Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Grey Mist Georgetown Release Date and Retail Price

This upcoming Air Jordan 11 Low “Georgetown” is a nod to the classic battles between North Carolina and Georgetown – which Michael Jordan made his famous shot against the Hoyas that his employee Patrick Ewing was part of in 1982.


For those that can remember, an Air Jordan “Georgetown” Collection was first spotted back in 2012, which highlighted an Air Jordan 11 “Georgetown” colorway. We now have news that the Air Jordan 11 “Georgetown” will be releasing in a Low top version this Spring/Summer 2015. And we have a all the photos at what you can expect from the release.

Air Jordan 11 Low Georgetown Colorway Details

This Air Jordan 11 Low is dressed in a Low Grey Mist, White and Midnight Navy color scheme. Featuring a full Grey mesh upper with Midnight Navy patent leather overlay. The shoe is completed with White laces and a White midsole sitting atop an icy translucent outsole.

Air Jordan 11 Low Georgetown Release Date

Check out the new detailed and on-feet photos below and look for the Air Jordan 11 Low “Georgetown” to release on Saturday, April 11, 2015 at select Jordan Brand retailers, including in full family sizing. The retail price tag is set at $170 USD.

Click through the pages below and check out the new detailed official photos. Speak your mind by letting us know what you guys think so far in the comments section. Will these be more hyped than the “Bred” 11 Lows? How many of you are planning on picking these up this Saturday?

Where to purchase

Available on eBay

Air Jordan 11 Low “Georgetown”
Low Grey Mist/White-Midnight Navy
April 11, 2015

Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Grey Mist Georgetown Release Date and Retail Price

Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Grey Mist Georgetown Release Date and Retail Price

Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Grey Mist Georgetown Release Date and Retail Price

Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Grey Mist Georgetown Release Date and Retail Price

Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Grey Mist Georgetown Release Date and Retail Price

  • peterson

    these are gonna be hot

  • gordon

    I love these joints big tyme

  • kemp

    laces should be grey too

    • joncjeff

      I agree totally! Also, possibly the cool grey ice bottom instead of the blue ice. The same bottom that’s on the cool greys. I think it would blend better.

      • T$ .

        That sole idea sounds so good

  • Malachi

    It Stills Kinda Looks Like the concord lows but there cool


    If they were only the mid


    Its cool to see how these are made

  • Jackson

    Why show shit quality replica shoes. Y’all can’t wait til some decent pics come out. Smh

    • T$ .

      Up its not replica its just not put together

      • Jackson

        What about the bred lows the other day; Nigga! Kevin Hart voice*

        • T$ .

          You can clearly see the spacing is fixed and how do they make a replica of something no one has seen

    • wattsgoodie

      If you can’t tell if they’re real from pictures, you can’t tell their fake from pics. Not saying their either, but shoes are pulled off the assembly line frequently. Dude’s tryna give us a look at what us the consumers have to look forward to do and we got people like you complaining. Move on. You clearly know nothing about the production of sneakers.

    • wattsgoodie

      Not to mention replica companies put their shoes together before selling.

  • joey

    Looking real good!!!!!

  • YES! — R.I.P. Niketown DC

  • omar najeeb

    I gotta. I just gotta…

  • 510kidd

    These are hard as Fuck. Gotta have em. Lows or not

  • Ty

    These nice, I wanted to see the low top space jams or cool greys

    • T$ .

      Neither realesing

  • mo

    They look like concords with a dirty upper imo

  • ShoeEtiquette

    Solid job jb yall did good these will definitely be gracing my feet

  • bruh

    So space jam lows aren’t releasing?

  • h

    If they are just like the ones I saw at the Niketown in Georgetown they are solid and ones I will add to my collection.

  • Guest

    these are sweet, only shoes coming out this year I genuinely want

  • b thumper

    Yo, im just curious….does anyone else want to see the suede rather then the patent leather? Only thing i ever disliked about elevens. These are dope though. But that red suede sample was killin it.

    • hhh

      would have to agree…. After just a couple of casual wears they will crease and unless you hand wipe these babies after each wear the patent leather will look shiny as the rest of shoe will look worn…. Its been a problem with the 11 design since day one.

