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25 Sneaker Stores to Follow on Twitter

Over the years the Sneaker game has become more and more a demand and need. Now a days there are a million ways to get the Sneakers that you want and need, with the internet being one of the biggest source for that need. But going on the internet and getting a pair or pairs of Sneakers are a very hard thing at the same time to do. As typically the prices are higher or you really have to make sure certain sites are legit with having more sites selling FAKE Sneakers. But, who doesn’t like going to a Sneaker Store, checking out their inventory and just being in that environment ? Whether your overseas or stateside Complex gives you 25 Sneaker Stores that are a must to Follow and check out. Also for all SneakerHeads be on the look out for Sneaker Bar to be making a Grand Opening Soon and Follow us @SBDetroit.

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