Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue

Yesterday, we gave you some new detailed images of the upcoming Air Jordan 11 “Gamma Blue” and now we have a couple on foot images. The “Gamma Blue” Air Jordan 11 is already creating a lot of buzz due to it’s new color-shceme. Check out these Air Jordan 11 GS “Gamma Blue” on foot images below and let us know if your planning on Copping or Passing?


Air Jordan 11 Retro
Black/Gamma Blue-Black-Varsity Maize
December 21st, 2013

Air Jordan 11

Air-Jordan-11-GS-Gamma-Blue-On-Feet 2

Air-Jordan-11-GS-Gamma-Blue-On-Feet 3

Air-Jordan-11-GS-Gamma-Blue-On-Feet 4

Source: KOD

  • tommy gun

    I should cop these early

  • edward

    kinda dope

  • gordon

    they look really good on the foot of this young lady

  • morris

    everyone gonna cop these whether they like it or not

  • Lewis

    naw gotta say these gonna be a failure gonna sit on shelves this christmas

    • RockawayBully

      That might happen there were so many bred 11’s two of my outlets here in NY had bred 11 for under retail,n that is a popular shoe imagine this one.

      • Hajak

        Job put the b-grades in outlets…

        • RockawayBully

          True the outlets by me had b grades but not so bad just the 23 on the back was a little worn off but besides that nothing else how the b grades looked by u ?

  • scott

    i will be sleeping on these hope jordan brand has another shoe dropping this holiday

  • austin

    12 Taxi > Gamma Blue 11s

    • Jordon D. Childs

      This guy knows good shit, i like the playoffs better by my CDP Taxis are DESTROYED

    • RockawayBully


  • jamal

    the look good here

  • gammawut

    dont know about u fellas but i was looking at other things

    • RockawayBully

      I wanna see her face why she hiding for ?

      • Q Z

        cuz she probably ugly and the photographer didnt wanna ruin the pic while dudes on here thristin over a pic hahaha

        • RockawayBully

          Ha ha so true lol

    • jackson

      Imma get it in

  • That ass though

    Idk if it was just me but i was more interested in the girl than the j’s

    • RockawayBully

      Ha ha same here


    Don’t even gotta see her face to know she bad

  • dogsdiefast

    damn she fine fuck da 11s im gettin the taxi’s though…but damn i wanna hit that oohh man can i get her number that ass. ..pull that hair nope lemme stop fantasies gettin a little wild… but still DAMN!


    I want to cop the lady not the shoes she is hot and the shoes are not

    • hill


  • Michael Putzel

    I’ll cop them if they don’t sell out right away. These aren’t worth waiting in line for

  • vladimir grey

    Damn mami bad! Gotta cop!

  • NoDay$Off

    Sexy. Girls always look sexy in sneakers

  • H-Boogy

    Niggaz see one lil glimpse of ass and go crazy. Thirsty ass niggaz these dayz, and she could still be ugly maybe she got sum’n 2 hide…

    • jap

      My nigga is right ya’ll thirst mufuckas hatin on what you cant have

  • Dione Dickey

    She’s not sexy at all the people who think she is u niggeyd sad. Them 11’s bust tho

  • fresh_prince_jayy

    i dnt care bout da hoe, them 11’s tho

  • king_james

    SShe ight but the jays offical

  • jap

    Wtf ya’ll niggas cant even see her face how you gonna say she ugly or not attractive smh them 11’s are clean though

  • louboutin
  • Abdul Elanmati

    Who is that girl??

  • Cece

    Them shoes is hard my sis was dying over them…