The future of the Jordan Future is bright as we share 16 upcoming colorways that is slated to drop this Summer and Fall 2014. From bold colors to solid colors that even includes some graphic designed models. Check out all the 16 pairs below and let us know in the comments which of these Jordan Futures catches your eye.


Jordan Future

Source: Jeff Morrison

  • miller

    maroon and that red pair along with both floral pairs

    • Q Z

      Yeah there is not 1 floral pattern up there bud

      • st

        top right looks floral thats probe what he talking bout

  • kevin

    just hope these aren’t hard and limited release then i’d be happy

  • Ninety

    who cares this model is fucking whack

  • sneakerhead

    summer looks better than fall

  • Cool Kid 23

    cool but lets now get some release dates


    gonna pickup two pairs for sure

  • Q Z

    Lol where’s that “Gamma” pair that KOD put out pics of

    • Dominique

      think them were just samples

  • Ot

    All ya’ll stupid ass hypebeast went and spent 500 bones on a pair of overly hyped shoes now they releasing every colorway in the the spectrum and I hope they end on nike ID too. So for all u thirsty ass resellers offload them ugly shits on some stupid hypebeast now before jb opens the flood gates

    • KEvin

      hahahah word up bro

    • Michigan

      I agree

  • B_MOOD

    i’m not even getting my hopes up any more with the resell prices on these kicks is crazy so i’m hanging all that up on owning a pair. these should have been a general release.

  • J Rock

    I’m hoping they aren’t limited…

  • Salty07

    Idk y people complain these won’t be limitted they will be GR the first two that came out will value even higher

    • Michigan

      I agree

  • Kray11

    I’ve said this before

    • your lame

      no one cares what you’ve said. but I’m sure you’ll repost because you check your comments all day rather then having a real life. also your hat is dumb, the patriots suck and I’m pretty sure your 4 ft tall

      • Kray11

        I’m 4 feet tall ? Nobody cares ? And I’ll repost ? I need a real life ? Patriots suck ? Damn you sound like a bitch on her period .

        Just because you change your name it doesn’t change the fact that you a dumbfuck

    • this guy

      you say a lot of stupid shit…. its too hard to keep up

  • NoDay$Off

    Them all black joints go crazy

  • FATT$


  • Pieman Guapo

    told yall , the first 2 was a test . now that they see it is successfull and people are hyped on em , they will flood the market HAHAHA . great marketing man…