Aside from adidas Yeezys, Air Jordans and Nike Basketball signature shoes, which is your favorite model to rock from adidas and Nike?


In today’s era, Nike Basketball signature shoes have fallen a bit, even Air Jordan Retros are being overlooked by other offerings from adidas and Nike.

Some of adidas’ popular models are the adidas NMD series and the adidas Ultra Boost. For the Swoosh, you have the Nike Air Presto, Air Huarache, Roshe One and the Nike Flyknit Racer – just to name a few.

In addition to evolving footwear trends, the sneaker community is going deeper into the world of fashion. Which is why majority of the shoes shown here are the ones selling more than Nike Basketball signatures and even leaving Air Jordans sitting on the shelves.

So with a fashion sense in mind, do you prefer adidas or Nike when it comes to stylish looking shoes?

Cast your vote below and leave your thoughts on why in the comments section.

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adidas Ultra Boost

adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged

adidas NMD

adidas NMD HU

adidas NMD City Sock

Nike Air Presto

Acronym x Nike Air Presto Mid

Nike Air Huarache

Nike Roshe

Nike Flyknit Racer

  • K 3262

    Sneaker bar get y’all shit together y’all know fuckingg well jays ain’t being overlooked for no damn adidas only reason we not fw jays right now is because ain’t shit we like dropping so they just sitting there, yeah you got yo goofys that think nmds and yeezys the shit but no 😴 Just stop trying to hoe Nike cause in a few years that mf Kanye gont run out of ideas leave adidas and be into something better

    • bluethasavior

      Nike dead bro look at the polls it was good while it lasted

      • K 3262

        Naw you blinded by the hype, DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE

        • bluethasavior

          I’m not I’m looking at facts bro

          • K 3262

            Okay you’ll see soon as Kanye leave adidas in 4 years ain’t nobody gont fw em No more, that boost shit gont be dead and they gont have to find another shoe technology and it’s gont be played out it you gont see

          • bluethasavior

            Well I’m talkn now present tense. All things come and go and come again I’m sure after 4 years Nike still wnt be on top it’ll be puma or sum shit

      • Christopher Williams

        Suburban kids needed their own identity instead of trying to ride the wave of a true historic sneakers like nike/jordan who’s has done nothing but display innovative technology throughout the last 3 decades. These suburb kids wanted in on the sneaker game without feeling like wannabes so Adidas presents trash lbs.

        • bluethasavior

          Trash?!… idk anything about surburbs kids but I do know that Nike had a chance to grab the designer of the boost Nmd, the boost technology, the human race, and yeezys and PASSED their fault! Adidas is using NASA material it’s from NASA Nikes shit store, Chinese worker, old technology/different colors, stuck up, we “only sign athletes until adidas started getting more popular and higher in sales so now I wanna do fashion collabs and wrk with celebrities cuz I’m desperate”, ASS had their chance im happy their falling cnt wait to see them in Payless

          • Christopher Williams

            Don’t get upset you know I’m right. The suburb kids started feeling odd when they would get those stares from real niggas like u don’t deserve that shoe. Now they can walk around in a shoe that is a sponge and no one else will rob u for because they r ugly ass shit unless the yeezys name is attached to it we could care a less. The new generation better take notes like yeezys first ever signature shoe is influenced by the air jordan retro 3. Jordan is the blueprint and has stamped it’s name in history Adidas better hurry up and come with a new technology besides boost.

          • Colin W

            Hold on… haha let me make sure Im getting this… The value of a shoe is determined by whether or not somebody will rob you for it? You sound ignorant, but we will get to that. Boosts are selling because people like em – PERIOD.

            Did Kanye add some hype? Hell yes.
            But the Ultraboost and NMDs are selling completely separate from the Yeezys.

            You speak of new technology, but Nike hasnt come up with anything since, what? The Nike Air/Zoom? Nike will always have a seat at the table, but as far as innovation goes, they have fallen off and so have their sales.

            Not to mention the fact you are only speaking about Js… What about the other Nikes? Roche Run vs Ultraboost? Haha lets not even start. Don’t embarrass yourself. Only thing keeping Nike in the game is the Jordan line and some hot collabs like the ACRNMs. They not doing anything else but releasing new colors. You sound dumb.

          • K 3262

            You out yo rabbit ass mind if you think Nike gont ever be in Payless 😂😂😂 seriously you killing me

    • Sling

      adidas be pissin me off, but hands down besides Nike collabs and premium releases, they are SLAYING Nike. I’m not under 21, but even if I was, my eyes are still seeing adidas get rocked by people that want to look fashionable. Kanye may have brought attention to adidas, but regardless, The Three Stripes are immensely more innovative instead of relying on retro+ colorways like The Swoosh. Hell, adidas just made some dope ass UBs specifically for women. They don’t stop. The only thing beasts want that are not Nike Collabs or premium releases are multicolor whatever and Flyknit Racers. Truth.

      • Christopher Williams

        Adidas is for suburb kids period. Niggas in the hood is not wearing nmds or boost period unless it’s yeezy other than that keep that futuristic mess.

  • Christopher Williams

    If it was not for Kanye nmds and the rest of the trash boost would have no relevance point blank period. Who was checking for adidas b4 Kanye no one. I like Adidas innovation and ideas but sorry to say I know it will not last too long and as soon as these young kids realize they are being brain washed to be feminine weirdos hopefully this bs with adidas will die down. Nike set the bar for Kanye and Adidas so I’m sorry Adidas is only following Nikes true legacy.

    • Christopher Williams

      Guaranteed 90% of those Adidas votes are for kids 21 and under.

  • OriginalGangster

    Adidas can really up the ante with some adidas retros. How bout some of the kicks Run DMC used to rap about? All this new stuff is doodoo.