We all know how big 2012 is ended up to be in Air Jordan Retro Release and it looks like 2013 will follow. We got some insider news of a couple big Air Jordan Retro Releases. It looks like the Air Jordan 5 “Backout” will release in the “Grape”, “Fire Red”, “Sport Royal/Stealth” and “Laney” colorways along with, the Air Jordan 8 in the “Black/Chrome”, “Aqua” and “White/Black-True Red” colorways. At the moment we can’t confirm any release dates as of yet but if you continue to always rock with Sneaker Bar, we will provide you with the exact release dates soon to come. Are you already anticipating 2013?


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Air Jordan 5 “Fire Red”

Air Jordan 5 “Sport Royal/Stealth”

Air Jordan 5 “Laney”

Air Jordan 8 “Black/Chrome”

Air Jordan 8 “Aqua”

Air Jordan 8 “White/Black-True Red”

Source: TSG

  • Ray

    man those Laney’s I’ve been waiting forever

  • Sharpe

    Please be true and hope they all drop

  • Quickstrikekid

    the grapes and laney’s all day for me

  • Zack

    the Aqua 8’s and grapes for me

  • Marvin

    will cop all the 5’s absolutely

  • Ryan

    will go crazy if this is true

  • JuJu

    Getting them all

  • Nick

    Def gotta cop all of em! DOPE.

  • Pintor_92

    damn i cant wait them grapes is wett

  • Fuego_Ellington

    Damn I need those 8s

    • Guadalupevaltierra

      me too

  • jason sargeant

    Grapes fo sho, all 8’s must half aqua are my fav’s.. Just put my first 100$ in my 2013 jordan savings acct..

  • Mikerob101

    Every single pair is copped…….i hope they release the OTHER fire reds tho from 06, those are well needed!

    • BigMess209

      those were super hot! i copped those…the silver tongue version.. kept em clean for a year..then DOGGED EM OUT…i need those again..first pair of jays too

  • kleiza23

    i had the 8s in white back then and destroyed the shit out of em!! never knew how much i’d miss those kicks! lesson learned and here’s my 2nd chance of owning another pair!

  • rob base

    back in the days when i was in grade school….i saw some kids in my school rock the Vs and i was so jealous of em’.. couldn’t cop cause i was too young and had no money! now that i got the funds, i will definitely cop when they release!

    • CP24

      excatly what i was thinking

    • uihid

      hahahahahaha omg thats hilarious i never had money for any of this stuff in h s either lol man this stuff brings back memories hahaha

      • Work

        Am a 10th grader and am stacked called getting a job not hard. LOL

        • A$AP GENIUS

          Your one dumb ass 10th grader cause back then it was hard to get a job. go take a nap kid

          • He got game34

            I dont think he stacked but I’m in 11th and ill be copping the killroys bred 4s thunder 4s he got game 13 bred 13s and fire red and laney 5s and I got that money set away now. Plus I now have OG cherry 12s , military 4s and Olympic 7s. Deff not parents money, earn my shit

          • Myname

            Probably works at Food Lion

        • Lewis

          You’re “stacked” with your parents money and work for under minimum wage. Ya you really must be bringing in the bread.

  • Jason

    Man hella sad no Aquas being reealease 2012.. DEFENITLY buying them next year though

  • Gleonard141

    lovin them aquas and gapes

  • aquas and grapes are all i need from this list to make me happy

  • ben d

    these are sick too bad those fucking hybeast bitches will camp just to resell

  • Gleonard141

    lovin the aquas grapes fire reds and laneys

  • Guadalupevaltierra

    they ugly

  • eww

  • Kevin

    These are ugly!! What happened to the all white 11s with Columbia blue?

    • Victorakas

      they come out in december

  • Zack

    Ugly?! You fuckin serious ?! I can’t wait for 2013 (y)

  • Jmar

    Fire red 5 and aquas

  • christ1701

    Aqua , Fire Red, & Grapes & I’m happy

  • marcus

    i am a retro 5 fan so i heard they might come out with some DB retro 5 winter 2012 i hope so.

