District Customs put his own twist to the hottest model ever, the Air Jordan 11. Inspired by the Doernbecher 9, his Air Jordan 11 Doernbecher “Pollito Jimi” Custom features Black tongues, laces, and midsole, along with Gold detailing accents on the stitching, eyelets, and 23 heel print. Take a closer look below and let us know if these are DOPE or NOPE? Be sure to follow him on Twitter @DCustoms202.


  • jessie

    they kinda dope, If I had two pairs of concords I’d might have done the same with one of them

  • sneakerhead


  • Keith

    what would have been really tight is to use that gold detailing throughout the entire upper instead of just the back

  • chase

    naw not feeling that white throws them off to me

  • fredrickjones1

    he killed it great detailing

  • MORONgetCreative

    Gone and ruined a perfectly good pair of concords… BTW there hideous, looks like a pigeon barfed on a pair of concords..

  • AirCareSneakers

    yall dont know the time and effort it takes to do this type of stuff. this is straight fire. good shit fam

    • SBS

      I love these, wish he would’ve put more Golden Feathers though

  • quise2024

    Ugly isnt even the word to describe these .. wow
    Thanks for ruining a pair of concords, and I’m looking for a pair

    • Sneaker bar Detroit associate

      Let em hate

  • Sneeker

    Nice colors, bad combination.

  • H O R R I B L E

  • THEMB1

    ruined a perfect pair of dmp 11s

  • Jay Bucksaplenty

    These aren’t even concords, you hypebeasts. These are dmp 11’s. Know your shit.