  • Kevin Shart Aka Chocolate Drop

    If Deez Gtownz was MIDS Instead of lows Them shidddz would b shuttin the game DOWN. Regardless niggas still fittna cop but damn were da fugg da mids at dis Yr wit da 11z n 6z??!

  • Tomgunz84

    Man i can’t wait to get these in the collection ! i perosnally Like Lows better than the Mids

  • Tune

    these are going to be a must in the collection

  • Hoyas


  • willhoops

    Lows look so much better on feet then mids

  • posted


  • jlo

    Remastered patent leather

    • Kray11

      Exactly !!! That entire talk of quality they trying to feed people is total bullshit the only thing that is different is the fucking box

  • Krunchy Blakk

    I thought these were going to have a suede like upper similar to the cool grey 11’s? I’m sure it was cheaper to go this route.

  • urout21

    JB is over using that icy bottom….it good on the concords but everything else not so much

  • Robert

    They look like ass but I’ll cop cause idc

    • Tomgunz84


      • Brady

        Your calling him a hypebeast but your pic is the yeezys☕️

        • Tomgunz84

          Yeah Actually Like Them Not Cuss They Limited & Read His Comment If That’s Not Some Hypebeast Shit Iont Know What Is

  • cat627h

    Clear icey soles=quick yellowing soles…

    • unfaded

      True, if the soles were navy these would be fire.

      • Tomgunz84




  • Ben
    • Justsayin’

      WOW, Your prices are crazy!!

      • Guest

        Their more than lilkely bootlegs too.

  • Z

    shit this looks like Yankees colorway more than anything. pretty dope nonetheless

    • T$ .

      Yea with a Jeter jersey on these would be nice

    • Kray11

      Your right bro if you can find somebody to stitch or air brush the NY on the outter side of the shoe that would be sick

  • Sneakray

    These are cool, nothing to jump ship about.

  • KushKloud

    These would look dope even wit jus a simple white tee and blue jeans lol I don’t own any 11 lows so this Im probably gonna cop

  • InMy02’s

    Considering it ain’t ever been an 11 I ain’t like.. run em

  • InMy02’s

    I take that back the 11 suede low is ass!!!!!!

  • No hype here

    These about 20 yrs late but I fux wit em. If they were around back in the A.I. Days tho oooweee

  • duke334

    YAWN…Jordans are becoming the Air Force 1 of shoes. Too much of this shit will soon have people not wearing them at all

    • joey

      I’m already seeing it in my city they are sitting on shelves.

      • Tomgunz84

        Yeah They Sitting Because The Price Tag Is 190 a lot Of Ppl Can’t Afford That No more

        • No hype here

          Yep. And 190 mean 215 all said and done. And the only 11 that sat is the legend blue. A lot people don’t rock wit all white kicks. Especially not the day before Xmas. Every other 11 is ghost soon as it’s stocked

          • Coldworldnoblanket


          • No hype here

            U right bruh. I’m thinkin with shipping.
            *Coleworldnoblanket* lol just sayin

    • Coldworldnoblanket

      Nah j’s won’t ever become damn near extinct like forces, but there will be certain releases that sit until resellers come through and snatch em up.

    • duke334 Is retarded as fuck

      Did your dumbass really just say, “Jordans are becoming the Air Force 1 of shoes” Nigga, Air Force 1s are shoes. Retarded ass nigga.

      • duke334

        You really are dumb I see. No shit Shirlock AF1 are shoes. You took the statement so literally that you couldn’t understand what I’m saying. Shoes as in when AF1 was the only shoe people wore back in the early 2000s & they fell off later in the years is how Jordans starting to become. Go read a book young boul

  • Murdamil

    These look stupid dumb fresh on feet this photo jus made me put my bid in im catching these

  • Christopher Williams

    I can even front this ish right here right here Migga are dumb fresh and Im actually proud of JB for coming out with something nice and tasteful

  • Bobby Brown
  • Jackson

    Def growing on me

  • Ty

    These cold but the mids from the collection would’ve been better.. Still a cop

  • Coldworldnoblanket


  • unfaded

    With navy laces. Eww wee!!!

