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A History Of Lil Wayne & Jay-Z’s Relationship

Let’s Get iT : Two of rap’s biggest GIANTS in the game, Jay-Z and Lil Wayne have been on a little beef with one another, from Jay dissing Baby to Weezy responding on his new track off “Tha Carter IV” (which drops tonight at Midnight) “Its Good” saying, “Talkin’ ’bout Baby money? I got your Baby money/ Kidnap yo’ bitch, get that how-much-you-love-your-lady money.” but to the regular listener, the line just seems as an regular line Wayne is known to spit, but if you have been following this little beef you can connect the two to what Jay said on the Throne’s “H.A.M.”

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Let’s just hope this beef wont go as far as the last two friends turn to enemies which was Tupac and Biggie, and with Wayne and Hov having similarities to both rappers and are as big as both rappers where in the game. Thanks to Complex for A History of Lil Wayne & Jay-Z’s Relationship. Be sure to check out tonight’s VMA’s which has both Jay and Wayne performing for their respected Albums and be sure to scoop “Tha Carter IV” at midnight following the VMA’s. Always rock with Sneaker Bar for daily updates and news.

Check out the Videos below as you’ll hear both attacks to Jay at Baby and Wayne at Jay.



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