Air Jordan 1 High OG Chicago 2015 Release Date

The Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Chicago” is making a return this Summer 2015 as part of Jordan Brand’s remastered lineup.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Chicago 2015 – Colorway Details


Following their highly anticipated retro release in 2013, the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Chicago” will be receiving the “OG” treatment built with premium materials.

The shoe comes dressed in its original color scheme of White, Black and Varsity Red. Featuring the Nike Air treatment displayed on the tongue and will come in the Chicago Bulls colors that we all grew up loving – thanks Mike.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Chicago 2015 – Release Date

Check out the additional detailed official photos below and look for the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Chicago” to release unlaced and all on Saturday, May 30th, 2015 at select Jordan Brand retailers, including Retail price tag is set at $160 USD.

Stay tuned to Sneaker Bar for further updates and on all the upcoming Air Jordan Release Date set to launch throughout 2015.

How many of you are looking forward to the return of the classic Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Chicago” colorway?

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Chicago”
White/Black-Varsity Red
May 30, 2015

Air Jordan 1 High OG Chicago 2015 Release Date

Air Jordan 1 High OG Chicago 2015 Release Date

Air Jordan 1 High OG Chicago 2015 Release Date

Air Jordan 1 High OG Chicago 2015 Release Date

Air Jordan 1 High OG Chicago 2015 Release Date

Air Jordan 1 High OG Chicago 2015 Release Date

Air Jordan 1 High OG Chicago 2015 Release Date

Air Jordan 1 High OG Chicago 2015 Release Date

Source: Rock City Kicks

  • jim brown


  • bruh

    Please release

  • NoDay$Off

    One of the top releases of 2015


    That will be a problem, hope I get my hands on them. Miss my pair that dropped last year. Shoulda kept them

  • Nick_Nando_88

    There will be pleanty of 1’s dropping next year. OG’s, Metallics, and Retro+’s……. If you missed out on some 2013 Og’s, don’t break the bank, yet! The 30th anniversary of the 1’s is going to be SERIOUS.

    • neon346

      Yeah, hopefully!
      would love to see shadows

  • RTR

    Yes Lawd! I was about to pay resell prices

    • Corey Worthy

      You are stupid resell wrong it is resale and how old are you im 13 years old in the 8th grade really

  • Cool Jets

    Wow u niggaz getting wet over a pair of shoes that just came out 2 years ago only thing is that it’s getting the Nike treatment..

  • bruh

    Man wtf lol..its gonna be a grind this year..

  • Nick

    190 for ones wow.

    • SneakerBar

      Nah, it’s actually $160. Didn’t realize I typed $190. My bad bro.

  • TAKA

    I thought retro 1s was supposed to be 150$

    • SneakerBar

      My fault bro. Retail is $160.

  • wolf

    If it’s a $20 increase then shouldn’t it be $160?

    • SneakerBar

      Correct. Made a typo. $160 USD

      • wolf

        Oh man did you have me going there for awhile

  • flossbee

    Considering this will be only one of the few JB releases I’m copping this year I’ll take my L and drop the $190. If I was still in my weekly cop phase then I’d probably be ranting right now.

  • SneakerBar

    Price tag is $160 ‘not’ $190. Made a typo and didn’t realize it till now, thanks you you guys. Sorry ya’ll #TeamSBD

  • h

    Man they got us….. I love how the price goes from like 130 to 190 and quality is Soooo much better. I have to give it to JB they got a good thing going on knowing we will all be killing each other to get these including myself…. LOL

  • Julio guerra

    Its funny to me that nike keeps saying remastered material and and hyping it up . but for one second wouldnt it be fucked up if thats just all talk ???? Ima definitely cop these but ima compare them to the 2003 version and if for one second i dont feel a difference ima smack the fuck out of the nike rep that keeps coming into my store

    • b thumper

      I agree. Its like they think they’re OPEC. Price gouging, like gas prices….were lol

    • You mean the 2013 version — 2003 was the patent leather

      • Kray11

        Yea lol the 2013 .

  • RTR

    Must have. I missed these last time and didn’t want to pay resell prices.

  • b thumper

    Never thought a pair of ones would be the nicest shoe released by JB so far for 2015. I been waiting for these anyways, but way cleaner then all the other releases I’ve seen so far. Stop putting out sevens and eights. They wernt all that sweet when they came out. Still aint shit. Fuck the pearl fours and the oreo fours. Release more classics and fresh colorways if you want to keep pumping out over hyped sneakers.

    • Efrain Garcia

      I agree with you!