  • Alvin

    Why do many sites say that these release April 11th?

  • Will

    Get the stupid release day right guys! March, June and now April.. SMFH!

    • Tomgunz84

      I Work At Champs Nike Was Pushing The Date Back

      • willhoops

        So is it the 11th For sure?

        • Tomgunz84

          Yeah For Sure Without A Doubt

          • Will

            Thanks Bro..

          • Tomgunz84

            Its all Good

          • Mike Hunt

            hey man do you think a lot will buy this? cos i have no idea if i have to camp for this or not

          • Tomgunz84

            People Will Most Def Be On These Ppl Keep Calling In About The And Plus They Are The Retro 11 Aka The Hypebeast Shoe I Think Its Worth Camping For If You Want To Get Them Guaranteed

        • guest

          Yes because footlocker already has the date

      • Nike CEO, Mark Parker

        I’ve decided to push the release back until august…do not line up on April 11th. I repeat, do not line up on April 11th

  • machinegun526

    Too close to the concord lows

  • machinegun526

    If the grey was a little darker to make the white laces pop they would appeal better to me, but to each his own

  • WhatsFly23

    I think they clean

  • zzzz



    • zzzz is a dumbass

      Have you never seen the George town university colors? It’s fucking blue and light grey. It’s supposed to be like that.

  • Loso

    Why u hating u bitch ass nugga u ain’t got the bread for them

  • Rob

    Will these be limited? I hope not, I was really hoping to grab a pair

  • Tianna Gant

    Anybody know the price for grade school 3.5-7

    • Renee

      Most likely 140 as usually

    • OG_KiCKS_NJ

      $120-130 deff not normal GS retail

    • Egyptian


    • Tiara

      Like 80 dollars

  • Corey Worthy

    Who will be coping or sleeping on this because of the may releases

    • Diego Bro

      Me, coppin da hare 7s and the low breds . So ima sleep on dese .

      • Leethan

        I’m coppin these and the hares

      • chop345

        Copping these,the hare 7,and the lows bred

  • Anonymous

    These are dope. I agree tho that the concord 11’s release date is to close to these. It’s all good tho

    • larryf’n


      • 505

        My bad. I mean the bred lows

  • Christopher Williams

    White laces? Really? Dumb as hec

  • Corey Worthy

    I think that they are a clean shoe

  • Reseller Rolodex

    If anyone is thinking that they will have to buy these from a reseller visit my site to find the best deals from sellers and to be sure that you DON’T overpay!!

    • PatriotluvsxxorXX

      worse prices than 9/10 resellers. Soooooooper FAIL

  • Kriss Vector SDP

    only white boys who wanna be black and a halfa handfull of black bitches & poor white trash white bitches on welfare living in the projects feeding their babies $1.00 meals so they can buy Jordans along with some weed and cheap liquor are the only ones who still wear Jordans around here. too much other fly shit out there you Lames aint hip to yet besides everybody knows Michael Jordan aint a real nigga. hopefully the camp outs and sneaker lines will get shot up like Bin Ladens living room considering that I own a gun shop and my weed mans a paramedic. besides that I do like the colorway. thats about it smh for $200 come get one of these Taurus 700s and get everybodys Jordans

    • James

      Stfu u broke ass bitch

      • Kriss Vector SDP

        hey Lames how bout you eat a whole bowl’a ice cold dicks with frost and ice cickles on em and a box of gun powder you inbred roadkill fryin faggot! fuck you, michael jordan, and his cracka ass wife cocksucker

        • jerms55

          Hey Kriss Vector fuck stain, your a racist piece of Shit & hope you get hit by a truck. Please do not reproduce!


