The Air Jordan 11 Retro “Bred” has already restocked unexpectedly, but now they will officially have another release. We already confirmed that Footaction will be restocking them, and now NikeStore along with other online retailers will join the restock release. You can expect these to drop as a traditional release at 8AM EST. Do you plan on copping once again, or for the first time? And are you a fan of restocks?


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Air Jordan 11 Retro RESTOCK
Black/Varsity Red-White
March 23rd, 2013

  • george

    I can’t wait for these this is awesome

  • kevin

    JB needs to do this more often release the same shoes twice a year that would be sick and help everyone out

  • tucker

    best news in a long time glad to see these return

  • Ricky

    will be copping for the third time I doubled up the first time they release

    • please get a life what do you need 3 pairs for? i understand a double up because i doubled up on my 4s but to get 3 pairs thats odee

      • Kriessboi

        Fuck bitch nigga stop hating in lil nigga for getting three pairs bitch

    • larry

      u are lame and probly have sex with ugly fat chicks when you do rarely have sex!!!!!1 …… Im still tryna cop my first pair cause of lame people like you

      • high_influence

        real fucking talk. stop stocken up and raping ppl on price and let someone else who hasnt got a pair, get one. smfh bitch ass hypebeast.

    • Wrd yo dat messed up no need for 3 let ppl who didnt cop em get em

    • buck

      Stop hatin on that man if he got the cash for three pairs who the fuck are you to tell him what he can cop he said nothing bout reselling. And if you havent copped a pair yet with how many times these released you obviously didnt want a pair that bad or your cash aint right. I copped mine at ten in the morning on the friday they released when all the gits were in school it was a grown man release and an easy cop. So quit hatin broke hoes

      • larry

        shut up fuck boy!!!! nobody givee a fuck wut u gotta say !!!! fuck you and that lame nigga that copped 3 pairs of the same shoe ….

        • buck

          Nobody gives a fuck about what your broke ass has to say hater. If you want a pair tell mommy you’ll do some extra chores around the house save up that allowance and lunch money and cop you a pair. Until then quit hatin on people cause they got it and you dont its not a good look yungsta.

  • robinson

    it’s on now!!!!


    I LOVE GOD 🙂

  • still aint grab my pair missed official release, i missed the first restock, im gonna try one more time.


    Does anyone here live in paterson if so do you know if willowbrook or garden state plaza will release these?

    • Footaction in both malls

      • ShoeGameVet

        Are you sure, arent these only going to re-stock online? If they do release in malls, please reply back to confirm

        • Mac

          Footaction is IN STORES only

          Nikestore is ONLINE

          • I_STAY_DOUGIE

            I called like 5 different footactions and they all said online only

      • ShoeGameVet

        Are you sure? Arent these only re-stocking online, if your sure they will release in malls, reply back to confirm

    • Eazyy

      was at footlocker at gsp today and theyre restockin… said wristbands too

  • Retro5fan

    Is finishline gonna get them?

    • yahhhhhh

      online only yes.

  • oh yupp

    will expressions be releasin them too

  • Kayla

    I called every Footaction near me and they all said they may not have them in Stores. do you guys know any that will have them in stores?

    • MafiaX414

      Where are you from?Because i called as well and they said the same for Milwaukee, WI,

      • They’ll be in racine

        • MafiaX414

          Goodlookin bro! And im finna hit the malls of Milwaukee to see if they”ll have them. But that wud b a good plan B if they don’t get them here.

          • Well keep in mind the Milwaukee mall has 400 doors for people who gonna rush those Concords were a eye opener

  • Legitsneakerfreaak

    Fuck restocks It just gives ratchet ass hypebeast hoes a chance to cop.
    What they fucking think Is called black and red concords.

  • @DoDURTTnetwurk

    I got word that the OG 3’s are droppin on the 23rd too. Can somebody confirm that?

    • Gaboystr8

      I hear it’s overseas only. But this is the initial release for them

  • OriginalJeys

    They really need to stop re releasing the same kicks!!! If you didn’t get them the first time to bad for you. Step up your game to all you wanna be Jordan heads!!!!!

    • larry

      u mad bro???

  • 23

    why is the sole dark red i rather wait until thy relese another time

  • G-Skeed72

    Does anyone know whether they will be releasing these at the footaction or finishline in GSP iif so how to do you gett a wristband??

  • wade

    a must!!!!!!

  • guccimane3

    restock the concords

    • yahhhhhh

      they did twice in February, pay attention more

  • I hate restocks it cheats the real snkhead

  • JR

    Just hope the people that get these dont get them to sell them for double the price.

  • beezy

    They gone be in gradeschool sizes ?

  • True_Religeon_Feind

    I missed out on Release date and restock back in Jan but im getting them this time..

  • realnigga

    can I pick these up or I got t order them ?

  • tito

    Keep the restocks coming i always have the money never get a pair 🙁

  • POPS

    your whack if you cop these