  • Guest

    never liked one’s and I think it’s stupid they got sneaker heads paying this much for a og colorway/remaster when they’ve been over saturating the 1’s with wack ass colorways the past 10 years. Vault those hoes right along with the 3’s. smh

    • flossbee

      But Nike/JB realized they had a hit on their hands when they began “OG’ing” them with the Nike Air treatment. If they can garner this much hype for an AJ1 with just that simple embroidery on the shoe just imagine the hype when they begin giving the NA treatment to the 3 through 6.

      Better believe they are aware that they have this card in their deck and are waiting for the most opportunistic time to play it.

    • b thumper

      I agree with you, but ones are still dope. Even if they did make every lame ass style possible with the shoe. 4lab1. Nuf said. Whack as fuck. But these? You gota like these.

    • Corey Worthy

      I comend you but the air jordan 1s are always going to be a top 2 shoe ever

  • fresh as hell

    Im fresher than you..

  • JohnDoe6503

    So you mean to tell me the Bordeaux 7’s, Aqua 8’s and these are all releasing this year?

    • shu’doughnt knoami

      Dah facc!…. this ninja here. Rookie

  • NickKnowsIt

    And who didn’t already know this? I mean J23 and every other informer on the net broke this news like a month and a half ago. Just saying….

  • jenny

    Will they come in GS sizes?

    • OG_KiCKS_NJ

      They sure will, can’t wait !

  • jordan king

    These are nice i really like i may cop these

  • Robert

    Stupid ass shoes lebron is better

    • dumb ninja

      Get yo bitch ass off this page..get Lebron dick out yo mouth..he ain’t did shit for your dumb ass.

    • jordan king

      Shut up so jordan isnt better than lebron should i slap you for saying that

    • Jacob

      Stfu lebron sucks!!! Jordans for life!!!

    • bruh

      Cmon robert…

      • Tomgunz84

        Lmao This Comment Had Me Weak

    • Sneakray

      Now Robert son that’s why you’re commenting on MJ sneakers.

    • Corey Worthy

      Come on bruh


    Should put the 1s in the vault

  • PatriotluvsxxorXX

    Sold my 2013 version and been waiting for these. Must have for the collection.

  • Justin Jones

    decisions decisions decisions

  • Dogshit


  • Guest

    So far May is the only month i’m excited about with JB releases.

  • Mark

    Automatic cop. If I could only get one shoe this year, this would be it.

  • ☆Dizzy Story☆

    This Is What I Wanted To See JB Took over May

  • bruh

    Which color shoestring will go the best?

    • Corey Worthy

      The black

  • Tomgunz84

    Will Be On My List Hopefully My Store Gets Them

  • BigGameGabe

    Re-Mastered my behind. JB strikes again, switch tongue from JB to NA and add the supposed “premium” materials and we have a price tag of $160 for a pair of Jordan I’s. God bless America.

  • Kray11

    It’s funny I get a hold of the Jordan brand 900 customer service number off the website I’ve called quite a few times and I finally gotten a hold of somebody . I asked if I can return each and every retro I’ve bought in the past that started to have crappy materials and pay the difference for this new premium material the guy thought I was crazy. I told him well if I’m crazy well you all motherfuckers at JB gotta be retarded if you think people are not going to notice that this talk of new material is just bullshit .He hung up after that hmmm wonder why

    • david

      Your fault for buying them, not theirs. He probably hung up because what you asked him makes no sense at all.

      • Kray11

        Lol naw it wasn’t that serious I was lol the entire conversation .

  • neon346

    i dont get why the jordan 1 costs like 160 now. There is now technology in them and 15-20 years ago they were able to put them out with a lower price tag and the same or even better materials.
    kinda wierd

    • OG_KiCKS_NJ

      Same materials, just newer ways of making them or just the fact that they’re new for the new generation. That’s their reason on why they raising prices

    • yao


      • Loopsss

        Finally, someone with brains who used an actual business term for why prices on these shoes or rising, or anything else is general for that matter. Unlike these other broke niggas who keep bitching about price increase. Candy back then used to cost .25c for a bag. Inflation, learn it people.

        • KushKloud

          The rate of inflation on the price of these shoes doesn’t consist with the inflation of everything else in the economy. I understand the re-mastered shoes getting a higher price tag, but that’s already after several years of annually raising the prices on these shoes. Look at the price of the 2013 chicago 1s that retailed at $110, and only 2 years later they raised $50. The 1s are the most inexpensive shoe to make, the math just don’t add up.

        • Nick

          The correct economic term would be supply and demand. You should sell your Jordans and go back to school.


    Can’t wait for these. Sold my 2013 pair for retail before the hype & prices went up because of Breds. Now can’t find them for under $220 in GS size

  • thugglife

    Fuck the remastered bull shit n higher price tags. The older shoes have better quality n cheaper

    • wolf

      they aint cheap now

  • Shoe allah

    Its been a lonnnnnnng long time coming and i knooooowwwwwwwwwwww

  • derrick

    if i didnt miss out ona 2013’s i would pass cuz of the price but i really need these so ion really have a chose.

