Cobalt Air Jordan 11 Low IE Retro

The Air Jordan 11 Retro IE Low “White/Cobalt” is set to return this August 2015 as a Remastered release. The last time the Air Jordan 11 Retro IE Low White/Cobalt released was back in May 2003.


This IE edition of the Air Jordan 11 Low features a White leather base with small perforations and stitching along the upper. Other details include elephant print detailing on the overlay with a Cobalt Jumpman logo on the tongue. The shoe is finished with a White midsole and clear translucent outsole – just like the original release.

Air Jordan 11 Low IE Cobalt Release Date

Check out the additional detailed photos of the remastered version of the Air Jordan Retro IE Low White/Cobalt below and look for them to officially release on Saturday, August 1st, 2015 at select Jordan Brand retailers. The retail price tag is set at $170 USD.

Air Jordan 11 Low IE “Cobalt”
White/Cobalt-Zen Grey-Cement Grey
August 1, 2015

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UPDATE: The Air Jordan 11 Retro Low IE “Cobalt” is finally set to return as an original remastered release this Saturday, August 1st at select Jordan Brand shops like Foot Locker. Enjoy the latest photos below and let us know in the comments section how many of you plan on scooping these up tomorrow?

Air Jordan 11 IE Low “Cobalt” Video Review

Cobalt Air Jordan 11 Low IE Retro

Cobalt Air Jordan 11 Low IE Retro

Cobalt Air Jordan 11 Low IE Retro

Cobalt Air Jordan 11 Low IE Retro

Cobalt Air Jordan 11 Low IE Retro

Cobalt Air Jordan 11 Low IE Retro

Cobalt Air Jordan 11 Low IE Retro

Cobalt Air Jordan 11 Low IE Retro

Cobalt Air Jordan 11 Low IE Retro

Cobalt Air Jordan 11 Low IE Retro

Cobalt Air Jordan 11 Low IE Retro

Cobalt Air Jordan 11 Low IE Retro

Cobalt Air Jordan 11 Low IE Retro

Cobalt Air Jordan 11 Low IE Retro

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  • jayson

    perfect for the summer

  • Q Z

    WHY … we dont need those again

  • Tae’von Hb


  • ₩₳▼€

    clean as hell

  • ATL Hawks 2015 NBA Champions

    These things should have stayed gone they are hideous


    I remember the yellow/white patent leather pair that had the icy blue sole. Only pair I still see to date & still looks icy blue

  • K Chase

    I hope y’all do pass to make it a easy cop

    • 0 to100

      Hell yea , hope they a easy cop

  • Mike

    I was just on eBay the other night looking for a pair. Guess I can stop looking now and just wait patiently.

  • W_dubb

    170 lol

  • yooo

    I need emmmm

  • guest 23

    Again ? And why they keep on saying “REMASTERED MATERIAL” when all they are doing is putting tripple layering on the cushioning in the shoe to make them more comfortable .. Smdh

    • Michael Jordan

      damn niggga guest 23 why you be hating on me. this is michael jordan responding stop hating my niggga and buy my damn shoes over and over and over again while i keep raising the price. shit I’m hungry, we needs to eat me and my family.

      • BruhMan


  • J_Collector

    170 for these sub par 11’s these will definitely be on clerance rack

    • dizzle1119

      Not a chance. They’ll sell out day 1. WAYYYYY too many dumb asses out there to let these pieces of shit air out for $170. They’ll be all over ’em just because they haven’t come along in several years.

  • CJWatson

    Yes gotta have them but still screaming 12 lows they a summer blockbuster taxi, obsidian, rising sun, cool gray, playoffs they all best low retro by far but the low 8’s playoffs ars so fresh

  • coins

    I gotta get em

  • Guest

    nice…. unexpected from the alright release schedule thus far. May have to grab these

  • hhh

    Got em still new in the box. One of the most comfortable lows I have ever worn.

  • 510kidd

    I grabbed these. The black & yellow joints for 50 bucks a piece in ’07. From a store in the mall that was going out of business. Azure lows only pair I paid retail $125 for.

  • i0bsession

    had the black And yellow ones…..loved them may buy again

  • Jay Glizzy

    i got the og’s (:

  • Shayvione Berry

    Why haven’t we seen recent photos I’m starting to think these ain’t coming out no time soon

    • Big Papi

      They are they have them on the foot locker release calendar

      • Shayvione Berry

        Thanks bruhh do you think these will be a easy cop?? it feels like some people gone sleeping on these I got a feeling they ain’t gone sell out immediately

        • AMBITION$$$ AS A CHRI$$$

          They aren’t people don’t even know these are releasing lol

          • AMBITION$$$ AS A CHRI$$$

            They are*

  • InMy02’s

    I’m a honestly save some bread after these!! Until the black ones drop smh then shit gets exspensive

  • FlightClub KY

    I got to recop fucked my last joints up and these the only 11 lows I wear

  • parkerock

    cant tell if this is heat or not

    • dizzle1119

      If it’s “heat” you don’t have to think about it. It just is.

      These, my friend, are not….

  • ugly11s

    This shit UGLY $170 my ass

  • hhh

    If they are just like my OG’s they are without a doubt the most comfortable summer lows JB has ever made……

    • Flight Club Ky

      I agree I don’t even buy the patent lows

  • dizzle1119

    A shoe nobody wanted 19 years ago makes it’s long awaited return….for the consumers in 2015 who don’t know any better. Be sure to enter the online raffles so you can rush to your nearest Nike Store to overpay for this junk, folks. Be good while doing so, please.

    I’ve finally found my place in the new world of sneaker collecting. Thank God.

  • Sgoldberg

    smh I want these to ball in but $170 like really nigga lmao

  • ShoeEtiquette

    $170 naw im think more like $120

  • ShoeEtiquette

    $170 naw bruh that aint happening im thinking more like $120 and call it a day

  • marthadclary


  • Christopher Williams

    Its weird because I can barely find any reviews on these. I’m thinking kind of limited because most GR start popping up on youtube 1-2 months early. Only review I’ve seen was DJ Delz weak a^% review which did not give a good look at all.

  • Julio guerra

    To you little kids that dont know or werent born yet . these are the true original low top 11s they came out in the summer of 96

  • I agree this version of the of XI’s are an acquired taste. A taste I loved from day 1 when they were originally dropped. The Air Jordan XI low IE were an unconventional low top version of a it’s popular mid-quarter mother design. But it was damn unique and very comfortable. The white/grey color palette was great for rocking a pristine white with grey or predominately grey with white outfit. The elephant style print reminded me of my first ever BK’s (British Knights). Not a better feeling that stepping out of the house and off the curb in a fresh ass pair of kicks as haters stop and stare as you get on the bus to school. I kop’d two pair today and I plan to cop two pair of the black and red. Thanks for bringing these back Nike!

  • FootAbuv

    That’s an expensive jumpman ?