthony Manrique

      I’m pretty sure they’re going to be the maroons, since they haven’t retroed them yet !

  • vincent

    im looking forward to all the 6s next year

  • royce

    hope the nike air hits the carmine 6s

  • daniel

    so happy can’t wait ya’ll

  • quinn

    wonder what the new 10s are going to look like

    • User13

      Retros are steels (moved back from 2013 release) and powder blues. Retro + colorways will be “slate/blue-white/orange” and “black/venom green-grey”.

      • NoDay$Off

        Man I hope u right

  • zack

    new 3s????? Hell Yeah

  • roger hawkins

    so this year they dropped some new 4s and next year they dropping some new 3s they should also drop a new pair of 6s

    • NoDay$Off

      It might be those red suede 6’s sbd showed us

      • User13

        This is correct, the toro 6’s will release. There will be one other retro + CW for the 6’s in 2014. I won’t spoil that tho. We will see black and white infrareds, maroons, Carmine’s, and sport blue’s (the abbreviation was for sport, not September. Either way, same shoe). The retro+ 3’s for next year will be powder blue/black-grey on one pair, and white-cement/infrared on the other. The second will be a hit, and probably sell at a bit of a premium ($175).

        • 2014

          Toro 6s can’t wait ya’ll

        • jaden

          are those lightning 4s gonna release this year? please answer back!!!

  • Kicks 101


  • Pieman Guapo

    woow crazyy

  • Sergio ortiz

    Fucking Beast !!

  • O_O


  • KG da great

    new jays? yay

  • Anthony Manrique

    I have a feeling that the jordans with the “Nike Air” logo is going to be the maroons !

    • trey

      hope so bro

  • Andrew

    all these new “sneakerheads” are about to try and flip everything that comes out for like 3x retail…fuckin hypebeasts.

    • Anthony Manrique

      True that !

    • J Rock

      Your not lying

  • J Rock

    Lets go!!

  • User13

    While not as popular, Jordan 2’s will see Retros in 2014, similar to the few AJ8’s we are seeing this year. There will also be 16’s finally retro next year. There’s no plan for the VI’s to have Nike Air on them unfortunately. That’s just grasping at straws. The white/black-red AJKO 1 WILL return in Spring 2014 with Nike Air branding though.

    • NoDay$Off

      0_o let the games begin

  • kickingsince88

    There’s no “NIke Air” on any of the 6’s next year! It’s going to be on a pair of 4’s to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the 4’s. There’s talks that it’ll be the Bred 4’s because MJ was wearing them when he made the famous “The Shot” in the playoffs to eliminate the Cavs in the second of the eastern conference playoffs.

    • enhancedakuma

      Nike has been commemorating the retros on the 23rd anniversary, which is why a 6 is supposed to have the Nike Air branding. Do you have any idea what you’re talking about? The answer is no.

      • Setting Beast Straight

        If you take a second and try reading what he/she said a little slower. You might grasp what exactly they’re saying! He/She is speaking about the “Nike Air” branding. It’s been said over and over again on Niketalk, that the 25th anniversary will more than likely produce one pair of Nike’s with the much desired “Nike Air” branding to commemorate the quarter century mark. That’s why you Never saw a pair of 3’s in 2011 (23rd anniv), a pair of 4’s in 2012 (23 anniv), and a pair of 5’s in 2013 (23rd anniv) with the “Nike Air” branding.

        • enhancedakuma

          I read what he said, I just don’t agree. All you’re basing your info on is the white cement 3’s that came out. What about the 1’s that came out this year? There is nothing that days they’re waiting for the 25th anniversary of a particular retro. Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nike release multiple models with Nike Air branding and an increased price just to gouge us customers. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

          • Meek-ill

            You’re entitled to your opinion, but cats have dropping insider info on Nike talk for years. There’s quite a few people on that forumn who have shared a great deal of industry inside info that blogs such as SBD, Modern-Notoriety, etc take and post as their own. Several people leaked info around October/November of last year stating that Nike Air was returning for the 25th anniv on certain models.,. I guess we’ll see how that holds up. as for the 1’s, I believe the Banned 1’s were retroed 2010 or 11 to commemorate the 25th year.

    • Nike Air on 4s lol

      your a fucking dumbass for real!!!!

      • OzBang’n

        I see his statement flew completely over your head. Haha
        Btw, it’s (You’re) not Your….. In the future, if you’re gonna call someone a dumbass, make sure you run that spell check for grammatical errors on your end.

        • You’re lol

          “Your” a dumbass too!!!! Jordan don’t even like you

          • Clipps

            Wow! I guess we don’t really need to guess how old your are or your background. SMH!

    • Cool Jets

      ummm no nigga try again wtf they look like branging bred 4 that jus came out but with a stupid azz nike air sign but if your right its gone b online exclusive

      • THEMB1

        but think about it the white cement 3s came out this year and they retroed in 2011 if the bred 4s have nike air on em then its only goin to be two years since its retro

        • Cool Jets

          u gotta point though but i think its prior to a year and some months because they came 2012 black friday

        • NeoSoleKicks

          Right! The 25th anniversary is a major milestone in Nike. My dude is a Regional Manager for Finishline, and he told a bunch of people on Niketalk back in Oct of 2012 that the 88’s were coming. Needless to say, dudes reaction to this news was to similar “Cool Jets” reaction to kickingsince88 statement. The truth of the matter is, the 25th anniv aka quarter century anniversary will produce 1 colorway with the coveted “Nike Air” branding. 2014 4’s, 2015 5’s, and 2016 6’s.

  • NoDay$Off

    I can’t wait till next year!!!!!!

  • Justin Jones

    next year will be hype

    • Cool Jets

      wat u mean especially “nike air” branding

      • Justin Jones

        i think the carmines will be the ones with the “nike air” branding

        • edukicks101

          Ya’ll need to chill with all this “Nike Air” talk! Sneaker Bar Detroit gets their info from the same place Modern-Notoriety does. Carmines, Blk & Wht Infrareds will not have the Nike Air on them. Select Store and District Managers for Finishline have already seen catalog shots for the confirmed releases for 2014. Ya’ll need to get on Niketalk and interact with the people who REALLY drop “BREAKING NEWS” and STOP following these gas blowing sites. Smh….

          • Justin Jones

            uhhh i am on niketalk as well kid….

  • Cool Jets

    if its one of the retro 10s ik its them powders but brang the orlando newyork or super sonic retros 10 back out

    • Anthony Manrique

      I have a feelings its going to be the Sacramento’s and Obsidian’s !

      • Cool Jets

        man prob be though if so obsidians need to come out cause sacrementos ok but the leather i aint feeling unless its suede but its my opinion

        • Anthony Manrique

          They havent retroed the sacrementos yet so im positive that there going to release next year

          • Cool Jets

            yeah though but them 2 new colorways gone be the shit 1/2 jus watch

  • Cool Jets

    jordan is not killing the hype hes increasing the shit and keep hyping shit that dnt even come out till next year.. it aint even aug and they already teasing us with these shoes dat dnt even have release date

    • KG da great

      this we don’t even know whats actually releasing sept-dec. yet they already giving us an idea of 2014 -_-

      • Cool Jets

        u gotta point.. hol up this kylin


    Jays that really coming out next year:Jordan 6 toro bravo suede,Jordan 10 powder blue,Jordan 6 sport blue,Carmine,white.and black info,Jordan 14 black toe and other 14 such as last shot maybe the candys blue or red,Jordan 28 without zipper,maybe you’ll see the lighting 4 followed by tour yellow,THE SNEAKER GOD HAS SPOKEN