Air Jordan 10

Jordan Brand is set to bring back the Air Jordan 10 “Powder Blue” into the new 2014 season. The Air Jordan 10 Retro “Powder Blue” features a white leather base with black trim and powder blue accents. Look for the Air Jordan 10 Retro “Powder Blue” to launch to select Jordan Brand accounts on February 22nd, 2014. Do you plan on copping even with the new $10 increase in retro’s this upcoming 2014?


Air Jordan 10 Retro
White/Dark Powder Blue-Black
February 22nd, 2014

*Note* These are not the 2014 version, stay tuned to Sneaker Bar for the unveiling of the 2014 Air Jordan 10 “Powder Blue”.

Air Jordan 10 Powder Blue

air-jordan-10-retro-powder-blue 3

air-jordan-10-retro-powder-blue 4

Images: Sunshining7

  • IBePeepin

    As weird as it sounds the $10 makes a difference, it’s almost like should I continue to give in?

    • Retro’s Getting Old

      i know, it’s just 10 buck but when you add taxes it’s almost a $20 increase

      • RockawayBully

        Like $15 tax here in ny n that’s not counting shipping if u get on line unless u get free shipping cause not all sites do free ship.i totally agree with u it adds up.


        Depends where you live

  • royce

    been passing on these in awhile hate the 10s

  • C J

    im waiting for that all red pair to drop

    • RockawayBully

      Same here

    • Enzo Monta

      Not to burst your bubble (if you’re a dude), but those reddish looking 10’s were revealed by other blogs sites to be a GS release only scheduled for next year around Valentines Day. Also, the color wasn’t red, it was metallic pinkish (the photographer didn’t have the right lighting). Never fear though, hopefully those Red 6’s drop.

      • C J

        yeah man your right, but hey you never know JB might end up releasing them as a men’s release cuz typically gs models always unveil first.

        just wishful thinking

  • higgins

    these are fresh but 170 wtf

  • Three Stripes

    passing fuck JB

  • fredrick

    in 10 years retros gonna be 200 bucks

    • RockawayBully

      Am thinking less then 10 yrs the way Nike been doing things might be 5 or less ,still will copp but just not as many per month.

    • MeblinStaysInVa

      8’s 13’s, 11’s in 3 years. All the others in 5 or less.

  • TRU

    I love how all you complaining cuz as the prices go up all you bum ass niggas wont be able to afford and i’ll be able to cop everything as i normally do anyway

    • U a loser

      You live with yo mama pussy

      • TRU

        i’ll eat you for lunch little boy

        • C4

          u probly just a spoiled ass rich kid whos never paid for his own shit ever in his life and u probly have no shoes over 2011 nigga with your 2 chains lovin hypebeast ass

  • kemp

    these bitches hard

  • NoDay$Off

    I forgot the prices go up next year. Im coppin tho

  • RockawayBully

    Damn JB killing me with all these price increases n so close together as well,but besides that the Jumpman on the back heel looks great really detailed.

    • Anonymous

      Those are the OGs…

      • RockawayBully

        Ok thanks for letting me know I just notice that now,but I still hope the jumpman on the back looks like that really detail.

  • Sneakray

    Hmm. What’s that one word. COPP! Yea that fits these for me lol

  • KickinSince89

    So they’re dropping these the same day as the White Infrareds? Hmmm, I’m starting to like their two (or three) pairs on release day tactics.

    • Funmi Alabi

      its a week after

  • nicholas

    THESE ARE A FAKE MODEL OF THE 10’s Lol smh hypebeats prolly aint even peep

    • youngkay60

      you can actually tell their fake

      • make it wet

        there og

      • D

        Yal regarded. Got no idea what u talking bout. Half ass sneaker head. They og

  • dogsdiefast

    gotta save up more money time to hit overtime at work smh…gotta cop these and the white infrareds oh well

  • Raaaashia


  • Why $170? JB trippin

    • J-Nasty

      People Pay over 200$ for foams, so this is nothing compared to ’em

      • Hott Nikkelz

        That’s because foams are built like tanks, not plastic/pleather bullshit JB puts out

  • Boom Riely


  • Sneeker

    I loved how JB did the jumpman on these.

    • iliekcheese

      I love how the Jumpman is fake too.

      • make it wet

        they og dumb ass jit

  • T Lo

    I really like these but dat 170 in 2014 gone have my pockets lookin sick on all retros

  • freddy blues

    jumpman fingers like freddy krueger

  • Joshua White

    Ppl still gonna buy his shoes rather thy wnt up jordan b taxing

  • Ernest John Cranmer Jr.

    These Kickz are AWESOME!!! DAZ ME!!! I Will COP These 4 My 39th B-Day in February 2014!!! DAZ ME 4 ’14!!! 🙂

  • chief

    Whats wrong with The jumpman?

    • i liek cheese

      They fake kicks bro.

    • Michael

      og dumbass

  • 270to713

    Most def a cop for me and for yall crying about the money lol get out the shoe game withcha broke asses

    • nigga please

      unlike you we dont live offa govt’ checks nigga

      • i liek cheese


  • ebsfinest18

    These are OG’s from the 94s & y’all calling them fake..lmfao

    • throwin’ hunnids

      ikr they b fake sneakerheads look yall skrubz need to get good


    these are replicas they havent came out yet

    • what what what what?

      nah homie they real its just that they og so the sticthing in the jumpman aint as nice as the retros

      • ev

        jumpman are going the opposite way

        • medusa head

          on the og’s both jumpman are faceing left, and on the retros both are facing right. fyi

  • fresh mr.T

    ima cop them 4 my birthday

  • Ernest John Cranmer Jr.

    These are amazing. The colorway is cute. I’m going to cop for my b-day.

    • ev

      me to my bdays the 24

  • Dakota T

    They gonna release them in size 14s

  • RDF

    missed the steal 10s def cop these

  • LouinqHymm


  • eshaLAflaree

    My birthday feb. 24 I gotta get em on my feet

  • MeMe

    They come out on my birthday. Gotta cop em

  • Fuck Ford

    U don’t got to cop u want to cop

  • Gabriel

    why is this jump man going left when it should be going right???

    • MacNoopster

      The Jumpman is going in opposite directions because that’s how they made them back in the day on the OG models.

    • WelDun1

      Exactly what MacNoopster said, except that as stated above, these aren’t the new 2014 release, and they haven’t released pics of the new ones yet so no one knows if the Jumpman will be reversed on them or not.

  • Big V

    gotta cop these, do u know how much is the tax with the 170

    • Efrain Camargo


  • cj

    these r sick for sure gonna get em

  • WelDun1

    Definitely a cop, and I wish they wold release a varsity red CW like this! The White Varsity Red Light Steel Grey the freshest 10’s made! And the steel grey are dope too.