As expected, we will see plenty of previous high anticipated releases restock during the week of All-Star. Select stores like Footlocker, Champs and other retailers will be carrying variety of these restocks that includes the Air Jordan 3LAB5 “Infrared”, Air Jordan 5 “Bel-Air”, Air Jordan 11 “Gamma”, and as well as the upcoming on-scheduled releases.


Check out the full photo below and keep it locked to Sneaker Bar for more updates on all the upcoming restock releases.

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S/O to @iamtmcii for the heads up!

2014 All-Star Restock

  • A. Langston

    If the restock of those gamma 11s is legit? I’m pretty pumped up right now.

  • NodayzWithoutKicks

    I just want the 3labs or bel airs. Finish line pissed me off when they took it out of my cart right before I clicked confirm order. Hopefully they come through when I cop the infrared 23 6s

  • Brandon Lloyd

    I just want another pair of bel-airs and those brons

  • Smoke The Dope

    What about the oregon 5s that we’re suppose to release the 15th..?

    • Sneakerhead42

      I know right

      • Jason

        They already said that was no releasing

  • Whatdatmoufdo

    Shit im still waiting on my bred 11s from last Sunday’s restock. Some back order bs.

  • the_peepa

    not needed I got what I want

  • El Tonio

    i want the bel airs so bad

  • vladimir grey

    I need them taxis!

  • Wonder how many restocks of the Gamma 11’s are going to happen this year.

    • JohnDoe6503

      If its anything like last year… A lot.

      • Prob catch them in every sites restock … still going for strictly ASG’s and 6’s this week

  • J Rock

    Only thing I would consider to cop are the Bred 6 rings

  • JohnDoe6503

    I cant decide between the Laneys or the white Infared 6’s

    • Julio Guerra

      Laneys ain’t all that . But if u like that color scheme do ur thing but I’ll cop them 6’s before them 5’s cause right now there’s more gear for them 6’s fam

  • Margiela

    Those of shoes possible to buy online? or just release offline market??

  • ☆Dizzy Story☆

    Which stores ???

  • Julio Guerra

    Truth be told them gamma blue 12’s are exclusive . Ima try to cop another pair

  • sole_chriss

    No Bred 1’s tho, was hoping they would restock them for another pair

    • Iceman

      They restocked like 2 weeks ago

      • manman

        Where did they restock at ? O_o

        • Omar


  • duk

    does any1 know what time there restocking?

    • Omar

      8 when the original release is available

  • disqus_deZAwYbc4D

    Where are the Bel-Air 5’s restocking at please

    • Snake B

      Shit I was thinking the same bruh


    and still no bred ones restock…

    • Julio Guerra

      I wish I would have restock them over the laney’s any damn day

  • Bewbs

    LOL why they restocking the laney 1’s when it didn’t even sell out at after 3 months?

    • Eric Kleyman


  • JackHaHa

    Where are the Bel-Air 5’s restocking? Online or instore>?>>

  • Maria

    R these restocking in chicago too?

    • Julio Guerra

      I’m from chi also and I checked with north riverside mall , the HIP , water tower and house of Hoops on state street they don’t have any info just yet . Maybe in the middle of the week they will have info cause the dates of the restock are just around the corner

  • K D

    where will the gamma 11’s be releasing? and will it definitely be on the 16th? i need a pair.

  • Eric Kleyman

    guys stop asking where and when there restocking, well find out closer to the restock date so relax

  • Jack Leiser

    where are the breds restocking

  • Jack Leiser

    where do the bel airs restock

    • SOSA


  • Tomgunz84

    What time are they releasing i just checked various sites and seen nothing or is it not true

  • Micheal

    the 6 rings were on finishline might be still there

    • Tomgunz84

      What time were they there cuss i been checking all day to see if its real or not don’t think so since no one is giving times or even said they’ve had an official cop

  • Lv0414

    Its only in New Orleans

  • jordan foster


  • jordan foster

    its littt

  • victor bartley

    I check every website and call a couple people they said it’s just a rumor

  • Micheal

    I checked finishline and there were a little bit of sizes left in the gamma blues 6 rings and bred sold out it might had been old but check tomorrow to see if the taxi will be there

    • Tomgunz84

      No those been there them sizes was the left overs from the orignal release and i’m on the sites no its not there

  • Joe

    does anyone know if nike is also gonna restock? or is it just champs and footlocker?

  • Adriana

    Quick question do we need tickets to get them? I want to get the taxis but don’t know if I might need any tickets

  • Mmelton2

    This restock is for NOLA City Gear. You can check out the info on their facebook page. Just search City Gear. Its only for 3 stores in Louisiana and they are in store only.

  • Kyle

    Did anyone get the taxis online this morning? If so what site? Finishline champs footlocker nike

    • Shawn

      the footlocker and champs didn’t have that realese someone said those shoes only in stores not online

  • ozzy

    taxis aint out then?

  • Jack Leiser

    anyone know where the bel airs are going to be released

  • Ryan Todd Kendall

    Where’s the gammas supposed to be release?? And how much?

  • sheek dollaz

    That pic is for a store in NOLA LOUISIANA like this site but it’s sometimes good to check your resources sometimes….. Once again I say this website is sneakerbarDETROIT…..tell us stuff about lake side mall Oakland fairlane south land north land shit somerset Mr Alan’s villa athletes foot. Come on? You got local support first so act like it…..#burnrubber #fliyoung #locals

  • Kyle

    Okay but what about online?

  • Kyle

    I called every finishline and champs along with house of hoops and footlocker today and no on said they were getting anything in store but I’m trying to find out if anyone will get these online finishline? nike? footlocker? anyone get anything or is this really just for that one store in Louisiana?

  • yourmama

    this is only in new Orleans stores and I believe Flight 23 in New York…….Those are the only two cities in America that is doing the restock

  • Bred Wellz SorealsoliveEnt

    All-Star NOLA 14 Release Relaunch

    Mon, Feb 10, 2014

    Jordan, News, Nike

    Are you ready for NBA All-Star Weekend 14 in NOLA? Parties, sneaker conventions, parties, NBA All-Star Showcase, parties, and oh yeah, the NBA All Star Game. Well, City Gear has one more must-see event to add to your list. City Gear’s All-Star Restock…Starting Monday 2/10- Jordan 6 Rings- Bred & Jordan 6 Rings- Gamma, Tuesday 2/11-Bocats 10s & Taxi 12s. Wednesday 2/12-Steel 10s & 3Lab5 Infrared. Thursday 2/13 Laney 1s, Laney 5s & Bel-AIr 5s. Saturday 2/15-Oero 5s & Powder Blue 3s. Sunday 2/16 Gamma 11s & Gamma 12s. These restocks will be available exclusively in City Gear stores in New Orleans, Oakwood Mall & 3112 Gentilly Blvd! These restocks will not be available in any other City Gear locations and will not be available online. Contact @CityGearOakwood & CityGearGentlly for size availability and launch procedures.