  • Damez192104

    Them aqua 8’s…fire red, and grape 5’s though (;

  • Christheartist86

    im getting them all, i remember when these came out when i was younger and i missed out on all of em but the fire red fves, so im getting all of them fa sho next year


    Looked through the comments and i was not suprised to see “Aquas and Grapes” in the same sentence as “Must cop”,good luck with coppin those,im just glad everyone is sleepin on my fav VIII colorway the chrome 8s,hopefully an easy cop but probably wont be cause hypebeast nd shit

  • BigMess209

    im looking forward to the GRAPES,FIRE REDS, AND LANEYS…got the stealths still looking perfect.. and had the 06 version of the FIRE RED…i like these because they remind of FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR back in the days lol

  • Flex Luger

    I want those OTHER fire red Vs. These will have to do

  • alex


  • Arjun

    getting air jordan 2013

  • Nanafano

    these are to WET to be coming out nxt year , yall should release these early !!!!

  • Nanafano

    i need them purple ones thou !!!

  • J rock

    Grapes, Laneys, And Aquas ♥ !!!!!!

  • Ayannamtaylor

    TF why do they look lyk dat on the back? but dey really do go hard doe

  • nike_lover

    don’t care for the 5’s personally just give me the aqua 8’s

    • Rito Jordan

      no one cares for your opinion

      • Mrf150 Mm

        Shut up bitch u probably wear vans fagot

        • Jimmy

          Clean up the language or shut the fuck up. SMH

      • John

        Its A Discussion Dumbass . #Forced


      Yall boys need to chill foreal doe

  • Millz

    I want the aqua 5’s and 8’s

    • Rito Jordan

      they don’t make aqua 5s

      • Killing All Hypebeast

        typo maybe??? o,O

        • Female$neakerhead

          Nope he’s reffering to the grape 5s he must be new to the shoe game though rookie mistake

          • :)

            There is actually a aqua 5 droppin later on also known as the black grape 5;)

          • Female$neakerhead

            Well that comment has been there for 10 months and black grape 5s just start surfacing so look before you talk

  • I really want all of the 5’s but I mainly want the Grape 5’s and Aqua 8’s!!!!!!

  • Kissmyjays

    tryna cop all of these maybe not the stealth 5s

  • B.D.

    want all the 5’s but fire red. 8’s can lick my nuts

  • Randyal94

    Hope the material on these jays aren’t shit -.- Still have my aqua 8 nd grape 5. (y)

  • coolgether

    aquas 8s are the nicest.

  • j’dup4life

    im tryna cop the ben laney and sport royal stealth 5s, still unsure about the chrome 8s

  • Semaj

    i would wild out if all them damn 8’s come out

  • Muhzaniyum

    Them true reds and Aquas WILL BE MINE

  • Raulocasio

    Aqua 8 at last!!! but give us retro 8 finals black,red,white just the best of all!!!!

  • Evangelina5alvarado

    yall need to get 2013 release dates

  • T_Kid_Gucci

    All Are Must Cop I Gotta Shit On Everybody At school !

  • Brandon

    if i could only buy one pair of jordans in 2013 it would be the grape 5’s

  • Reggie

    Laney, Fire Red, and them Grape 5’s are all must cops. Lookin’ forward to 2013

  • I’m just saying they should drop the tokyo 5’s since no one in the US had a chance to cop them. At least make them a HOH only release or something

  • snauzi

    grapes… nuff said!!!!

  • deonte

    im get all 4 of the 5s

  • Yuck daddy

    All I need are the stealth blue 5s and the Aqua 8s

  • NiK3


  • Teenage Sneakerhead

    They need to bring back the Retro 5 lows They were dope too

  • Sneakerhead Jay

    Fire red, Grapes, Aqua 8s,and the true reds 8s all must be copped!

  • Eazy

    DAMNNN those laneys better drop haha i need them.. def coppin the fire reds and grapes too.. plus a couple 8s probably just gotta cut it down to like two of them haha

  • Frum dis list im gettin the fire red 5s

  • Kortney

    Uhhhhhhhh , Im Tryna Copp Those “Grapes &’dd Fire Red ! ( ; The Other Ones UGLY As’f ! – Juss MyOpinion ( :

  • nickdaquickster

    stealth 5 sport blue 6s

  • monthlypickupz

    So far i seen dah grape V release n may dah fire red V release n january dah bugs bunny VIII n april & dah laney V scheduled foe october or november but where dah hell is dah royal blue V, dah chrome VIII, & dah aqua VIII were close 2 dah end of dis year & still no release date well i guess……