Air Jordan 12 Retro French Blue

(the images below are not the 2016 version)


Air Jordan 12 French Blue 2016

Air Jordan 12 French Blue 2016

Air Jordan 12 French Blue 2016

Air Jordan 12 French Blue 2016

Source: baltsneakershow

  • DeShawn


  • guest

    Believe it when i see it.

  • just that guy

    Hmm I’m pretty sure they said the Flu games where dropping around the end of the year but they said alot where dropping wonder if it’s true

  • Sneakerhead Ricky

    They need to stop with these 12s. I’m gonna get a heart attack lol 😱😨😰

  • W_dubb


  • Flight Club Ky

    I still got these bitches in good condition, got the bred and flu games, waiting on the Cherry’s, need that flint grey to my rising sun are yellow as piss smh

  • Lodidodida

    We’ve been waiting for… Waiting for you, waiting for you, waiting for… yooouuuu

  • CJWatson

    Yeeesssss!!!!!! Bring on the 12s

  • ShoeEtiquette

    These have always been dope, thank you jb look like yall doing something right for a change

  • michigan

    These are a must cop as well as the cherry 12’s. Finally we start hearing about some heat releasing.

  • Ty

    My blessing has came because I just sold mine a month ago.

  • Kicks Giggles

    finally some heat and not all this garbage they been releasing

  • kmarty

    12s 12s 12s 12s 12s…..MY FAVORITE of all time. Id trade my Bred11s for some OG bred 12s ANYDAY!

  • Retro clemson

    What else will be dropping besides 12’s? Would love to see “playoff 9s”, OG 4s & 5s. “Chicago 2s”

    • K Chase

      Hell yea Chicago 2s

  • Guest

    fuck all these rumored 2016 shits….. What else is in store for 2015 which has been straight ass!!!! Confirm some dope shit besides these weak ass Summer/Fall/Winter releases dates ya’ll have posted.

  • 510kidd

    Shit whats the date on the cherries. But I’ll take these too


    Bout time they start showing something worth buying. Nothing but trash dropping this year.

  • Sneakray

    I hope they keep these true!

  • BruhMan

    next year is for the real retros, lol.

  • enfinant

    Oh yea, I’m copping! Do anybody know when the olympic 7’s coming out?

    • machinegun

      I didnt know olympic 7s were coming back out

      • yooo


        • cj boss

          Thats alternate tinkers

  • yooo

    Yoo that red detailing ???

  • Will

    Very nice! I had the 04′ version and I wore them til’ the sole separated and I had to throw them away. Must cop 4 me!

  • BensonStanley88

    So nice. Can’t wait for these and the Cherries. Would love to see the flints too.

  • cj boss

    Must cop

  • yung

    auto cop

  • Lexington

    the year of the 12 is live and well

  • bk718celebrityblack

    Dudes went crazy for those bullshit Master’s, but I like the French blues better! Facts

    • bk718celebrityblack

      I saw these in person for the first time today, and I must say that these sneakers are super bullshit, and they look bulky as hell. I changed my mind about purchasing these, but at the moment I would like to give a big shout out to Jordan for helping me save my money. Team Huarache for me!

  • yung

    are they really gonna give us this dirt ass box

    • the game

      Yep, they did it with the Masters. Cheap ass.

      • Josh K

        These are definitely the Original 12 boxes. please someone inform the youth before they speak out.

        • the game

          I know that. We just dont like the box. You dont have to educate me on anything I know because I bought them that doesn’t mean I have to love the packaging, OLD HEAD.

          • Will

            Nah, you didn’t know they were the OG boxes. You thought they were new cheap boxes.

  • yung

    absolutely will be copping… one thing about the 12’s is that they last a very long time

  • the game

    Sorry not feeling these after the Masters dropped. I get that its O.G but they look like a long blue and white sail boat.

    • Lexington

      Whats wrong with sail boats? hahahhaaaaa

    • Kevin Olivo

      These are not O.G’s but most people love and cherish it then most O.G colorways.

  • Will

    This is Bull! The person who originally set up the March release schedule forgot that it was Good Friday & Easter weekend and that’s maybe why they changed it.

    • Seddyhendrix

      Thank you

  • jack

    these some hot ass kick a must cop!!!!

  • Fuqa Hypebeast

    The 9th?

  • JFlight25


  • So…. when is the release??

    • Luke Meyer

      The 2nd

  • Guest

    Okay that’s enough!

  • Fuqa Hypebeast

    Let’s play Guess the Resale!

  • Luke Meyer

    The date’s always been April 2nd. I still don’t know where people were getting the April 9th date, but it’s always been the 2nd.