The Air Jordan 11 Retro “Cool Grey” was originally released in 2001, and later re-released on December 23rd, 2010, with a retail price tag of $175 USD.


This “Cool Grey” edition of the Air Jordan 11 was dressed in a Medium Grey, White, and Cool Grey color scheme. The shoe stood out from the other Air Jordan 11 releases with a non-traditional build having a full nubuck instead of ballistic mesh cover the upper. Michael Jordan even had some impressive highlights while wearing these, like when he scored 39 points with 8 rebounds against the New York Knicks in the Madison Square Garden.

It’s been over five years since the shoe was available for purchase, so how many of you are ready to see them retro once again in the near future? Where do these rank amongst the other highly-anticipated Air Jordan 11 Holiday Release?

Air Jordan 11 Retro
Medium Grey/White-Cool Grey
Release Date: December 23, 2010
Retail Price: $175

Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey 2010

Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey 2010

Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey 2010

Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey 2010

Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey Shoe Trees

Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey Box

Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey Box Packaging


    Concord, cool grey, gamma imo

  • joshua

    second best air jordan 11 of all time right behind the bred 11s

  • Zeke Mallory

    Not sure on positioning, but I’m good on those

  • 3847LawrenceAv

    Concord, Playoffs, Space Jam, Columbia, Cool Grey that’s my order for og 11s

  • enfinant

    Man again with grey shoes. What’s up, grey is a dead color can jb come out with other color schemes. I know some of you want those to be re-release but grey has been in the shoes most of this year releases. I agree they are iconic behind the breds. I just want grey to be out of the colorways for a minute. That’s all.

  • Will

    Release them NOW! I bought them in 2010 and these are HOT!

  • RYAN0323

    love these shoes so much. wish they would come back

  • Nolan_Knows!

    Still have a pair DS. I’ll break’em out before the 23rd anniversary, that’s for sure.

  • Big Papi

    I used to hate these but now they’re one of my favorites

  • Otd.aa

    these shoes are hot but once u get that ankle crease in that nubuck itz not coming out

  • No hype here

    Sold mine not too long ago … So yep I’m ready

  • yooo

    My favorite 11

  • P3rry

    still got and rock mine. they look great too, i cleanem after every wear

  • ben

    is it true they are re-releasing in 2016