This 2013 Holiday season we just might see the Air Jordan 16 “Cherrywood” make a return. Jordan Brand has yet to confirm the release, but rumors are indicating that these may retro with the Holiday releases. Here are some new detailed images below, and let us know if you’d like to see these make a comeback? Stay tuned to Sneaker Bar for more release info on the “Cherrywood” Air Jordan 16.


Source: TCC

  • tyler

    I would actually cop these if they came back

  • Kicks 101

    DOPE I’d like to see new colorways release on the 16s tho

  • Timmy

    why jump to the 16s?

    • Kyle

      cuz the 15s sucked asshole lol and they already retro pretty much thw 1-14s

  • B Real

    They can keep dat bullshit…. Retro sum real shit

    • SneakerSchool


  • Donta

    come on JB can do better than this

  • sneakerhead

    they clean I’d cop

  • Smooth

    Weakest news of the day man! smh lol 16s look like Zip lock bags!

    • Jumpman

      Lmfao , I agree

    • Dante is a nigga

      yeah niggue, you a hypebeast niggue, trinidad james niggue, mufickin get robbed by godzilla niggue, dante not approve niggue of your lethal synthetic shit niggue, go back to collecting your 4’s niggue, All bronze everything for you niggue, you got no heat

      • phillyfresh


  • Yes I’m definitely copping if these drop

  • Gaboystr8

    Thank You JB. Give 1-14 a break. Very good news.

  • bout time hit 15-23

  • Keith Crain

    Need them

  • Q Z

    Weak but on the bright side JB just saved me $160 : )
    these gonna sell out though regardless

    They dont retro 15+ cuz the designs sucked … XX3s were cool

  • 23onfeet

    I like how jb is trying to switch it up but this shoe is just weak. Sorry.

  • Jerome

    For those saying this is a grabage shoe it’s clearly that your just a hypebeast!!! wanting 1- 14 to retro over and over again with random colorways saying ur going to cop cuz there clean SMFH!!!!! Come on now the 16’s are one of the best shoes of all time JB needs to do more of this and stop ruining classics.

    • monthlypickupz

      Fam just foe not liken dese dnt make u no hypebeast dem hoes ugly azz fuk n my opion i would prefer another number 2 retro dan dah XVI cuz dem r str8 ugly no matter dah colorway JB needs 2 hit numbers like dah XV, XVII,XVIII, or even dah XXI but no different colorway can expand dah popularity on dese dis is my opion on dis kix but f u like em cop em cuz dey not worth my $160 or how ever much dey worth just sayin……

  • Yea

    16, 17’s and 18’s

  • cool

    Ina cop these hopefully i can rock these bitches jus wish they bring 18s and 15s out

  • Yeaman

    15’s thru 18. Thats all i need

  • buck

    Thats a waste of good sweat shop labor

  • They need to release more 15s,16s,17s, and 21s

  • Desmond

    i love 16s i dont know why so many people hate oh ya hypebeasts!

  • disqus_J1OJCQ1nks

    Can’t wait for these bitches to come back neva had em

  • disqus_J1OJCQ1nks

    These bitches cold missed da release first dey drop not dis time coppin dem hoes


    How does not liking these make someone a hypebeast? Its because we dont support anything they slap a jumpman onto. The 16’s arent the worst but definitely not worth my 160. Id rather cop some penny 5s or Kds

    • phillyfresh


  • 23

    they look good but having doughts but fuck it copping

  • ….Man them kicks are



    Ima actually glad there releasing them but i wish it wuz a different colorway mayb da blk varsity-red i just like 2 grab & collect

    • monthlypickupz

      Blk vasity-red den i would cop cherrywood is a ugly colorway dnt like it NAW!

  • monthlypickup

    I like dah concept of droppin somthn dats not 1-14 but i really wish jb would drop dah 15 or dah 17 myfav underratted jordans plus it would b a ez pickup

  • wickdartz

    Omfg hope these do cum out cuz I been waitin on sum 16 to cum out all my fukin life & its a original exotic popular colorway

  • FATT$

    These the best Jordan after 14 I’ve ever seen.