adidas Yeezy Releases

The adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Zebra” was one of the biggest adidas Yeezy releases to-date. Some even say it took the throne from the “Turtle Dove” release – but that’s a debate for another day.


With the hype so high for the release, during its launch a report of sneaker violence emerged from New York’s SoHo neighborhood. According to DNA Info, five men attacked a man and his friend who had just purchased the “Zebra” Yeezy Boosts.

adidas Yeezy Releases

The victims, both 20-year-olds from Brooklyn, told police that they were approached by the group of young men as they walked on Greene Street, near Spring Street, at about 11:50 a.m. on Saturday.

Some of men in the group asked if they could buy the victim’s new shoes, which he was carrying in a bag, police said.

When the man refused to sell, one of men grabbed the bag, ripping it and letting the sneakers fall to the ground. As the victim tried to pick up the shoes, one of the robbers began to repeatedly punch him in the face — his friend tried to intervene and ended up getting hit as well, police said. The men then ran off with the sneakers.

Police arrested one person, 19-year-old Warren Rose, and charged him with two counts of second degree robbery.

adidas Yeezy Releases

While this violence typically happens more often during Air Jordan releases, it’s now beginning to happen with adidas Yeezy releases due to how extremely hard it is to get a pair.

What do you guys think? Are Yeezy releases getting out of hand? Should adidas go the Jordan Brand route and start producing more pairs?

Cast your vote below and leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Are Yeezy Releases Getting Out of Hand?


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  • Mia Kdeals

    Watch more videos of the Zebra on my ig: kdeals23

  • RockawayBully

    Not really what happened but close,First he tried to sell the zebras in the store and the adidas rep kicked him out and told him he couldn’t do that,then he walked out in front and said he was selling his zebras,a few people yelled out different prices and the highest was $1,500.00 at that time,he said he wasn’t taking no lower then $2,700 then a random dude said $1,700.00 and the dude then said fuck outta here I’m only taking $2,700.00 as the seller was a punk he then got bitch slapped and then got his shoes taken because he was rude to the wrong person,no one else was robbed only him,Still was wrong that he got robbed I wouldn’t have done that but I def would have bitch slapped him for sure,All in all kids what do we learn from this ? Don’t talk shit to anyone,And if you going resell do it at the comfort of your home.

    • Lewis Redding

      i doubt the reseller learned anything but I bet the little 19 year old bitch tough guy learned a lot with 2 counts of 2nd degree robbery on his record now

      • RockawayBully

        Smh so true,Comitting any crime is dumb and for shoes that’s extra kind of stupid.

  • Sling

    ‘IS SNEAKER RESELLING’ OUT OF HAND?! …. fixed that for you …. do an blog report on that, and let’s stop targeting Yeezys particularly. This worldwide problem expands upon more than just adidas.

    • Lewis Redding

      adidas is the only brand out there who is too cheap to make enough shoes for a general release

      • Sling

        No, not really. Lots of other sneaker companies limit releases. Nikes, Asics, New Balance, Diadoras, OVO Jordans, Don C Jordans, BIN Jordans… etc…etc… I can go on and on and on. These blogs talk AND SHOW resell, but they rarely, if ever, talk about the real problem. But why not? It affects their money lines. However, it’s not true reporting and journalism if only one side is showcased.

  • bluethasavior

    Stop crying like a bitch cuz U ain’t get a pair and settled for j’s sneaker bar

  • Tracy Morettin

    Where do I order in canada

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