  • Sneakerking23

    these Georgetown lows are a attempt by Nike to see what they can sell u in any color… I’m not copping cuz like the teal 4 (terrible) they want to sell you whatever with a high tag

    • Louis Vutton Customs

      Nah bruh you just a sheep with a branded stamp on your titty that reads “hypebeast # 666” I hope your house burn down to the ground and your 110 pairs smoke and smolder until the soles look like dripping candle wax you homo hipster lol

    • larryf’n

      True is wack, and its plenty of brands that are worth way more than jays, and im not talking designer shit, other athletic brands who dropped limited kicks. You buggin dickhead

    • CJ3

      We don’t care

  • @Kyle Yamaguchi

    Most of you here are pure idiots and as a student in phycology it still baffles me how your brains have been programmed to lust and almost fiend similar to a drug addict for lowest of grade leathers, rubbers, plastics, and other synthetic materials that usually wouldnt even pass quality inspections for manufacturing childrens toys. What I find most intriguing is the fact that the subpar finished product packaged in jet printed milk cartons with the price tag of a months worth of groceries or a mortgage payment for a home is so sought after similar to clean water in a third world country. Many of you live in and will die living in shit hole homes full of boxes and boxes of this junk like old caucasian female horders without a clue as to how this happened to you or who did this to you. I have two garages full of many of these products I never paid a penny for and I am literally sick of looking at the shit. An associate of mine suggested a company called “goodwill ” any suggestions? Thank you.

    • #roasted

      A student in “phycology” at where, Devry? Stop trying to sound smart with your comments because at the moment, it seems like my shoe size is greater than your iq bud.

    • #roasted

      Oh, and your “two garages full of many of these products”? Shut the fuck up kid. I can smell your bs like a shark can smell blood. You are literally to dumb to insult at this point. There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying shoes at this point in time. Yes I am aware that nike doing this is capitalistic, but there will always be buyers whether you like it or not. So why don’t you go cry about it somewhere else man.

  • Big Papi

    Missed out on a lot of releases for these I’m going to be pissed if I don’t get a pair

  • jerms55

    It’s hilarious the kind of BS that sneaker retailer’s put people through just to get an average pair of Jordan’s now! Lmao

    Due to the excitement surrounding this release and the limited pairs available, we anticipate this shoe selling out very fast. Even though you may be online at the moment of the release, securing a pair may be difficult. We appreciate your understanding.

    Average Joe doesn’t have a chance vs the Hypebeast aka Bot BS! What a joke

  • Sneakerking23

    Dickhead, hypebeast, etc?? Lames… Name calling on-line… Super lame… Ex nfl linebacker 6 yrs… From the bx, 31 been collecting since I was 14… Yes I have 110+ pairs still DS and sorry they are in climate controlled storage so won’t be burning down… I have a condo, 2 cars, college degree and a nice bank acct… So not sure who u tough guys are talking about but I was simply stating the truth not throwing jabs so relax… I wear Giuseppe & Lou b when I’m “out” but yes I love j’s… And f*ck outta hear true are some of the most comfortable durable Jean out period… So keep ur designer overpriced

    • Bootcamp718

      you lyin bitch no one cares…you were an NFL walk on who got red shirted when Walter Payton died and started wearing bum ass paper towel denim true religions right after you seen Jim Jones get knocked out at the rucker with a pair on… nigga you too old for this shit fukboy go bake some cookies….if I seen you in real life I’d buss your helmet wit toast the size of the goal post!!! can you dig it? #REDHOOK

    • King

      But nobody doesn’t give AF tho

  • Beastnigaa

    I got me

  • Greezy

    I got mine too but Im taking them back tommorrow.. zerO quality
    I shouldn’t have sent Tina to the mall..
    I would have rather ate the booty and
    smashed for an hour and a half………..

  • Ashley Givens

    I got some in a size 6y from someone who had them with a finishline receipt and bag but the box says Indonesia but when I google the number on the box it comes up from finishline and eBay in stuff should I be worried I can I tell if they are really good fakes ok worried now

    • old switcheroo

      Box should say made in China. The shoes are fake as fuck! lmaooooo

    • Lela

      I bought my Georgetowns directly from footlocker the release day & they’re from Indonesia. The person below me don’t know their shit apparently, your good.

  • Anathan

    I’d like to share a free shipping shoes app with u. Just have a look: Anathan

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