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Air Jordan 1 Sterling Silver for Sale on eBay

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These very very very wear pair of Sterling Silver Air Jordan 1 that Michael Jordan received for his 32nd Birthday from his wife. She took the Air Jordan 1’s that he wore during his rookie season and made only 10 of them Sterling Silver. The only ones who own these pair of shoes are the Jeweler that made the shoe owns 5 of them, the CEO of Gatorade owns one, Michael Jordan owns 2 and the other 2 lucky people who own these RARE pair are unknown. You can now get these on eBay from eaglesflyby which the starting bid is at $100,000 which come with a pair of OG Air Jordan 1’s sign by the man himself Michael Jordan (but not game worn). Check out these very very limited pair of J’s and if you are a TRUE SNEAKERHEAD than these are going to be a must in the collection and also something you can hang over the heads of all other SNEAKERHEADS because you know that they will not have these joints.

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