We are excited to announce that we just opened up our Online Store. We are currently only selling T-Shirts that are designed for the Sneaker Head community, we will be expanding into shoes and a lot more within the coming months.

We designed a lot of shirts that we would personally wear and matching colorways for the hottest releases. Be sure to stop by the store and see what we got.

Use Promo Code SB23 to get 10% off your order!

  • Duncan

    Ya’ll def have some nice stuff to offer… PROPS

  • Zane

    My next pay check will be going to some shirts, gotta cop that Yeezy 2

  • Ry

    Looks Great, debating on what I should cop, def going to this week doe

  • Drizzy23


  • Dennis

    How long for shipping?

    • Sneaker Bar Detroit

      Shipping is from 2-5 days, just depends where you live. We ship our shirts from Michigan.

      • Robert Lewis Rudolph-jr

        r u guys going to have kicks up for sale?

        • Sneaker Bar Detroit

          Yup that’s the ultimate goal for sure, be a one stop store for everything. We are in the process of getting approval from vendors.

          • Robert Lewis Rudolph-jr

            yes thats whats up. you guys should set up some type of vip system

          • Robert Lewis Rudolph-jr

            hopefully yall wont try and break our pockets with the cost of the kicks. lol i stay buying sneakers so if yall come thru with some exclusive kicks im on it…