  • mohamed

    How much will they be for size 6

    • K Chase


      • OG_KiCKS_NJ

        I hope your right, wouldn’t do more then $120 for any pair of 1’s. Those Lasers at $140 was crazy

  • SirFuck YaMotha

    I think certain website will drop 50 dollar on smaller sizes but I am considering buying these

  • ☆Dizzy Story☆

    Waiting for somebody to say these ugly …

    • Kray11

      You ain’t lying lmao, ima cyber smack the fuck outta somebody.

      • ☆Dizzy Story☆


      • Not Hypebeats

        Rheese shits are uglt af yall fuckin hypebeast disgust me

  • Kray11

    These a must cop yea ima hypebeast on these and what lol now got that out the way … Since this website don’t got an updated discussion on them Stealth 20s. Ima just say damn I just cop mine today ima start with the box it dont say “RETRO” these could easily pass for OGs . The tongue is not that gold like they show in pics .the inside of the shoe looking like velvet . They truly on point they hit me up $230 they 220 retail . I personally passed on these when they 1st came out . I’m sure these gon sit on shelves so nobody don’t gotta kill nobody to get these lbs leave the violence til Dec lmao. Just kidding .stay fresh but most of all stay blessed .

  • CinCityBo

    I can’t believe as a child I didn’t like these well then I didn’t like any higtops these came out the week I went to camp Swonecky…Sadie Hawkins bonfire ah man the memories these bring def copp

    • J’s All Days

      Nobody know wtf u talkin bout druno ass nigga

      • CinCityBo

        Yeah bet u don’t know what a Sadie Hawkins dance is & you probably never got a chance to go camp…I feel sad 4u people who look for problems always get what they lookin 4

        • Julian Joseph Magdaleno

          I thought it was a good post, man. The memories are why OG enthusiasts are still even interested.

          All the hate comin’ from a bunch of reselling teenagers. Forget em.

      • CinCityBo


    • Jake E Torres

      I was waiting for the “I remember when” GUY to show up. So predictable and yet has nothing to contribute. Not as if the rest of these clowns know WTF they’re talking about either.

      • CinCityBo

        What that’s supposed to mean

        • Jake E Torres

          The sneaker game has a bunch of these chumps that start every post with “i remember when blah blah” like move on already. right?

  • instacop35

    on em!

  • Nolan_Knows!

    Gonna sit around where I’m at. These white kids around here love their KD’s, Kobe’s, SB’s, and Roshe’s. I’ll def triple up on these. Gonna have to reach out to some of the Niketalk fam to see who needs help.

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    I need 2-3 pairs. 1 as beaters for sure. They real comfy to me

    • Mr.Feet

      Im just askin a random question but does anyone here have a foot fetish?

  • vladimir grey

    such a beautiful shoe! I’m hype for these.. copping all day!!!!!!

  • WhatsFly23

    not a big 1 fan because of that dunk 1s are just boring to see when i around some hoes but I like the Baron 1s

  • Max

    Where can I buy these

  • Dustin James

    are we there yet?

  • ztopzzzzzz

    I will cop this for resell purpose.

    I dont like the color

    red is gay

    • DWilke7964

      tell a blood red is gay.

      • Ttu foolie

        Who still color bang??
        That shit is gay

    • Carlton

      Reselling bitch ass butt loving mother fucking five faggot finger whipping slut. Shit the fuck up with that bullshit mayne.

  • TruGod

    10 pairs $1000 each what’s Good

    • wolf

      You stupid.

  • Pray23Kid

    These are a gift from God. Thank you Black Jesus!!!! ⚫️⚫️⚫️

  • t mack


    • J_Collector

      $0 for resell since the shoe hasn’t even dropped yet


    Price steady going up.

  • PatriotluvsxxorXX

    My boy already hooking me up with his bot. Just gotta set that alarm for bout 2 min before they go live

  • ivan

    people are not understanding that these are one of the first jordans were ever made and its a Chicago color watch these bring the prices up crazy for re-sellers but at the end of the day I’m going to get them

  • dekoven_bandzup

    I thought Jordan 1s was 140 I know they ain’t increasing the price because of the colorway SMH Jordan brand tweaking hard

  • Hotwheels324

    can’t wait for these. i am for sure getting them !

  • Jinx

    I can’t believe ppl are actually ok wit resell prices…and to those who “cop to resell” why don’t u get a fuckin job!

  • PatriotluvsxxorXX

    My guy already gave me 6 pair of these size 10-12. Two pair will go face value on ebay for the true sneakerheads. (must have solid feedback and not a reseller based on feedback), One pair will stay deadstock, One pair goes to my homie fo free for hooking me up with his sister and two pair I will rock

  • dizzle1119

    This is a really nice looking shoe, but there’s no way a Jordan I is worth $160 retail. That’s nuts.

