You thought this year was huge for Air Jordan Releases, than just wait till 2013. One of the big releases that will drop are the Air Jordan 13 “Bred” which are scheduled to release February 2013, along with other classic Air Jordan 13 Retros. Stay tuned to Sneaker Bar for further release info/images and more news on future Air Jordan Releases.


  • Paul M.

    FIRST and I just shit myself!!!!!!

  • Versace

    Def going to cop these as they are an instant must

    • Jerry

      pretending ur a sneaker head tough guy

      • datdude

        my man why you tryna start some internet beef ur pretending to be some thug this bull is just stating his opinion let him speak

  • Pete


  • Steve

    I hope they re-release the Flints too

    • Slowpoke83

      I dont knw Steve they dropped those last year round this time.


        EXACTLY Flints just came out 2010 I want JB to bring back Columbias or midnight 6s or some other shit that hasnt came out since early 2000s, Im tired of the olympic 7s coming out every 4 years and true blue 3s coming out 08 and 2010 releases shit is ridiculous

  • Tracey

    I can’t believe this, but I heard they aint going to have the 3M doe

    • Vince

      3M shit is overrated, cop the OG if you want that shit!

      • “OVERRATED”?

        SHUT THE FUCK UP NIGGA, You sound dumb, “3m shit is overrated” it helps the shoe stand out more and who wouldnt want the OGs over the new bullshit being realeased, I heard the 2013 bred 13s are gonna be nubuck/suede material too is leather “overrated” now to? Fuckin Hypebeast

      • JOEYBADA$$

        Damn Vince, He Went IN On Your A$$, I Bet Ya Back Mad as Hell

      • JOEYBADA$$

        3m is overrated now? Go ahead and think that, your gonna be thirsty for some OGs when my 3m is shining on your dull, nubuck/suede ass Breds

  • Freddy Fingers

    Im here to stay, great news

  • Mullein

    People are going to go crazy over these, Im so happy

  • Hustle

    1st the 11 bred now the 13 bred. Need them Flu Game to drop now

    • -_-

      gotta be the leather ones too. none of that nubuck bs

    • aSwagger

      Imma call them all the Flu Game cause they all sick.

      • Reggie

        corny as hell dude


        • AD

          chill hashtaggin all over the damn place #thisainttwitter

    • Reggie

      #TeamBred all day

  • Longhorn TEX

    Best news since the confirmed release of the bred 11s

    • Matt


  • Anonymous

    my bred 13s are fucked up. FINALLY, i need these

  • ShoeGameVet

    Its funny, when I saw the confirmed Release of Bred 11’s in December, I thought alright ima get these bred 11’s, then I want the Bred 13’s and my wish came true, and in Febuary…good timing


    The Bred 13s releasing in 2013 arent gonna have 3m material like the ogs nd 04s did, glad they did that so now when i wear my 04s nd they start reflecting light, all the young hypebeasts kids arent gonna think we have the same shoe

    • Your Mother

      Thanks I really needed to know that.



        Ayo, Eat Me

      • TiT0 NiK3 ELiT3 #10

        I Hope “Your Mother” is actually Thankful and not being a Sarcastic BITCH

        • Reggie

          i actually hope he IS being sarcastic

          • cosmo owns you

            AGREES these OLD dudes getting outta hand with this hype beast crap -_-

          • #SNEAKERLOGIC

            If your not a Hypebeast you shouldnt be mad if someone uses it, but i understand what your saying,it seems like if you buy a Gr release and your under the age of 21 your labled a Hypebeast, but you have to start somewhere the og sneakerheads didnt always have boatloads of kicks,they had to start somwhere

          • #SNEAKERPORN

            So what your saying is you could care less if the breds coming out next year are gonna have 3m or not.! SMH

  • President Ward

    These are hot a$$ f*ck!!! But like the bred 11s better!!!

    • Henny VO

      They both fire, Imma need dem dollars this holiday so I can cop 4 pairs of them bred. 2 to rock and 2 to stock! #TrueSneakerHead

      • biggerseandon

        stockers are fags, let real sneakerheads buy them for retail instead of fucking them over asshole

  • Daboyboy816

    11s 12s 13s rereleased Ahhhhh lifes good .. my bday in feb 13 gone be a good year too

  • Jumpman2310

    still have my pair from 04 in perfect conditon no flaws at alls 🙂

  • Jsanto66

    Jordans all day my collections lookin good

  • Mdeasy4

    Oooooo baby now I just need the flint to come back out too

  • if the carmines drop im going to implode

  • Bravo

    In 04 i was a size 9 now im a 13 so i’m guessing hypebeast means people who feet grow ?

  • C4

    my first pair of shoes got to get em agin

  • kilo jackson

    how much would these cost??

  • hotsause

    Man im gonna have so much red and black kicks with the bred 4s,bred 11s now bred 13s wow.

  • Gameshoekiller

    i have the bred 4s and the bred 11s and the bred 13s and im about to get one more pair of the bred 13s