Air Jordan 11 Retro Pantone

Air Jordan 11 Pantone SBD 10


Air Jordan 11 Pantone SBD 11

Air Jordan 11 Pantone SBD 12

Air Jordan 11 Pantone SBD 13

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  • Timothy

    I passed on the Legend Blue to get these cause I knew my store was going to have them in my size. So I pray it was worth it

    • jake in the torres

      It wasn’t… like in football, you never take points off the board. Take what you can when you can. Sorry but you’ll be lacing up some nike frees this christmas.

      • Jacob

        Yep he will probably some fake ones

  • Nelson44

    The quality on these blow the Legend Blue pair away

  • TheFlightKid


    • TheFlightKid’s Conscious

      U tryin to make yourself believe u don’t like em cause u know u don’t have a chance in hell of getting em

    • TheFlightKid’s Conscience

      I knew I shouldve picked up those extra shifts at burger king…doesn’t matter anyway, there will be 10 pairs released at my local footlocker and 1000 people are already lined up for em…I’ll just get on the sneaker blogs and pretend I didnt want em anyway.. yea that should make me feel better

      • Adam

        Hahaha totally true bro

  • Jacob

    Will these be an easy cop with a bot?? And
    Will it be impossible to cop without a bot I’m talking About on Nike .com ???? Someone PLESE answer me????

    • Alan Thomas

      Everyones saying extremely limited numbers and looking at the release locations on foot lockers website, it’s proving to be the truth.

      • Jacob

        But what are the chances with a bot and what are the chances without a bot ???

        • Alan Thomas

          guess it depends on how good your bot is, what website you’re using it on, how good your internet connection is and how high the supply/demand ratio is.

          • Jacob

            I copped


    Sucks that they’re coming in a pack. And that they’re so limited. Got the legend blues to make up for it but i still don’t feel better lol

  • nigga

    I won two pairs in size 10.5 and 11

    • Jake in the Torres

      Have some self respect and change your name. Or if you’re white/latino/asiam, then I hope you get your ass kicked by someone overhearing you say that BS.

  • willhoops

    Can’t wait to pick these up I got lucky af I doubt that shit will ever happen again

  • No hype here

    Awful… Just awful, you will look like a damn fool in these joints lol and just because nike limits the # of pairs … You clowns will hype them up and go all crazy for them. That’s some sucker shit IMO. Y’all can have these smh poobutts

    • NiggaPlease

      whelp another dude knowing he can’t get them and only wishing he could so he gonna leave a negative comment saying some bullshit

      • No hype here

        Shit… I’ll get whatever I want , I’m grown and My money right could pay resell value if I wanted to. Shits are just garbage IMO legends are way harder and on my feet. Chump

      • No hype here

        U sound like a sucker ass 16 yr old. I’m grown and gettin it how I live, could copp if I wanted no prob. But they are ugly as hell. Legends are goin ham on these IMO. Bullshit that fuck boy

    • Jacob

      You just know you can’t get em but I can because I got a bot heh heh

      • No hype here

        Good for you. You have a program to purchase some ugly ass 11s. I could copp these shits resell if I wanted to. Get ur weight up and quit acting like these are so impossible / expensive. Please. 2 ugly ass pairs for

        • Jacob

          Merry Christmas and God bless you and you know your just jealous because you can’t cop

          • No hype here

            700$ tops all day long on ebay because they suck = easy cop. Re-sell is barely 100-150$ over retail and they are def not that limited as they are all over the bay. I simply think they are hideous and stated this followed by in my opinion. I would rather double up on the legends and put my change in the air with them on my feet and in my closet(which I did) then cop these any day. You Sound like u the one that couldn’t cop. . . Maybe one day. Til then your just another broke ass hype window shopping on sbd

  • God Hates Geeks

    Better. But LMAO at $500. X-mas is gonna be canceled for a lot of mafuckas.

    • Sal Minella

      Why you hating? U Jelly bro?

  • doboy

    No Hype Here true dat I like legend blue 11 cuz they mad clean got that clean icy effect wit white on top an clear on na botum and yeee yo i think legends is way beta and pantones 500 naz bull shiet.