Air Jordan 10

In 2014, Jordan Brand will be celebrating their 20th anniversary of the Air Jordan 10 which will lead to some new Air Jordan 10 colorways. Here is the first look at the Air Jordan 10 Retro “Cool Grey” that features a Cool Grey base with Infrared 23 and Black accents that is rumored to launch on January 25th, 2014. Let us know what you think of this upcoming Air Jordan 10 colorway and keep it locked to Sneaker Bar for further release updates.


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Air Jordan 10 Retro
Cool Grey/Infrared-Black
January 25th, 2014

air-jordan-x-10-cool-grey-infrared-black 2
air-jordan-x-10-cool-grey-infrared-black 6
air-jordan-x-10-cool-grey-infrared-black 5
air-jordan-x-10-cool-grey-infrared-black 3
air-jordan-x-10-cool-grey-infrared-black 4

Source: Sneaker News

  • alexander

    these go so fucking hard

  • hartly

    these are sick

  • wallace

    imam need a pair for sure and even tho i ain’t a big fan of the 10s

  • jayson

    mad in love with these

  • daniel

    gotta cop for sure

  • thompkins


  • desmond

    2014 gonna be killing it

  • FATT$

    I Can Pass alot more heat coming out then .

  • moss

    these are too sexy

  • IBePeepin

    First thoughts were this is a must-cop

  • Ralphfolarin

    More pics need to be released but as of right now I’m dubbing these the Charcoal 10s

  • Tim Ashton

    shoe looks summary Excellent, love ah!

    • Tomgunz84

      Take tht fake site somewhere else

  • Mr. Trey

    these r so sickk. def gonna neeeed a pair of these lovee this cw. reminds me of a stealth or charcoal not cool grey tho

  • J Rock


  • Dik Dangler

    Damn someone tell JB cut the bullshit with the two tone greys & black. That shit’s not poppin’….

  • NoDay$Off

    Fresh af Must cop

  • DTN

    Those are gunna be my birthday present

  • Anonymous

    “Cool” grey?

  • RobertDrew

    better than the steel’s

  • Joshua White

    Shoe is perfect the price is too

    • Anonymous

      Price got bumped up. How is that perfect? Don’t even try to play the “less people can afford them” card, ’cause that doesn’t affect anybody.

      • Joshua White

        Not tht kind person to judge ppl who are not fortunate just saying shoe worth tht price

        • Tomgunz84

          Tht makes no sense about “ppl tht aren’t fortunate” it has nothing to do with tht j’s used to be $100 plus tax last year $160 now $170 plus tax so what tht gotta do with bein fortunate ??? Lots of ppl can afford them its just the price keeps increasing you gone buy j’s tht retail $220 ?

  • bktai

    copped no questions asked

  • 270to713

    pure hype beast shoe looks like a b grade shadow no cop for me

    • fuck off..retarded fuck you the hype beast,getting this pair does not make you a hypebeast you ignorant fuck



  • 270to713




  • Jordan

    It’s the shadow 10 crazy people

    • Dareal

      Apparently u crazy…. Smfh

    • i liek cheese

      What the fuck? Nigga you need glasses asap dumb motherfucker

  • Jordan

    You a hyperbeast

  • Twig

    best 10s i’ve seen

  • Tay smoove

    I gotta get these!

  • PimpinB

    These where my very 1st pair of j’s… I got to get these !!!!!

  • Kingpin713

    These gotta be the ugliest tens they came out wit

  • jesilit

    This shoes come out in my birthday terrible

  • buck

    They look like shoe boots. I copped the steels and probably the only pair I will cop. I like the db 10s but the bots are going to snatch all those up.

    • ddjallday

      i thought nike fixed the bot problem already…says on their website if they think your using a 3rd party program to try to get your order they’ll reject it…

      • sneakerking33

        Yes Nike did stop some bots, but there’s no way you can stop them all.

  • Ilikeitsowhatbitch

    Why so judge mental. If u like something someone else doesn’t or vise versa who cares it’s all about expression people.

  • leokidd1

    i might cop these

  • Zagelow10

    TBH, I think these shoes are really cool and will proabaly try and pick them up

  • Dre

    Start the new year with some fresh 10s

  • Kingmack

    Idk which to cop….these or white inferred 6

    • Shes_ASneakerhead

      lol infrared comes at waaay after these tho.. js

      • JONES GEE

        why u gotta be a catfish boo? damn!

    • Bitch

      White inferred 6 s

  • Kingmack

    Maybe both

  • big money

    I got a sneak peek at these today. They are far far far lighter than the pictures from above. The shoe looks cheap not a top quality leather……

  • Kid Koma

    u losers really arguing about sneakers? Shit is hilarious

  • Whattt

    Yeah this pic is wrong. The jumpman is black not red and the grey is all the same shade