    • PatriotluvsxxorXX

      OG Chicago 1 is def worth $160 smh. One of the all time best shoes and clowns out there paying more than that for made up colorways

  • thehomiezekiie

    Anyone know the retail to GS sizes? 3Y.

    • Guess

      There should be 3.5Y, if that’s good enough. 3.5Y-7Y.

    • OG_KiCKS_NJ

      I’m pretty sure it’ll be between $120-$140 since the mens price is pretty steep for a pair of 1’s

      • OG_KiCKS_NJ

        Also size 4Y is the smallest which makes them more impossible to get. It’ll be nice if they came out in PS sizes too

  • Patriotism

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    Plough and plow mean the same thing you dumb bitch. Lol. It’s different yet similar just like grey or gray. You’re so stupid haha.

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    hype for these is crazy

  • Lodidodida

    Wow those really looking like some ogs. Gotta give props. I need 2 purr boutta crush these boys

  • RetroKid823

    To 🌊 👌

  • Rashawn Davis jr #PimpSquad


    • Do you use a bot?

      • Rashawn Davis jr #PimpSquad


        • B.Nasty

          You don’t need a bot all you need is an adroid phone and you can get every release.

          • No hype here

            Why android?

          • Chicago 1s baby!

            How’s that work?

          • B.Nasty

            I would of told you the trick but it only worked on Nike and you can’t buy shit on Nike now.

    • PatriotluvsxxorXX

      If you struck out on the hares then you’re striking out on these as well

    • J Rock

      Yea these are gonna be waaay harder to get than the Hares

    • Flamboyant

      Don’t. Do it ! I got a pair on ebay right now!
      http://[email protected] .holla ASAP

  • DirtyMike

    Id smack some nutz for deez

  • Christopher Williams

    I copped me pair Friday size 10 from the new Flight 23 store at Woodfields mall in Schaumburg, IL. I have my receipt and everything. They released with the Hares grand opening Friday May 15 there if interested in buying email me at [email protected] for detailed photos if interested in purchasing.

    • Peter

      Those were not the ‘remaster version’

      • Christopher Williams

        They are.

        • Christopher Williams

          I mean they definitely are probably the best quality I seen all year as far as material and stitching and everything being on point with no flaws on BOS.

      • urmomfaggot

        They were, Flight 23 grand openings always have upcoming releases early

  • kaya

    what is the smallest size these are coming out in ?

    • OG_KiCKS_NJ

      I really hope these are truly releasing in GS size

    • OG_KiCKS_NJ

      4 is the smallest, super limited 2 pairs each size in GS

  • Flight Club Ky


  • ono

    Are they going on SNKRS app

  • InMy02’s

    I appreciate my connect so much its crazy, Barkley discounted the following Friday and then the 5’s, but phuck Nike for an expensive week smh

  • JustaGuy

    My local footlocker/finishline aren’t going to get these apparently. My most anticipated sneaker and I probably won’t be able to get it. One disadvantage of living in a small city.

  • Mark

    Nike & SNKRS App crashed today on the 11s, next week is going to be really bad with these.

    • Flight Club Ky

      Wys the hype et an all time high smh

  • Fuqa Hypebeast

    My dad will have these for fathers day

  • PatriotluvsxxorXX

    Should I get these true to size?

  • guest


  • E

    What’s the diffenece between these high tops than any other Jordan Retro 1 high tops? Some one please tell me.

  • Why dun release GS size?

    • OG_KiCKS_NJ

      They are from 4Y-7Y
      Super limited up to 2 pairs each size from what I’ve seen.
      Retail is $120

  • BeanTown SquadUp

    Definite cop for me, my father has the OG pair from 1985 so i def need these

  • Julio Guerra


    • John Jones

      Shit!!! If u don’t see the difference I feel for ya bro. Stevie Wonder could tell the difference in the 13’s and 15’s. And I’m not talking bout the tongue or jumpman logo.


    They canceled the online release.Im pissed asf

  • Jonathon

    how do i get these online? where?

  • Will

    I got my pair yesterday, it was not an easy task but i got’em. These shoes are HOT! The last time I had them was when I was in 5th grade (1985) and these are exactly how
    remember my OGs. I’m definately going after the 1.5 in July 25th.

  • David

    I got my pair , now I need to get my son a pair

  • David

    but I think they didn’t make toddler s side:/

  • Gracie

    Where can I get these in size men 9

  • Brandon Wilson

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the OGs come with something like a dog tag attached to that unused eyelet?

  • kwb

    these came out in a 3.5 right ?